Why is there no sound on laptop

Every modern man owns a laptop, but how to remove the resulting damage, do not know everything.Perform independent repair is not too difficult, you only need to know some important nuances, referred to hereinafter.The Internet contains a huge number of requests relating to why there is no sound on a laptop.With such a malfunction experienced by many, some of them are willing to adjust the sound with his own hands.

reasons for the lack of sound on the laptop or computer

There is a list of common reasons why the sound was gone.Good news is that most of the problems are simple and disposable at home.Eliminate them can each user even if he bought his first computer in just a week ago.It should be called common breakdown that leads to this:

  • failed initially carried settings or sound icon disappeared;
  • lost their drivers;
  • sound card in the BIOS does not operate as they should;
  • Windows Audio is in the open position.


settings This issue is the main reason why the sound on th

e computer is missing.If there was a software glitch, the volume sliders can fall down or even may appear select "Off Sound".It is necessary to pay attention to the settings, because it will decide the question of how to make the sound louder on the laptop.Because of this, it may well disappear entirely sound system or do not work the volume of your browser.In this situation, everything looks strange formed the view that the laptop is running in the right mode, but in the browser when viewing a video has no sound.

Damage driver

If the volume check was made, all connections are OK, but the sound on a laptop does not work, the cause of the problem may consist in the drivers, which are a necessary component for proper operation of any computer device.If the driver is broken or wrongly operates, the sound may skip.

There are the main reasons due to which the driver begins to not work correctly, among them worth to highlight the following:

  • virus programs;
  • opposition to existing programs;
  • crash, which occurred in the operating system;
  • encounter problems with the driver update.

Before starting the solve the problem is to establish that the reason is in the drivers.To do this, refer to the "Start", then "Control Panel," then "Device Manager", go to the tab "Sound Devices".If this tab, you can see a yellow exclamation mark, it is a clear indication of malfunction.

Missing or damaged sound card

The notebook may be completely absent or have broken the sound card, and it can be the reason for the lack of sound.In the "Device Manager" should refer to the "audio devices".The yellow icon indicates that the sound card drivers are out of date or non-existent.Developed and there are special programs that test audio drivers, for example «SoundCheck», it should use.In some cases, the board will need replacement.

How to restore sound?

On the laptop has no sound, what to do?Conduct periodic checks, and then focusing on the reason for the absence of sound, perform these steps:

  • Restart the computer

first thing you should do in order to restore the sound on a laptop - it is to implement it restarts.Often after this action appears sound and everything works properly.It is especially worth doing if after installation windose 7 or 8 the sound was gone.It is necessary that all the changes are updated, we began working in the new regime.

  • Check whether the connected speakers and headphones

If a reboot did not bring the proper result, it is necessary to check whether the included speakers and earphones, whether speakers are serviceable.There is a probability of absence of connection, the result of which was the faint sound of a rattle he was, then it's worth the effort.Frequent are situations when wire fault is the cause of the problem.

  • Check system settings

situation with system settings not terrible, it is quickly removable without the use of complex programs.If the sound is missing completely, or only in a browser, you need to look at initially Volume Mixer: Click the right mouse button and go to the "Open Volume Control" phrase.Next, check the presence of sliders, which are responsible for the state of the volume.

If they are located at the bottom, there will be a quiet sound on a laptop.They will have to move up, it will be solved the problem of how to increase the sound.We must turn to the location of the sound indicators, which should be set to "Enable sound."The slider on the left controls the entire volume and the other sliders are responsible for system sounds existing applications.Allocated problem is actually not a rare phenomenon: if there is no sound, it makes sense to carefully examine the Volume Mixer.

  • Do not disable the sound card in the BIOS

One of the common reasons why there is no sound on your laptop is idle for a sound card in the BIOS.This issue can occur after a system failure.In addition, the situation is not ruled off the card due to the inexperience user.It should be noted that the idle sound card is exactly the source of the problem.We solve the problem is quite simple: you have to turn to the BIOS and turn on the map.Immediately afterwards, the sound when watching a movie should be restored.

get into the BIOS simply, this is done by keyboard shortcuts that are available on each laptop.Once in the BIOS should be, refer to Section Advanced Features, Chipset, go further in «Onboard devices».On the sound card (Realtek Audio, Audio Controller) to install «Enable» icon.It shows «Disable» About icon off.If you turned to the BIOS, while you can see a sign «Enable», yet the sound is not missing, it is necessary to solve another problem.

  • Check service «Windows Audio»

There is a possibility that the service «Windows Audio» disabled in the settings, for this reason the sound will not be played.If you have no desire to be sent to the service center, check the correct operation of the service to carry out their own is not difficult.You need to press two «Win + R» buttons at the same time, a window will appear once in which you must enter the command «services.msc ».

This list should be to find a service «Windows Audio» and see her condition.The correct settings are such that the column "Status" mode is "work", the column "Startup Type" set "Automatic".When in the "Status" is set to "Stopped", this indicates that the service is not running, so that there is no sound on a laptop.We must go to the service and select "Run."

  • Update Driver

For updates please refer to Device Manager, where there is a sound card, right-click on the tab "Properties".It highlights the box in which to find the tab "Driver" and click "Update."Next will be offered a way to search through the Internet.If you have a drive or a folder with the drivers, you need to choose the second option and specify the location where the driver is.In the absence of the driver should download them from the Internet online.

Rollback system performs another possible solution to the problem.It should be carried out if it is connected with the wrong driver update.Make it fast and easy, just need to click the "rollback", and to prevent click "Yes".If the loss is related to the incorrect operation of the sound card driver, it is worth to understand how to configure the desired settings.

Video: What to do if the sound was gone on a laptop?

In order to solve the problems with the sound on a laptop, it is necessary to rely on the experience of more advanced people have to repair their own hands.The video will be your visual aid and will make all quickly and accurately, because it considered relevant options and solutions available, by the way, even for novice users.Why is there no sound on your favorite laptop?Look and act, all must come out.