How to transfer money to WebMoney QIWI

Appearing in Russia a couple of decades ago, the electronic money collect more supporters: online shopping, network, payment of utility bills without exhausting queues are a significant plus.As money QIWI translate to WebMoney?Both of these systems are market leaders in electronic payments.Consider the basic methods of such an operation.With electronic cash purses at a number of the leading platforms of non-cash non-bank payments, sometimes it is necessary to throw the financial resources between them.

Can I translate a Kiwi on WebMoney

options how to throw virtual money on WebMoney, as the client Kiwi payment system, there are only four:

  1. use the internet:
    • tying both the personal account to each other;
    • without reference wallets.
  2. Withdraw money via text message (SMS).
  3. visit the nearby shopping center, which established QIWI terminals.
  4. Turning to the services of conversion centers services, called "exchangers".

Translation Methods funds from WebMoney Kiwi

As the owner of the electronic of cash, you can easily throw off the Kiwis at the Webmoney personal financial resources, using the text messaging service.To do this, you do not need access to the World Wide Web, computer and other "complexity".With cell phone throw SMS to the short number 7494:

  1. first two digits "56" - a payment code through WebMoney.
  2. followed by a space, type the number of personal ruble account in WebMoney R format and twelve digit code (Rhhhhhhhhhhhh).
  3. Then enter the amount of deposit and send a message.

With Kiwi purse

important advantage of increasingly popular Visa QIWI Wallet e-money system is the feature that permits flip the cash to the accounts of other payment systems.How to exchange personal financial resources Kiwi cycling WebMoney purse without a passport?Consider a stepwise procedure:

  1. Open Kiwi own office or go to the incumbent, following menu options.
  2. Click the "Exchange" tab, click the submenu "Payment Systems".
  3. To transfer money to WebMoney, from the drop-down list to select the operators of electronic payments WebMoney.
  4. system will automatically open a page of the payment.Fill in the free field, introducing WMR purse number, purpose and amount of the payment.
  5. Check out the information about the commission, the maximum possible amount of principal and interest spreads, to find out how money from QIWI Wallet to transfer to WebMoney.
  6. Provided correctly completed all fields, click the button "Submit".
  7. receive an SMS confirming your actions via QIWI Wallet, enter the code.
  8. Upon completion of all the procedures on the screen displayed the inscription "Success" and comment on acceptance in payment processing.

transfer money between wallets, guided by a commission of 5% of the amount contributed 3% takes you servicing Visa QIWI Wallet, 2% - WebMoney for throwing out finance.The maximum limit of one-time replenishment - 15 thousand p..For information on the current situation with the financial resources you find and keep track of the menu "Reports".Help minimize the risk of specific sites that provide a list of verified exchangers.

determine the suitable conditions will help the function of exchange systems "Choose the best exchange rate."Any failures or issues arise, consult with the administration of the exchanger.Find out how to transfer money from Kiwi on WebMoney purse with the same or at a minimum cost, perhaps by using the built-in calculator exchanging QIWI RUB = WMR.

A terminal

More than 35% of the population prefer to use the terminals of megalopolises: user-friendliness, speed of operation, menus, tips and no need to make the Internet the way to attractive.How to replenish WebMoney, making money via QIWI terminal:

  • Click the menu item "Payments", then moved on to the relevant operator under "E-commerce".
  • Select WebMoney, to convert cash into electronic.Fill in the account number with the prefix R and twelve-WMR code.
  • Enter your cell where QIWI operator will send a one-time password to verify the translation.
  • After entering the code, check the correctness of their actions, confirming the sending of money "Pay" button.

Associating WebMoney to Kiwi

How to transfer money from Kiwi to WMR purse, tying the two bills cover cash:

  1. Having access to personalaccount QIWI, use the section "The balance of the main account".
  2. Clicking a submenu "Working with Accounts", select "New Account".
  3. Among the proposed options for stop selection by clicking "Integration to QIWI WebMoney┬╗.
  4. The window is a form of formal input personal data indicating the series and passport number.
  5. Similar operations should be performed by binding WebMoney.A Personal Account click Linking account or card.
  6. receive an SMS with a password, enter the amount of money limit and code.
  7. Click the symbol S on the map image, and then confirm the action.
  8. Going again in QIWI, final action, press the button "Snap".

Video: how to put money on WebMoney

The national average users of electronic wallets a little less than a quarter of the population, however, the share of large cities with developed infrastructure of terminals, ATMs account for up to 80% of the population.In the event of the need to translate the virtual (electronic) finances the purses QIWI Wallet (Visa) and WebMoney, a couple of clicks, indicating WMR ruble accounts, the payment amount will ensure the success of the plan.View videos will help to understand in detail how the money with QIWI translate to WebMoney purse.