Is it worth doing 3D ultrasound in pregnancy and when it is better

volumetric ultrasound (three-dimensional sonography) during pregnancy enhances diagnostic capabilities.It is a reliable and safe method, as well as the traditional planar diagnostics.However, the result comes out completely different picture: it is voluminous, the expectant mother can see the baby's appearance in detail.The intensity of ultrasonic wave power, scan rate is in the same range as in the conventional study.However, the diagnostic time increases to 50 minutes.

Benefits 3d ultrasound

Three-dimensional sonography in pregnancy is characterized by the following indisputable advantages:

  • The resulting three-dimensional image gives a better look at some of the sites, structures that in two-dimensional modeThey were unavailable or difficult to access.Parents, doctors, other specialization is much easier to understand the image.
  • Three-dimensional sonography in pregnancy provides valuable additional information which is indispensable for the diagnosis of external malformations.3d
    study able to dispel all doubts.The mother and the doctor can count all the fingers of the baby, ensure that no other external defects.With this type of ultrasound, doctors can evaluate three different projections of the fruit body, which is important in terms of detection of anomalies.The resulting data provide information for diagnosing defects of the spinal column, the extremities.
  • 3D scanning gives see the facial expressions of the child, so that parents can see if he's upset or smiles.Bad emotions fetus may occur due to problems, such as lack of oxygen production, abnormal development of the internal organs, causing pain.
  • intensity, power, frequency waves are in the same range as in the conventional study.
  • rear ultrasound during pregnancy helps make the brain structure reconstruction.This allows you to completely eliminate the development of central nervous system abnormalities.
  • volume sonography helps diagnose congenital fetal heart.In recent years, it is considered a common fetal anomaly that may cause the death of a newborn.With standard study such diagnosis is very difficult and it can only hold a very high professional qualifications.Rear diagnosis makes the result independent of the training, physician skills, so it is an effective and safe procedure.
  • Three-dimensional scanning in pregnancy helps to eliminate the presence of fetal anomalies person, for example, "cleft lip", "cleft palate".

On what term do better diagnose fetal

When to make 3D ultrasound during pregnancy?The first ultrasound is recommended in the 14 week of pregnancy, it is better to do the usual research, as it provides sufficient information at this stage.But if a doctor is suspected abnormal development, the presence of pathologies at the time may have held 3D ultrasound.22 Weeks Pregnant - 2nd stage screening.If during this period to make a three-dimensional sonography, you can clearly see the baby's sex, fingers and toes, and other small details.

ZD whether ultrasound is harmful to an unborn baby

Before conducting clinical studies 3d clear objectives should be set to the time of diagnosis has decreased.If 2d ultrasound gave careful consideration to all the main structure, there is no need to bulk sonography.Ultrasound, which is used in the diagnosis, does not lead to damage to the fruit, the fabrics.Specialists ensure complete safety for rear ultrasound unborn baby.

approximate cost of ultrasound

What is 3D ultrasound?The price of a three-dimensional conducting research depends on factors such as the degree of qualification of the gynecologist, objectives of the study, the quality of equipment, the urgency of carrying out.It forms the final cost of diagnosis.Most modern medical centers conducting three-dimensional ultrasound scan on the precision and modern equipment expert class.

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Note: The data were obtained through random analysis of prices of medical centers in Moscow.The information is provided for reference, does not carry advertising.At the time the data may be out of date.

What is different from the 3D ultrasound 4d

4D ultrasound in pregnancy is based on the same principle as the three-dimensional study.The only difference is that a picture as a fourth dimension to the height, length, depth, time is added.That is, the three-dimensional image is static, and indicates the four-dimensional moving object in real time.This research result can be recorded on different carriers.

Video: 3D ultrasound at different stages of pregnancy

result of three-dimensional ultrasound in pregnancy depends on the position of the fetus.If the child turns so that the sensor is only visible to spin, it can not be considered a person.Ultrasonography gives recognize external pathology, malformations.As a result, parents are recorded, where they can see the child's details.For illustrative purposes, the video ultrasound results at different stages of pregnancy.

ultrasound in the first trimester (12-13 weeks)

At 12-13 weeks gestation on ultrasound 3d defined bookmark vital organs, heart.If during the investigation revealed serious violations of development, they can be considered as a medical indication for termination of gestation.Ultrasound is necessary to clarify the term of pregnancy, determine the expected date of delivery.In the video below you can see with precision all the indicators, targets and the measurement itself the fruit into 3D ultrasound.

20th week of pregnancy

second trimester is considered a very important time for the development of the fetus.At this stage of pregnancy are excluded or identified malformations, fetal size compliance deadline.3D ultrasound is more informative, can show the sex of the child, if the fetus is not back out.Determined by state of the cervix, the amniotic fluid.In the video below clearly shows the result of the 3D ultrasound of the second trimester, where you can even see the child's emotions.

30 week gestation baby

30 week of pregnancy the fetus is assessed physical activity.At this stage, additional ultrasound, which assesses the intensity of the utero-placental blood flow.Three-dimensional study provides to determine fetal presentation, the general condition of the child, the presence of infection, vital signs.The above video clearly demonstrates what the crumb in my mother's tummy.

Photo 3d ultrasound fetus after

3D ultrasound is performed on doctor's advice, if there is a risk of developmental abnormalities, suspected the formation of different tumors or at the request of parents.Three-dimensional study of pregnancy helps to see the child looks the most realistic, make a photo 3d fetal ultrasound, capture it in motion, to consider all parts of the body, organs, determine the sex of the child and who is more like the kid.


Marina, 27 years old: I conducted research on the 3d 32 weeks of pregnancy.How pleasant excitement brought me to this meeting with a toddler!The baby was already very large and did not fit completely on the screen.Forever keep these photos.When I look at them, so many good memories.

Katya, 24 years old: I signed up for a 3D ultrasound at 25 weeks of gestation.Little desperately resisted, did not want to show my mother, I turned back, hid the face.Able to determine the sex, they saw, what will be the baby.I do not regret what I did research, and in fact my daughter will be interesting to see what it was.

Yana, 28 years old: 3D ultrasound - a magical invention.So interesting to talk to the baby through the screen!And how much joy when it is found that crumb is developing well, is completely healthy.Paul identified at 20 weeks.It's great that there was a three-dimensional diagnostics, thanks to scientific progress!