Copywriter - who is

More and more ads on search and job offer meets the vacancy copywriter.In today's context, the concept of a copywriter extended than 10-20 years ago.No promotional articles, slogans copywriter promotion of goods, services or a particular person became almost impossible.Copywriters who it is?Word for some unknown, so it's worth more to tell, because it is often confused with a rewriter that rewrites the wrong article in your own words.

Who is a copywriter

Copywriter - this man writing an article or short texts on request.The text does not necessarily have to be advertising, often writing informative articles.There are copywriters who work as full-time employees in publishing or in companies engaged in the promotion of the site, product.Some copywriters more suitable distant work freelancer when he adjusts the amount of time spent to perform the tasks sent by him.

Working with different directions, the author must quickly absorb a lot of information to go through the emotions himself, w

hich will write.After all, one subject for a copywriter does not exist - it may one day write texts for the site for the sale of the crushing equipment and talk about asphalt dismantling, and next to admire the beauty of the tree peony or make hints for future newlyweds, as a fun and creative note on your wedding day,to make it an unforgettable experience for them and for guests.

What does copywriters

services Beginners copywriters do not always fully understand what should be their responsibility.Writing texts - not an easy task, because the articles should contain accurate information and be a benefit to the reader.The ability to find suitable photos and videos to the text raises rating copywriter.Masterly use in the text of the thematic words, to which the reader will notice in the first place, increases the importance of seo article.This means that the product or service referred to in the text, will notice and want to buy.

to work within the time specified by the customer, is one of the most important requirements.The copywriter should be able not only to write a large number of highly educated unique texts, but also make comments, do review articles.Some writers specialize in translation when no creative work is simply impossible.Seo-copywriting new sites or promotion ladder ranking up already working with content, too, it is the responsibility of an experienced copywriter.

there are certain requirements for writing advertising slogans: the text should be short, but capacious.Copywriter should create advertising so that the buyer wanted to purchase the product, whether it is food or spiritual.The emotions that people feel when listening to a slogan, the most show successful advertising or not.Small example about the Coca-Cola when commercials compared the drink and happy holiday, led by Santa: it was more effective than a bunny holding a glass of carrot juice, although we all know - the juice is more useful cola.

How do you calculate the value of the work

Receiving an assignment from the client, copywriter sees requirements for paper, its volume.It is not measured by pages or words: there is a standard measurement - the number of characters without spaces, which are calculated by the program automatically.The cost of the work stipulated rate of writing one thousand characters without spaces, in monetary units, convenient for the customer and the performer.The more experience and seniority in the copywriter, the more expensive it to 1000 characters.There is a simple calculation formula: the number of characters x = value of one thousand payment amount.

How to become a copywriter

If you wish to work as a copywriter can almost anyone who has developed imagination, and literate speech is present even in everyday of his life.The first steps among copywriters are some easy, not always the first time all the exits.Here then comes to the rescue of perseverance and persistence with which a novice copywriter goes to the goal.For some, it is a method to make someone realizes their creative abilities, someone who likes creative and find a way to express themselves.

Copywriter with their experience can provide the customer with a portfolio of their work or links to them, that would be a powerful argument when choosing a contractor.If lyricist works independently, it is convenient to start a blog on the Internet and post your articles there on the hot topics that will interest a large part of the audience.When writing a text it will be convenient to refer to previously published articles.If the topics of interest, readership will expand, among them may turn out to be a major customer.

Some authors expose their works at the stock exchange, where customers can find out.One of the largest is Advego Plagiatus that provides free online services for checking articles seo-analysis, its uniqueness and helps generate statistics of text, find and get rid of unnecessary stop words, interfering light perception.If the author is interested in his work, he gradually accumulated experience and expertise to help write lyrics faster and with less effort.

large number of copywriters work with an intermediary company who find customers and transfer tasks with the instruction to authors to write texts.For the author it is cheaper to pay, but the biggest advantage is the stability of receiving orders.By registering on the website of that company, providing work for freelancers copywriters, count on a stable flow of orders on various topics.

How earn on writing texts

Most new authors are working on such a scheme: they write a large number of characters of text for a lower price.With experience copywriter can raise the rate to sell the work done by requiring the customer's real price.The ability to rapidly collect and analyze information for a future article is an important quality for a copywriter.On Web sites, to provide work for the authors are very different prices for the performance of work.Starting from 15 rubles per thousand characters without spaces to 5-10 dollars for the same thousand characters.

Low price offer speculators articles, often a few hands, through which the article is written, until it reaches the final customer.If the prices for the work exhibited more impressive - perhaps you could go to the customer himself, but he will not give up the work in the first available hand.Often the organization of the competition helps to identify a strong copywriter who earn good money for the article - the price goes from 20 to 100 dollars, depending on the volume of written signs.

average copywriter for which this work is not the main source of income, can have additional income of 5000-7000 rubles per month.An expert in charge of only writing texts, salary increases 2-3 times.Do not expect that from the first day you will receive $ 500 per month when you write a minimum number of characters.But with the right approach, with natural talent and great diligence - it might be worth just start working.

most famous copywriters

As suggested by the practice, the experience of writing articles is much more important than theoretical knowledge.In order to become a good writer, you do not have a literary education, but to be part businessman, marketing specialists, economists, computer programs need to know.In a large modern world of copywriting is difficult to identify the best rating changes daily.

Many rich and famous copywriters of the 20th century, which includes the twenty people who have developed this branch of business, were the representatives of the far abroad: Albert Lasker, Bruce Barton, Gary Bensiveng, Gehry Helbert and others.In the vastness of modern Russia, too, there are people who are known in these circles.Here are some of them:

  • Alexander Repev.Create simple Web sites and a large number of benefits of copywriting.
  • Dmitry Cat.Create video tutorials on various topics, books on copywriting.
  • Daniel Shardakov.Practical advice on writing and word processing.
  • Sergey Bernadsky.Practicing a copywriter, helping to turn the reader into a buyer, what and wrote his book.

Being famous copywriter - is not only to become rich, but above all, be hard working, have their own style and direction in the work.