Social networking

With the advancement of technology, our world is becoming more virtual.You notice how quickly we got used to e-mail, Skype and social networks.Less time is spent chatting with friends on the phone, because you can write a message and send photos.Increasingly, we are staying at home in the evenings at the computer, instead of walking, and the lives of friends follow on social media news.

Social Networks

social network is a specialized website where people can communicate and share information.There is a network for communication, love, pal.

world's most popular social network is Facebook.The network consists of 1.3 billion users, was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.Users share their information, photographs, thoughts.You can create interest groups, as well as pages that you like.
social network VKontakte users know all of Russia.It is also the most popular Russian-language network.Created by Pavel Durov in 2006.It has 342 million active users per month.Probably hard to find a Russian

man who is not registered VKontakte.This social life has captured all the inhabitants of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.Members are constantly updating statuses, music, photos.It creates a lot of interest groups, it is - movies, music, sports, books and so on.The majority of registered users are actively involved in the life of this web-resource, and for many it has become a necessity.
Classmates - the second most popular social network in Russia.Launched in March 2006 by Albert Popkov.Audience members more than 205 million people.From 4 July 2013, the project is available in English.
My world from Mail Ru Group.A small social network, which is available to users who have an account on the mail service Mail ru.

There are also many social networks with the same interests, where everyone can find companions and friends in a certain range of hobbies.For example the Instagram, where users share their photos, can add friends, comment on the update.Every user registered in the Instagram, literally tells his life on the photos: where was that ate that put today.On Myspace portal inhabited mainly musicians and stars.Flics - another photo community.

Yet there are so many dating sites where people meet, communicate.There are specialized sites where people meet for a specific purpose, such as marriage and family.Popular Russian site: LovePlanet, Mamba.

Rules social networking

The site of any social network, you'll find the rules of conduct in this resource, you usually agree with them during registration.This provision of copyright, privacy and legislation of the Russian Federation (for Russian sites).

user should not:

  • create fake accounts.
  • Offending interlocutors
  • disseminate false information.
  • distribute promotional information in the form of spamming.
  • distribute malware.
  • Disseminate information comprising: the promotion of criminal activities, threats, obscene, violent scenes.
  • illegal to post personal materials of third parties without their consent.

User is obliged to:

  • To report any violations of the site's administration.
  • not provide login and password for your account to others.
  • take full responsibility for the information posted on his page on the social network.
  • When registering to provide reliable information.
  • comply with the provisions of the Russian legislation.

dependence on social network

Internet has made our lives much easier.Posts drifted for a moment, all the information can be found pretty quickly.On the one hand, it is very convenient.But there is a negative - it's social networks.It is difficult to find people who are not registered at least one such site.The idea of ​​creating a social network, will be able to communicate with people and share your information (photos, recordings, videos).Over time, communication on virtual sites started to become dependent.

Signs depending on social networking

Do you have a constant need to go to your page in the social network, check your messages, even if you know that you no one should write.
you spend all the time reading news and browsing the pages of other users waiting for the update of information from them.
You have a need for daily status updates, as well as the publication of photos of how you spend your time.
you a lot of time playing in the application, trying to improve your level in the game.
You have alerts on all devices: mobile phone, computer, e-mail, instant messengers.
Sitting down at the computer to check your emails, you spend most of the time on the social networking site.

fight it is not too difficult.To start, try to remove the notifications for new messages and updates on the social network.Try every time you try to visit the resource site to engage in more useful things: read a book, learn a new language or even watch a movie.Then try one day to visit your page.Spend more time with friends, stop to write a message if you want to talk, just call.After a while, you will realize that real life is much better than the virtual.Just imagine how many cases you could do without spending time on the social networking site.