Why the laptop shuts itself

encounter problems of any off the laptop can both active and novice user.The portable computer turns off suddenly, so you can not have time to save important data for work or school.Why the laptop is turned off by itself?If you can not send computer repair service center is to try to independently determine the root of the problem.

Possible causes shutdown laptop

Why the laptop is turned off by itself?It can reboot, when chips become very hot.Enable and then immediately shut down the computer indicates a possible problem with the power supply.Disconnecting during a game is the result of accumulated dust on the fan or driver mismatch.Sometimes shutdown occurs only when running on the battery, which indicates the last fault.

laptop overheats

warms the laptop on and off the system due to the following factors:

  1. Natural dusting.Through the openings in the cooling system particles fall on the fan.This slows down the rotation of the blades, which is the answer to the question why the
    laptop heats up.
  2. drying thermal paste.This process does not affect the operation of the cooler.Processor starts to overheat due to violations of the transfer of heat to it.
  3. cooling failure.Axis fan after a while slipping, and it ceases to function properly.
  4. Too soft surface on which the apparatus.This disrupts the natural ventilation of the housing bottom.
  5. Possible contamination virus programs, due to which the laptop heats up and shuts down.

turns on and immediately turns off

Sometimes the unit completes its work on the operating system boot process, iewithout overheating.There is a problem in the diet.Tie it with a breakdown of the battery, AC adapter or charging socket.If the laptop is turned on and immediately turns off - this failure in the hardware, that is,violation of the BIOS firmware.The program is the repository of all the settings and data system computer.In addition to these reasons, there are several:

  • short circuit in the motherboard;
  • fault CPU;
  • malfunction bridges.

During the game

Laptop is in excellent condition during operation in normal programs, but for some reason, when you play, it can suddenly turn off?Here are some causes of this problem:

  • fan dusty conditions and insufficient cooling of the processor;
  • mismatch driver model device;
  • software failure at high load on the graphics card and processor.

When on battery

device may work fine from a network, but shut down the operation of the charger.This is evidenced by the wrong display of charging interest.The battery indicator in this case does not define it, and the device simply turns off suddenly while pulling power.In fact, there are reasons:

  • battery failure;
  • end of battery life;
  • failures in a battery controller.

When disconnected from the network

If a networked machine running smoothly and strongly when pulling off the plug power supply - it speaks about the problems with the battery.He soon discharged, defective or resources are already depleted due to prolonged use.Shelf life of the battery unit ranges from 2 to 3 years.If the computer is still new, then this factory marriage.Incorrect configuration of the device influence its supply state.If you disable the "laptop" from the mains, then goes out on the laptop screen and the device goes into sleep mode.

What should I do if the notebook is turned off

Whatever the cause or lead to shutdown the PC, it has a solution:

  1. Shoe.In the case of overheating, special programs define the temperature of the processor.If it exceeds 90 ° C, then clean the cooling system from dust.Noise and temperature after this decrease.
  2. Antivirus.If the system has bred viruses, update their base and make a comprehensive review of programs - Kaspersky or Cureit.
  3. update or reinstall the drivers.The problem lies in the discrepancy of these programs nouta model.For example, you can not install the driver from lenovo toshiba acer, or vice versa.For this reason, remove all the old hardware driver software, download it from the official website of your manufacturer and reinstall it.
  4. rollback firmware.To correct the problem, restore the firmware version that was in stable operation.If not help, completely update the BIOS program.
  5. Reinstalling the operating system.System Unstable behavior, you can fix it completely reinstall Windows.This will help get rid of the virus, which did not find an antivirus program.
  6. Power Check.If the problem lies in a faulty battery, replace it.Before you panic, check whether the power adapter is connected, whether the cord and the plug is damaged.Why the laptop screen is turned off?Make sure the settings are correct power to the computer is not "asleep" when disconnected from the network.

Video: why the laptop is turned off

Even experienced computer users sometimes can not find the answer, why the notebook is turned off by itself.Because of the variety of reasons spontaneous shutdown is necessary to recheck the personal computer for the presence of any changes.It can be viruses, overheating, or software failures.To the very long time to dig into the device settings, it is necessary to see useful video.It contains recommendations for immediate action when problems occur off.