Production calendar

for proper accounting, skilled service personnel can not do without reliable partners.One of them - a factory calendar.Thanks to him, you easily schedule all kinds of holidays for its employees.Accountant easily calculate wages to workers, sick leave, determine how many non-working days and holidays will be in a month.

Calendar weekends and holidays in 2016

Production Calendar collects information for accountants, economists and housewives.Without it does not do for their own time management, as well as for the calculation of future production processes, holidays and other plans within enterprises, institutions and organizations.If you have on hand will be a list of events in 2016, you can easily determine, not the same as if your holiday or vacation subordinate to annual festivities.The Russian government, as the guarantor of citizens' labor rights, approved the new production calendar for holidays 2016

Download the calendar in PDF format for printing, you can follow the link.

In I quarter

beginning of the year of the Russian Federation, residents will appreciate the long New Year holidays, which begin 1, will last until January 10.The whole decade of the Russians will be able to take a break from work for a while to escape from the routine of everyday life, enjoy the festivities, to spend these days with your family or friends.Total output in January 10 and 15 of everyday life, which will have to work.

February remarkable celebration of the main celebration of all Russian men - Defender's Day, which falls on Tuesday, the 23rd.To ensure that all working people have the opportunity to relax as much as possible, Saturday 20 output number is transferred to the 22. Holidays will last 3 days without a break.Just this month, there are 9 free operation, 20 of everyday life (as a leap year).

beginning of spring will be no less solemn.In the first month of the spring season to congratulate all women with the Women's Day on March 8.Due to this, the legislation provided for a four-day holiday, which begins on the 5th on Saturday and end on March 8th on Tuesday.Last month of the quarter has 10 days off.Lovers of pets can congratulate the pupils on March 1 with the World Day of cats.But unfortunately, this is not a celebration marked in red in a manufacturing calendar.Total March - is 21 workday.

In the II quarter

In the first month of the second quarter (April), the Russians will rest on the celebrations, work hard.But this month has non-working day 9.May begin three-day vacation thanks to the Day of Solidarity of Workers.But celebrations do not end there, and will continue to 7.05 by 9.05, the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany.This accounts for 12 month and 19 non-working weekdays.

Equally significant will be the last month of the quarter.June 12, Russians celebrate one of the new public celebrations of the country - the Day of Russia.Becauseit coincides with a Sunday, then the law of a non-business moves to the next weekday (13 June).So all the work will be able to rest for three days without a break.This month has 9 non-working, 21 workday.

In the III quarter

July has 31 days, 10 - non-working.August 31 working people will be able to relax over 8 weekends.In September, 8, and 22 non-working weekdays.The third quarter is expected to be the most "hot" becauseit does not have any public celebrations.All hope only on extra rest as determined by individual states.

In IV quarter

In October, just 31 days (10 days off 21 workers).Every year, our state is marked in red on November 4.This date - Day of National Unity.In 2016 it falls on Friday, working people have a rest.Enjoy a long weekend, asThis event coincided successfully followed by two day and night rest.In the 11th month in 2016 just 30 days - 9 and 21 non-working weekday.In December, there is no national holidays, weekends 9 and 22 a weekday.

Labor calendar for 2016, approved by the Russian government

Every year the government approves the document regulating the number and composition of the non-working days and holidays.Its latest version can be downloaded for free from the official government site.Indicates information for accountants - various data for weeks with a different amount of labor hours.The document is called "Labor Calendar" and is a mandatory attribute calculators accrued and forming staff salaries.

At the five-day working week

Week five of everyday life provides for a weekend and has 40 hours of labor.If nation-wide celebration, according to the list approved by the Labour calendar, falls on any of these days, the rest is shifted to the workday, which comes after the weekend.For Saturday, February 20 will be considered as weekdays, because it shifted to Monday 22nd of citizens to rest for three days without a break.Week increased by one working day, and has 6 labor.

At six-day working week

Sometimes the administration of the enterprise formed a working week of six days.Then the person is entitled to have one day off, mostly on Sunday.This condition shall be stated in the employment and collective (if any) of the Treaty with the establishment of workers.The employer or personnel officer conducts control over the week-time, on the basis of which is formed at the end of the month salaries.The duration of the six-day week is 40 hours, as well as for the five-day workers.

working time norms for 2016 for the reference of the report card

Each company is required to have a document called "time sheet".HR employee knows that the correct filling the information you need to be before the eyes of the working time throughout the year.We obtain 247 weekdays, and free labor and holidays 119 days.If we translate this into hours, we get:

  1. At 40 hours the duration of the labor week we have 1974 hours per year.
  2. At week 36 hours - working time will be 1776.4 hours per year.
  3. If 24 man-hours a week, then he received 1183.6.

Comments to the factory calendar - 2016

in a manufacturing calendar, approved by the Russian Federation for 2016, presented norms of working time legislation, in the form of tables, holidays and nationalweekends are marked in red.working time norms specified for the week with five labor days and six-day duration of 40 hours, with the presence of one or two non-working.

public holidays in Russia

Head of the company has the right to set additional output, it can be religious (church) celebrations.Labor Code of the Russian legislation approved the list of non-working days of celebrations next year will be:

  1. from 1 to 8 January - New Year's weekend.January 7 - Christmas Day.
  2. February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day.
  3. March 8 - International Women's Day.
  4. May 1 - Holiday of Spring and Labour Day, May 9 - Day of Victory.
  5. June 12 - the Day of Russia.
  6. November 4 - National Unity Day.

list of pre-holiday days

For Code Russian laws on labor, days that fall on the eve of the celebrations, the employer is required to reduce by one hour.According to the established production calendar for the coming year is expected to two pre-holiday days:

  1. February 20 precedes the holiday on February 23, which will take place on Tuesday.
  2. November 3 falls on the eve of the celebration of National Unity Day on Friday.

Transferring weekend

If the holiday coincides weekend, it automatically moves to the next workday.To the citizens of Russia have a good rest government planned to transfer output in 2016:

  • 2 January moves for May 3.
  • January 3 to March 7.
  • February 20 switches to on 22 February.