How to hide friends VC

Vkontakte - the most popular social network Runet, with a huge number of users.Many people spend most of their time here, it's not surprising.At its open spaces has it all: music, movies, chat, friends, information.But VC, like any other social network, open to all, so the complete privacy there can be no question.Wanting to keep more information secret, users often wonder whether it is possible to hide friends on VKontakte and how to do it.But with every update, opportunities to privacy is becoming less.

How long can you hide friends VKontakte?

a long time, the social network has been equipped with a function that allows you to hide all the friends from unauthorized persons, guests or other users of the page.This is done with a different purpose.Some people do not wish to advertise their connection to a specific person.Others try to hide contacts that none of your friends have not heard any information on their pages.Others do it on principle.At the moment, the leaders left vkontakte can hide only

30 people from your contact list.This is negligible, especially for those who know the number in the thousands.

Many people wonder how to hide more than 30 friends can not be done now.The resource administration deliberately removed this possibility to the users coming on to one page to a friend, passed by the contacts."Traveling" as the familiar, a man long delays on the network.This has a positive effect on the development of VKontakte and increases the income of their owners.

How do other hidden in the VC 2016

desire to keep secret some relationships, love, friendship is quite natural, therefore, many do so.To hide the other, set up privacy - must be:

  • Open Account VC, using the username and password.
  • Go to the category of "My Settings", which is located in the sidebar on the left side.

  • On the next page you can see all the possibilities related to the privacy and confidentiality of your page VC.

  • We are interested in the item, "Who can see my list of friends and subscriptions."By default, this next item is the option "All Friends".This means that any user of the page visitor can see all your friends, subscribers, to pass them on the page.

  • Click on the active link "All Friends" left mouse button, which opens the plate.Before you will be two columns: the left - all the contacts on the right - empty column, where you will be adding people who want to hide.
  • To add a person from the general list of hidden, you must move the mouse on the plus sign, which is next to each user.After clicking, you will see how each will appear in the right column.

  • must add all the desired people, and then click "Save Changes."

  • social network has a limit on the maximum number of hidden people.With his achievement, you will see the corresponding message.
  • to conceal the contacts were not available to anyone, you must indicate this in the next menu "Who can see my hidden friends" and select the "Only me."

View hidden friends in the VC

In order to find out who hides a particular person, there is only one way.Some applications offer the user to know all the secrets of the page, to see protected privacy settings photo, other information such as a list of hidden friends.But all these pirated stuff is unlikely to be granted permission and have been moderated if really worked.Consider only correct way to view the list of hidden contacts:

  • Create a new page VK.This is fake web user with a false name, data.It is necessary to complete at least a minimum of data, so that it gave the impression of a real, working account of the individual.
  • human Add to friends list whose hidden contacts you are interested in.Under any pretext, how it will be done - this is your concern, but it should be one of your friends VC.
  • Looking for hidden contacts.To do this, go to "My friends" on his (fake web) page and click "Add Friends".You will be shown a list of everyone who is in the user's contacts that interests you - and there is no hidden friends.

  • So you can find out who hides a certain person.This is the only method available today.

Video: how to add a hidden friends in VC

social network VKontakte - the perfect place for entertainment, communication, search of the necessary and interesting information.With its help it is possible to share your thoughts, feelings, photos, and other things.But often, users want to hide certain information from unauthorized access, random visitors of the page or some of the contacts.From all to see can be hidden photo albums, videos, groups, and some people.The motives for this may be different, but if you need to watch the video to understand how to hide friends VKontakte: