barley Treating a child

People of all ages may appear swelling and redness of the eyelid or the twitch.This can be barley - a disease characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the eyelid.Often the disease is manifested in children (even infants).barley Treating a child should not be delayed, it can lead to an increase in body temperature, swelling of the entire century (due to what the eye does not open), rupture of capillaries, enlarged lymph nodes, and other complications.

barley Symptoms in child

symptoms manifestations of barley are identical in both adults and children, although the latter process is faster.The main and noticeable symptom - swelling and redness century in an area where there was a blockage of the sebaceous gland duct.After a few days (about 2-3) is formed purulent vesicle (abscess).When pressed on the inflammation place felt a sharp pain, burning and tingling.What is barley, you can see in the photo.

After a few days there is a breakthrough abscess that had accumulated in

side the pus comes out, and there is a cure.In the place of exit of pus distinguish domestic barley, when pus comes out through the wall, which is in contact with the eyeball and outside.In the second embodiment, pus output occurs at the outer surface of the century.

whole process from the beginning of the inflammation till recovery takes place in 3 - 5 days.Children barley is faster, because the kids vigorously rubbed his eyes, causing tearing of early abscess pus and exit to the outside.

Usually there is one eye barley, but may develop and a few inflammatory lesions in one eye or both eyes at once.Sometimes there is a relapse of the disease when the same eye appears barley and begins to rot repeatedly.

Causes of barley in a child

barley Before treatment of the child is necessary to establish the cause of its occurrence.A common cause of the beginning of the inflammatory process is getting a bacterial infection in a cavity of the sebaceous gland, which occurs due to its blockage and complicated secret flight.Then begins an inflammatory process of sebaceous gland wall.The bacterium, which is likely to activate the process of inflammation, it is considered Staphylococcus aureus.

often the main reason for the development is considered to barley rubbing eyes with dirty hands.Contribute to the emergence of this disease:

  • hypothermia, because it minimizes the protective properties of the body and stimulates the proliferation of bacteria (eg, coughing, runny nose).Reducing organism
  • immunity, that leads to a lowering of the body's protective properties against various bacteria.
  • presence of other diseases.For example, children who suffer from diabetes are more prone to inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid (as the broken structure of the walls of blood vessels and possible development of microangiopathy);or it can be in the presence of gastrointestinal disease.
  • hormones.Barley is common among adolescents aged 9-15 years, because in this period there is a reorganization of the endocrine system hormonal, and possible violation of a secret exit from the sebaceous glands, resulting in a blockage occurs and fester.
  • circulation of the virus Staphylococcus aureus in the family.In this case, staying in the same room with people barley manifested enviable frequency or disease becomes chronic.Remember, this is an inflammatory disease of the eye - not contagious.
  • Heredity.In some sections of our DNA is programmed to a certain predisposition to disease.
  • use of contact lenses.Often people put on / take off the lens is not clean hands or neglect terms and retention rules (use) of funds for them, and accessories.

common causes of barley in the child remains non-observance of personal hygiene when bacteria enter the skin with the hands on the mucous membrane.It requires compliance with all hygiene standards - the presence of individual towels, cosmetic and hygiene products.Barley is not classified diseases communicable manner.

Medical treatment of barley in a child

Many parents let their course progression of the disease and hope for a speedy self-healing barley.But this is not correct - it is worth remembering that the inflammatory processes often lead to various complications.Because treatment should be supervised by a specialist.Visit the children's clinic, the doctor determine the stage of disease development and assign the appropriate medications or procedures.

Before contacting a specialist, you can apply a sterile gauze dressing (no need to impregnate - dry) at the site of inflammation.If a child refuses to wear a bandage - to include fantasy and turn this process into a game (for example, to make the boy's pirate bandage for girls - just razrisuy bandage colored markers).It is also possible to use glucocorticoids (e.g., dexamethasone).

As a rule, for the treatment of inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the eyelid drops prescribed "Albucidum" or apply Tobrex, Chloramphenicol, Vigamoks (preparations containing an antibiotic that can act quickly).Orally administered drugs from the group receiving sulfonamides.It can be used UHF medical procedure (for warming barley ripens faster).Also for sore eyelid often lay or sulfa antibiotic ointment (tetracycline ointment, hydrocortisone, furatsilin).

If your child has fever and other complications, it is necessary not only to external influence, but also treatment of the inside of the body (pills, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics (doxycycline) within the established doses).It is also possible the use of fever-reducing medication (eg, acetaminophen).

With time begun treatment of the inflammatory process is quick and virtually painless for the child.

Barley is not only in children but also in adults.On the nature of the barley and its methods of treatment, you will learn from videos with Elena Malysheva and her medical team.

Barley in the child: the treatment of folk remedies

If you prefer not to see a doctor in case of inflammation of the century, and are going to treat this disease folk remedies, here are some ways to combat barley at home:

  • Heating the egg sore eyes (placed in a canvas bag).It's kind of UHF at home - contributes to the rapid maturation and breakthrough abscess.Similar effects have warmed linen or sea salt, rolled up in a soft cloth.
  • Rinsing chamomile eye, which has antiseptic properties.Often used packs of gauze soaked in chamomile solution.
  • Effective Way - compresses with tincture of calendula.
  • has a bad impact compress decoction of dill (a mixture of fennel seeds and water bring to a boil and cool).
  • Garlic also helps with barley.Purified clove of garlic a few days applied to the site of inflammation.But it is necessary to make sure that the child has not got garlic in your eye.

often used application packs of tea bags to brew - it is impossible to do so, as this can cause further development of inflammation and infection of adjacent tissues.Treatment of disease with the "FICO" absolutely not justified from a medical point of view, because sure to use and medicines.

worth remembering the treatment of the inflammatory process in the home with the use of folk remedies can not replace an appeal to a specialist, even if there is a reduction of symptoms.So do not neglect the health of the child, especially if barley appeared simultaneously on both eyes or his relapse occurred.

barley Treatment on the upper eyelid

Barley on the upper eyelid causes more discomfort and more pain, because the eyelid is often difficult to raise and left half-open eyes.During the breakout of pus may gluing eyelashes, which also cause a lot of inconveniences.Self inflammation in addition to the inconvenience does not bear any harm, but it is possible inflammation and infection of other tissues, as well as getting an infection in the brain that can bring very negative consequences.

Never squeeze or break the integrity of the capsule in the home to the infection and the infection does not spread further.In the event of the disease on the upper eyelid, it is not recommended to self-medicate, and should immediately contact the clinic.

Barley on the lower eyelid at the child: treatment

Barley arising on the lower eyelid, you can be treated with lotions (compresses), by laying the ointment or bury her eyes.But before using those or other medication or even folk remedies still better to consult a doctor, to hand over a complete blood count.It is worth remembering that not only know how to treat barley - you need to determine the cause of its occurrence and prevent the appearance of it in the future.

barley Treatment of infant

Inflammatory disease of sebaceous glands on the eyelid in infants is rare.The main causes of barley in babies considered a weakened immune system, colds or intestinal disease.

If you find the redness and swelling of the century in infants, in any case do not self-medicate.You must immediately contact an ophthalmologist.The doctor will prescribe treatment, and how to perform procedures (wash, lay and bury the ointment eyes).In no case can not be squeezed barley, the infection has not spread further.

Complications of barley on barley

eye treatment should not be delayed, because it may lead to various complications.It is worth remembering that children fiber on the inside of the eyelid is loose and hardly able to distinguish between inflammation, so it may result in the adjacent tissues.

Often inflammatory disease without proper treatment leads to various complications:

  • blepharitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye
  • abscess - an inflammatory process spread to nearby tissues
  • meningitis - inflammation affecting the brain and surrounding tissue.

In children, in the absence of treatment of barley for a long time, the focus of inflammation is covered by a capsule, and the resolution of problems without operative (surgical) intervention is not possible.In severe cases the doctor has to make an incision in the eyelid (on the inside) and remove the capsule.After the operation, it does not remain scars or traces of aesthetic, but to avoid this is not necessary.

Prevention of recurrence of barley

The main barley appearance prevention methods include:

  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.Always wash hands with soap, the existence of separate towels for all family members.
  • Compliance with the rules of use of contact lenses: they should be stored in a special container in the individual cells.In no event should not be confused lens: insert the lens for the right eye to the left, and vice versa.
  • Improving the general condition of the body and the lifting of immunity (eg, conducting autohemotherapy).This can be achieved by taking vitamins, firming agents, playing sports and spending more time outdoors, tempered.

In the event of the disease should not delay treatment.And it is better to prevent the emergence of the ego, by applying preventive measures.

more information about barley, its symptoms, causes and treatment, see the video.

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