How to create kiwi purse

presence in the virtual wallet online payment system - it is a necessity for almost everyone who works in the space of a worldwide network, make purchases from foreign or domestic sites, makes or receives remittances.In Russia there are several well-known payment systems, among which occupies a worthy place QIWI.In order to use the money through it (make payments, make transfers), you must create a purse kiwi.This procedure does not take much time and will be the starting point for a comfortable cash transactions on the network.

What service QIWI

Internet service kiwi - a payment system that allows you to easily manage your finances through an electronic wallet.Around the world there are thousands of Kiwi terminals, through which a person can fill the mobile phone to pay for goods and services, make utility payments.For convenience, the Web version has been developed through which to buy things from online stores, transfer funds relatives and colleagues is easy - it only takes a few clicks.Besides

, due to binding to the map, kiwi system is safe.

And for those who travel a lot, the perfect tool is a convenient mobile application for online payments.It is the version Android, iOs, as users of smartphones and tablets can use your wallet via mobile web site.This will allow to perform actions with kiwi-purse in any place where there is Internet.

How to create kiwi purse over the Internet to use the service

kiwi is not difficult for an experienced Internet users and even for those who are first recorded in the payment system.For people who do not know where to start and how the process of creating a wallet, developed a simple step by step instructions.Almost immediately after the registration of a person will be able to update your account, and then make money transactions through the terminals kiwi, application or website.

Free registration on the official website

To create kiwi purse, you can register for free on the official website qiwi do this, go to the Web resource, find the column with the caption "Registration".Further, in the appropriate form, enter your phone number, then enter the security code.After performing these steps, you will come to mobile SMS with a special code - the password from the purse kiwi that you create.Once you are logged in, you can immediately use your account for purchases, payments, transfers, pre-adding to his cash.

Create eWallet

If you create an electronic purse Visa QIWI Wallet, then easily be able to send money to a bank account or a Visa card.To do so would be to bind to the bank card.This method of making payments through Kiwi Wallet is safe, it allows more convenient to manage your finances.To create a wallet with reference to the map, enter your phone number in the registration window, get a password, sign in, and then in the appropriate field, enter the card number, name, surname, date of birth, card expiry date.

How to create kiwi purse through the terminal

If you are unable to create an account via the website of the payment system, you can use the terminal to get the number of kiwi purse.Select in the "Payments" menu of the terminal window, then click on the "E-money".To create a wallet, go to Visa QIWI wallet.There you will see the "Register" button, pressing which will need to enter the phone number.On it will receive an SMS message with a password on your account, which you can start to use from now on.

Creation via

mobile phone kiwi mobile app - is a convenient service that will not only effectively manage money, but also help to create an account for those who do not have e-wallet.To do this, download the appropriate application in the AppStore or GooglePlay, run.There you will see a button that says "Sign Up."Take it, please enter your details (phone number), you will receive an SMS with a code.Through this method, you can quickly start using your personal account to conduct financial transactions.

How to work with kiwi purse

To work with kiwi purse do not need any specific skills.Thanks to user-friendly system, you can perform a variety of activities through a worldwide network: pay for services in the social networks, tickets for trips, debt on utility bills.After registration and refill immediately get started.To learn how to interact with the online system more details see below.


you several ways to pay your balance in the online system QIWI:

  • first - in cash through a special terminal kiwi, ATM, Salon.
  • second - a bank card through a web resource or an ATM.
  • Third - online, using the services of online banking or mobile phone.
  • fourth - money order for this approach cards Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfers, payment points.

What can pay using QIWI

Once you have created an electronic online wallet and refill it, you can perform the following actions:

  • Replenish account mobile, ISP balance.
  • transfer the money to the account of the other online systems.
  • pay for online services and games.
  • Commit utilities.
  • Buy air and train tickets.
  • to contribute to charities.
  • Buy goods.

How to withdraw funds

convenient removal tools - another plus QIWI-purse.Depending on how the customer chooses to use the system, changing the amount of commission for the conduct of operations.How to withdraw money from your balance:

  • payments and transfers on the territory of Russia and international options from Visa.
  • MasterCard MoneySend in Russia.
  • International operations MasterCard MoneySend.
  • CONTACT Translations, Unistream, Anelik.
  • Other cards, bank accounts.

Video as a start kiwi purse with computer

If you have not figured out how to create kiwi purse through a computer yourself, you are prepared for the special detailed video instructions.Leading tells and shows how to use the application form in the online payment system menu to start the account.The whole procedure takes no more than two minutes, after that you can immediately use the wallet QIWI.