How to disable the mobile banking

Mobile Banking is a modern multi-functional service, which entitles customers who subscribe to this service, on time and quickly obtain the necessary information about their credit cards, perform basic financial transactions using a mobile phone.This service is characterized by a great ease and speed.However, in some situations it is necessary to stop the action of this functional.How to disable the mobile banking?On the basic methods of non-Russian services of different banks, you can see in this article.

What is the mobile banking service?

This functionality is a service on Tariffs and Full Economy, which gives the right to perform a variety of card payments, request information on bank cards by phone.This service is intuitive, simple interface that allows each person to easily understand and operate it.This functionality provides a package of features:

  • when prompted to receive information about the limit of available funds, the last five of the transaction on your card;
  • the latest information regarding the action account on the phone;
  • to make the transfer of funds from one account to another card;
  • perform the necessary payments from the card to the account of those organizations which have signed the bank's contractual relations, there is no need to visit the nearest branch;
  • for the shortest possible time to carry out the suspension of card validity, that is, its lock when you find the action scam with a card, or have lost it;
  • receive information about actions in the online banking passwords to carry out certain transactions;
  • repay their loans;
  • receive promotional and informational materials from the bank itself, its partners;
  • manage mobile bank: block its services, obtain information about the cards.

How to disable the mobile bank of Sberbank

Over time, the need for this service may disappear.How do you turn off the mobile banking?Man may suspend or eliminate this service due to the loss of the phone, the number of which was attached to the card;the emergence of other options for money management;change the phone numbers of MTS, Megafon and others. In this case, there are several solutions.

deactivate the service department

To disable the service by visiting the office of the bank on the client's need to fill in a special statement on the refusal of the service, to provide a passport or other identity document.When this is done, you must inform the bank officer about the desire to give up the mobile bank and wait for notification that is sent to the phone number.Then you no longer are a user of this service.

Disabling online in your account

refuse this service, each client can through Sberbank Online, if there is a registration on this portal to manage the funds on the card.To use the ID will need to enter login, password, select the appropriate menu, enter one-time passwords, which comes to your phone number.After this procedure, wait for confirmation.

Disabling via telephone, sms

In order to lock the functions you need to send SMS-request to the mobile operator's number 900. In this case, the message format may be as follows: BLOKIROVKAUSLUG, BLOKIROVKAUSLUGI, BLOKIROVKAUSLUG, BLOKIROVKAUSLUGI, BLOCKSERVICE.Savings for the purpose of execution of the command will perform a lock of the service, and then your phone number will be sent a message.Remember that this is not a complete disconnection of service, so the monthly fee for it will continue to be charged.

ATM or terminal

To disable the service through the terminal or ATM, follow the instructions below:

  • insert the card;
  • select the menu item "Mobile Banking";
  • select the option to disable the service;
  • enter the mobile phone number;
  • wait for notification, which comes in the form of SMS.

for disabling the mobile bank

For some reason, you can disable or completely disable the service.After blocking in case of necessity the service can be connected again when visiting the office and fill in the relevant application.Temporarily disabling and permanent carried out in several ways.Sometimes cardholders faced with a situation where the service itself is disabled or blocked.Why is this happening?

Lack of funds for

map Disabling or blocking services can occur due to a lack of funds on your card account are required to pay for this feature.If you receive money on mobile bank card again automatically unlocked and you can use it.To prevent this, make sure the status of your card account and replenish it promptly.

lock on the customer's request

service lock operates a certain time.In some cases, the client has an urgent need of operational failure.You can do this in the following ways:

  • through a call to the contact center bank;
  • by a special command in the SMS message format;
  • by visiting the nearest branch of the Savings Bank.

How to deactivate the service at other banks

Besides Sberbank have this functionality in other Russian banks.How do you turn off the mobile banking in them?To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Alpha Bank - the service is turned off via a free call to the subscription service Alfa Consultant or by visiting the office.
  • VTB - is necessary to visit the office, write the appropriate application and the bank will turn off the service over time.This operation does not imply collection of money.
  • Uralsib - you need to turn off to go to the office and apply for a waiver.
  • MDM - refuse to use mobile banking, you can, if you call the contact number of support services around the clock 8 800 700 in 2003, to leave the application in the Internet bank in the "Services" in the department.
  • Tinkoff - off takes place via internet banking or by visiting a bank office.