As a laptop connected to the TV

If there is a good TV, then it is easy to view movies, photos, family videos and even work with documents.To do this, simply connect to the TV or laptop computer system unit.The second portable tool is more convenient, but requires certain skills and knowledge for the proper connections.This article will look at how to connect a laptop to a TV which there are nuances in this matter and the difficulties that will be faced?

Features laptop connecting to a TV

  • If the mating equipment from a single source, it is much easier to connect to each other for the reason that the connector format is the same or similar.
  • If the connection is via cables VGA, DVI (which are considered a bit outdated for the transmission of multimedia), you need to reflect the sound additionally use other connectors.It is recommended to purchase the triple wire (bells), which is suitable for different types of inputs.
  • next generation operating system will automatically recognize the connected devices, they are also
    allowed to use several monitors or screens.Outdated OS types may require additional installation discs or files, so you have to take care of the availability of such equipment.
  • easiest to connect to a laptop is a digital TV.This screen is the main unit can be operated in parallel or be switched off.
  • Most of the problems associated with the quality of images or sound, is solved in a simple manner - to reinstall or upgrade the video card.
  • Complete with laptops, TVs rarely are the necessary cables, so it is better to rewrite the list in the existing hardware inputs, and with him to the store to select additional wires.
  • Cable length for connection should be large, so the device can be conveniently placed.Do not forget about this option when buying a cord.
  • Mouse is not connected to the TV, it will work with your laptop.But if you can connect it to the TV, and then there it should work with the same features.

Variety of video output connectors

To properly connect your laptop and your TV requires a suitable cable which is included in one of the computer connector and then routed to the monitor.Thus on the one side and the other of the adapter may be different types of connections.It is much more correct if the connectors are the same, but other options are allowed in some models.Consider the most popular destinations of conventional contact connections are used to transfer data from one source to another.


From English High Definition Multimedia Interface represents a kind of interface used to display various multimedia files in high definition.By engaging this connector type DVI digital connection will be provided, but the diameter of the device is much smaller.Use this format to contact Philips monitors and laptops, Bravia, HDMI connector replaces the analog standard to connect the RCA (tulip classic) and SCART.


This standard is used in liquid crystal models of monitors, screens, projectors, plasma TVs.With its help it is easy to transfer any data media - videos, photos, etc. information..DVI connector is relatively large, so often manufacturers use to secure the two long screws that are screwed into the ground and fixed contact.


bit dated connector format that helps to send images, some types of video.This type of inputs used in video cards of old editions of some models of TVs and monitors, and now it contains.This connector has 15 contacts in the form of dots.VGA standard is supported when viewing analog data, and the signal will be fed by line, and when the voltage drops will change the brightness and color of the screen.

S-video or SCART

SCART European standard connector used in many video recorders, players, TVs.Alternatively called Peritel, Euro-AV.A large multi-pole connector combines all the desired signals.This connector is at most types of electronics, even if it is made in China, Pakistan and others. Non-European countries.When this compound is passed through a CEC protocol, the device is allowed to be controlled via remote control.

Steps for connecting your laptop to your TV

  • Ensure the presence of connectors.Look at all the side of the laptop and analyze what input formats out there.Similar actions should produce and a TV to accurately determine the transmission of information will occur on any type of connection.
  • Connect the video cable from the laptop to the TV.The selected inputs are put in our connector, so he held fast in the grooves of the equipment.Pay attention to the fact that the USB cable does not require additional fixation, and DVI uses a few screws, which have to hold tight.
  • Set right on the TV signal source.This action is allowed to perform both the remote and the actual buttons on the TV control panel.In most TV models this menu located in the Preferences.
  • Turn on the laptop.Your computer may already be activated when you connect to the TV, then the desktop should appear appropriate icons Sensor detection.Otherwise, it is necessary to wait for a full load of the laptop modules.
  • Place the TV as a monitor.Some notebook models do not require additional implementation of such action.However, legacy systems will work properly only when the user in the menu "Display Settings" deliver "TV" icon or "the TV".
  • Install the appropriate screen resolution.The computer automatically should understand that it is connected to a TV, but the resolution itself will not change.To do this is to go to the menu "Adjust Screen" and set the appropriate values.If you plan to use two monitors (and the laptop, and TV), the data is necessary to resolve the stand for one and a second device.
  • Adjust the zoom and the sound on the TV.Using the remote control or the keys on the device, you need to set the scale according to the size of the TV display.Similarly exhibiting volume and parameters for speakers.

How to connect your laptop to your TV via Wi-Fi router

  1. First check that the connection cables from the router to your TV and to your laptop.In the presence of the embedded Wi-Fi in the computer, the second cord may not be necessary.
  2. Connect Wi-Fi router with TV, and then the system with a laptop.
  3. Go to the settings of the TV, and select the active properties of the connector.
  4. sets the appropriate media server software on a laptop.It should help the TV system to recognize all the files on your computer.
  5. run the installed media server and check the operation of all functions and the way will be shown the transmitted image.

Wiring laptop to your TV via Wi-Fi router is simple, but there are some nuances.The signal will be transmitted to a computer without wires, cables, so it might be interrupted.Routers from manufacturers Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo has included installation CD with software media server, so download it from the Internet do not have to.Ask the vendors about the availability of such software with the purchase and selecting the device.

video instructions to connect the laptop to the TV yourself

For the reason that there is now a large number of different manufacturers of equipment, there may be some difficulty in connecting a laptop to the TV yourself.In this case, you want to view brands and a second device, to analyze all the parameters and their compatibility.A good training material on this issue is a good video to show the example of the rules of the desired connection.Let us consider the most useful of these videos on YouTube:

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