How to make money on the internet 500 rubles per day

The World Wide Web offers a sea of ​​opportunities in front of people: find the right information, chat with friends, and even the opportunity to earn.The last advantage of the network is to dwell as an additional (or base) income of interest to many.Many skeptics have not once tried to prove that the work online - a fairy tale, "divorce", fraudulent schemes.To find the truth and to receive the answer to the question whether the income is possible on the Internet without cheating 500 rubles a day, consider the known variants of work and portals that offer different projects.

Is it possible to make money on the Internet without investments and deception

For many, the opportunity to work on the Internet is especially important.On the pages there are many advertising portals classifieds for jobs online, which offer the opportunity to earn online from 500 rubles a day.Often this network marketing, the implementation of monotonous tasks for a penny or projects that require investments.Many compatriots

faced with fraudsters who for the "safety net" take membership fees, and then disappeared without leaving work without returning the money.

Once hitting the fraudulent scheme, the person loses all hope for the chance to earn online.To avoid falling into this trap, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules, which will help to learn how to earn 500 rubles a day on the Internet without attachments.For those who decided to find a job on the World Wide Web, it is important to compliance with certain rules and action sequences.Search Order of earnings on the Internet:

  • Selection work on the Internet.The first should be familiar with what it is, what are the options of earning on the Internet.To date, relevant proposals to make in various fields:. On copywriting markets, by writing a review of e-mail newsletters and other
  • familiarized with the market offerings, is to decide what is closer to you and look for suitable offers for themselves in this area.The advantage of working online is that the internet can earn even people without education, special skills and abilities.
  • most difficult stage - the choice of the portal, where it is possible to make money or find someone who will provide work.At this stage it is important to filter out unscrupulous offers, you need to do:
  1. thoroughly familiar with all the reviews about the employer or portal.Often there are purchased, advertising posts, therefore, will have to revise a lot of pages to find the views of real people who have tried the method of earnings for yourself.
  2. Clarify how payment will occur, what are the guarantees of the withdrawal of money earned.
  3. If the attachment is meant any amount - is to abandon such an option, 99% is a sure sign of fraud.
  • Create wallet, which will be received earnings.This can be Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Kiwi.
  • Get to work and earn 500 rubles daily on the Internet.

Ways how to earn on the internet 500 rubles a day

Internet provides a lot of opportunities to make money online, at least 500 rubles a day.However, working online, regardless of the opinions and expectations of many people, it requires some effort, patience, and perform certain tasks.A popular option is the earnings on the Internet: copywriting, writing custom review work in social networks, participate in paid surveys.Such work is always distant, perhaps the project (to perform a task) or a constant - the choice depends on the preferences and possibilities of the person.

social networking

profile in social networks have everyone, but not all are aware that these pages have the opportunity to earn a minimum of 500 rubles per day.Popular choices earnings via Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagramm are:

  • Sales.Many people are used to make purchases of goods over the Internet, social networks, which opens up the possibility for others to make money.Find the thing under implementation possible in the shops under a certain percentage, directly from producers or entrepreneurs.
  • Promotion groups.Creating a community filled with interesting and useful information that will help to make a minimum of 500 rubles per day.This option is time-consuming and will begin to generate income immediately, therefore not suitable for the preparation of instant earnings.
  • Advertising brand company.To raise awareness, companies often create group profiles on social networks.This helps to attract new potential customers to do more advertising for products and services.Having been engaged in promotion, it is possible to earn a good reward for their work.
  • Performing simple tasks: to subscribe to the community, share a post, Like, or invite your friends.


common variant of earnings in the Internet is to write unique articles for websites and portals - copywriting.Find the orders for the work may in special markets, where customers leave the topics which need to write texts, rules and conditions of writing, the cost of the job.The advantage of this option is guaranteed the right to receive payment for the work performed in accordance with the instructions.Often freelancers find work without intermediaries, but then the guarantee of remuneration is employer's good faith.

working as a copywriter on the Internet it is possible to obtain a good income.Paying 8 hours a day, to make possible a minimum of 500 rubles.Earnings depend on a copywriter, its print speed and professionalism.As a general rule, it expects to pay for the number of written characters (without spaces), so the more it is written - the higher the income, or may be a fixed amount for the text of a certain size.

Writing reviews

To draw attention to the services or products, many companies are willing to pay for writing reviews.These tasks are put forward specific requirements, under which it is possible to earn 500 rubles a day.In addition, there are specialized portals that collect feedback on different products, goods and are willing to pay not only for their writing, but also for the topicality, views, for example, "Otzovik" sites and «Irecommend».

Participating in paid surveys

Competition in the market of goods and services is too high, so each firm organizes paid surveys online to find out the real attitude of the company, products, improve production(work).Whoever passes polls daily can earn a minimum of 500 rubles.On execution of a job, spent about 20-30 minutes, and the cost depends on the number of questions and topics.

sites where you can find a job from 500 rubles per day

desire to get a good income, makes people look for options for how to make the Internet a minimum of 500 rubles per day.They consider various options and proposals, analyze the task, choosing the best way to make a profit.Especially popular among the sites that offer the opportunity to earn, are:

  • Exchange copywriting: Etxt, Text, Advego.
  • Sites for writing reviews: Irecommend, Otzovik.
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte.
  • sites, where paid perform different tasks: Wmail, Qcomment, Seosprint.


most popular copywriting exchange on the Web is Advego.It requires registration and creation of a personal account, indicating the real data.A wide range of jobs that are updated daily, providing the opportunity to earn a minimum of 500 rubles per day, making simple work.Options for work on the site:

  • sale of finished articles with a high percentage of uniqueness.
  • Writing unique texts in order according to the requirements.
  • Performing simple tasks (invitations, writing reviews, book reviews, etc.).
  • Attraction referrals for which the system pays 25% commission.


Etxt Website specializes in selling items that meet the requirements of literacy, uniqueness.Claimed and writing custom text.Huge selection of those tasks with varying complexity and requirements, you can select the task on their forces.The user can select one complex text and immediately earn 500 rubles, or write some small.Another option is to sell pictures of earnings, to which the main requirement - the lack of them on the Internet on other websites.Big income is not a promise, but a small increase in their earnings can be.


interesting service with which it is possible to earn a minimum of 500 rubles per day.Features of work:

  • To get started, you need to register, create a personal account with an indication of reliable information and numbers wallet to withdraw funds.
  • wide range of tasks: simple tasks, the principle of which is certain clicks on advertisements, banners;Sale of unique author's articles;affiliate program - attracting referrals, you receive a percentage of its activities.
  • The relatively high cost of paying for the tasks.


large number of a wide variety of tasks presented in seosprint site.Here each user finds a problem, which will help to make: there are simple, do not require a lot of time and knowledge, and more complex, but higher-paid.With regular performing all sorts of tasks, attracting referrals and partners, there is a good chance to get a stable additional income, without making a lot of effort doing work at a convenient time.


Great site where there is a wide variety of projects for freelancers.Every day, hundreds of customers leave a new job, including such frequent opportunities to earn:

  • Writing Articles - Writing, rewriting.
  • filling the site - content management.
  • Create templates, banners - designers.
  • Layout, programming sites.
  • Decoding video or record.

advantages of working with a site:

  • wide range of projects, including a freelancer find work to taste.
  • high cost for the correct execution of the task.
  • site work system guarantees payment.

Video: How to Make Money on the Internet from 500 rubles

Earn money possible using the new website - SocialTools.To work need to register on the portal, during which there is a real point links to all sections, and where new jobs will come.All tasks are very simple and do not require special skills and are performed for a few seconds, most of them associated with huskies, repost or subscriptions to groups.To understand in more detail with the functionality of the site and get acquainted with the nuances of work, watch the video: