Fines for traffic police car number

Any driver intentionally or negligently at least once violated traffic rules.If the offense recorded traffic police officers and surveillance cameras, probably it was drawn up on the basis of which you issued a fine.To repay the debt, the driver needs to know his worth.And to do so should immediately, otherwise the debtor facing the imposition of a monetary penalty of twice the amount of the initial amount of administrative detention to 15 days, or 50 hours of community service.

How is the traffic police fines for car number

many drivers interested in the question, how do you know the size of the penalty for the number of the machine?Earlier, until 2009, the availability of debt verified all one way - with the help of a personal appeal or phone call at the department of traffic police inspector who wrote the driver a receipt.Who repayment penalties procedure is much easier and more convenient.You can do this by using one of several existing methods.

Check unpaid fines on the official website of
traffic police

modern procedure repayment penalty on the number of the machine is simplified and takes only 5-10 minutes.Going to gibdd, any driver can find out about its debt.No matter of what you are in the region or regions, drivers of Voronezh, Samara, Omsk, Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg or any other city can take advantage of a single online service.Website traffic, as opposed to the public services of service does not require authorization to obtain the necessary information.

To obtain data on the presence of fines, only need to specify the number of driver's license and vehicle.Sending query takes a couple of minutes, and then the screen will display information about the debt or its absence.With the help of the traffic police car driver site can get detailed information about when and where the violation has been registered.The big advantage is a possibility to get acquainted with the relevant rules of the road and the amount of penalties for deviation from them.All information service offered free of charge.

debt Checking the portal of public services

Website also allows you to learn about the availability of debt on the traffic police car number.This service has the information about all the debt of natural persons before public authorities.The advantage of the site is the completeness of the data that are available to each visitor.Using the service, you can not only learn, but also to pay debts to the traffic police or other government agencies.

To do this:

  1. View personal account on public services online (if you are not registered, it is necessary to fill in a short questionnaire, indicating the surname, first name, mobile phone, email, etc.).
  2. Go to link "the Russian Interior Ministry."
  3. In the list that appears, select the "Provision of information on administrative violations in the field of traffic."
  4. Go to link "Get a service."In the opened window enter the license plate number and driver's license.
  5. After entering the data click on the "Apply" button.If the owner of the car has been fined, the screen will display information about it.Service offer to pay the debt immediately.

personal appeal to your city traffic department

Some older people are not available, electronic payment methods fines, others want to be sure that the money will be received exactly the traffic, so some drivers prefer to use the traditional way of repayment of debts.In this case, to identify the presence of fines, it is necessary to apply to the department of traffic police department of the administrative practice at the place of registration or any other machine.

How to pay a fine

There are about forty online services with which the driver can pay the debt of the traffic police.The modern system of debt repayment is significantly simplified over the past five years.The most popular today are the online payment system of traffic fines electronic money.Payments can be made in various ways:

  • With cards Mastercard or Visa.This payment method has a big advantage - the safety of the commission payment.Bank card is equipped with reliable data protection, so the likelihood of becoming a victim of fraud with this method of payment is minimal.In order to pay the fine by credit card machine number on it should be a secret code (PIN / CVV2), which is indicated on the reverse side.
  • Electronic money.Redeem a fine of traffic possible through payment system Yandex-money, WebMoney, MoneyMail et al.
  • With QIWI.Pay fined possible in any terminal Kiwi or through an online service submitting an application for payment of online traffic, to your e-mail (the address you specify it when filling in the form) will receive a letter with the account number, which later will need to indicate on the website or in the terminal Kiwi.
  • to charge mobile phone balance.This type of payment of traffic fines is available to subscribers of Russian Beeline, Megafon, MTS.To do this, from a mobile phone to send an inquiry to the number 9112. The message the driver shall indicate the number of the car and the driver's license.It must be done in such a format (underscore used to image space): Gibdd_nomer sredstva_nomer transport license.You should get the following message: STSI ap101im75 1234567890. SMS messages will cost four rubles (information as at 2014).
  • With Alpha Bank and the function "Alpha-click».To do this, the driver must be registered with the Alfa-Click system.
  • by bank transfer.You can repay through Sberbank of Russia or other banks.

Whichever way a fine line car payment you chose not to use it, to your email box should come notification of a successful transaction of money from the payment details.At the settlement of arrears through untested payment systems, online traffic police should check whether the payment went through.If within a month the payment was not registered, and the service shows the presence of outstanding fines, refer to the traffic authority to print a receipt of payment.