Like page numbers in Word

People who use a computer for work, study periodically faced with the need to create or edit the electronic text documents.Often there is a need for proper registration, but not knowing how to number the pages in Word, jeopardizes the execution of the work.For these purposes, use different versions of Microsoft Word (as part of the Microsoft office suite Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013).To have provided detailed information describing an important stage for the proper execution of a document - numbering in Word.

As in Word 2007 and 2013 to make pagination

In Word 2007 and 2013 for the text file is automatically created sequentially numbered pages.But if the header and footer sections will be different, the layout will automatically be marked only in the selected or current topics.You can add this feature as a new countdown for the different sections.For its prostanovki, adhering to a certain order in the entire document, this procedure must be repeated for each sub-section separately.

  1. To do this, find the menu "Insert".
  2. Click the "Rooms".
  3. Click "Format".
  4. In the "Start with" enter the value of the first number of the sheet in this section.You can change the format of its writing, if desired.

How to renumber pages in Word 2003

more convenient is the text markup sheets when applied menu "Insert".Use this submenu and "Non".

  1. In the "Non", to open the "Regulations" list, select the header or footer.
  2. drop-down "alignment" list provides the ability to choose the location in relation to the edges of the sheet.
  3. To customize the layout options, click on the "Format" and select the features affixing.

How to numbering in the document without a cover sheet

Ward Title page should not always be marked.This situation arises in the case where the count of the text file must start with the first sheet, as occurs when printing the report or the abstract.

  1. Go to the section header and footer editing.Double-click the mouse on the top or bottom of the field.
  2. put a "tick" for the top item "Special footer for the first ..." under "Settings."
  3. Close the editor of this subsection.
  4. If you format a document of its countdown will start immediately with the second sheet.

On the third page to a text file that does not require continuous numbering starting from the first page, you can use a break.This method is suitable, if there is not only the title page, but also the content of the document or plan.In the Word Options may put headers and footers separately for each of the sections.From the menu, "Working with headers and footers" disable "As in the previous section."

  1. Go to the section "Insert" and choose "Break".
  2. will be automatically move all of the text after the cursor to a new blank page.
  3. for text create additional partitions.

How to put page numbers in the footer

first bit of information that is the same headers and footers.This is a free top or bottom of the page on which the text or the table is located.They can contain information such as the title, author's name, date of creation and numbering.On the field with a footer may accommodate not only text information, but also to add a stamp or logo.

location in each subsequent sheet may be different from the previous one, depending on the need.They are formatted with the only constructor "Using headers and footers" and edited the text look background, located in the margins.Using Word 2010 to get to the menu, "Working with headers and footers", double-click the left mouse button on the lower or upper field.

Under "Using headers and footers" There are separate instructions for the lower and upper positions.Clicking on one of them, you can see a list of ready-made templates, including any preferences.To account for the number of print sheets are frequently used templates from the "Number" submenu where you can select the location of the field with the number, as well as his appearance.


box in Word 2010 page numbered with a special object "Frame".To apply it, you must enter the work footer editing mode, use the "Insert - Express blocks - Field" and choose from the list of fields Page.Define the format, and click "OK".Changing the format via the menu "Insert - Footer - number - format."

What is sequentially numbered

The text file can be automatic numbering: the entire volume of the document or separately for each particular section.Through means that for every page, not including the first, will be added by one more important than it was in the previous one.The countdown is running as Arabic numerals and in Roman (normal or small).Sometimes using uppercase, lowercase letters.

numbering text file can begin with any integer, except negative, is exposed on the top or on the bottom line of the footer.For documents that are supposed to print on both sides of the page, you can set the numbering on the odd and even sides, it is called mirror.If necessary, you can give up the values ​​of checkboxes on the first page of text.Digital or literal count value displayed for the viewing mode of the document "Layout".

How to remove the wrong markup pages

How to remove numbering, if it was not necessary?Removal takes place only when working with headers and footers.It is necessary to remove a number or literal value on the same page of the document to remove the rest.But if you set the parameters of "separation footers odd and even pages", the numbers will be removed individually for each stage.If the document has been divided into sections, for example, the abstract, the numbering is removed separately for each part.

numerical or letter symbols that have been set using the menu "Insert", then "number", it is desirable to remove them together with the frame.To perform this operation - click the number, the display frame of the field appears.Then click at the frame that handles need to press the keyboard «Delete» button to complete the uninstall.

Video: how to number the pages in Word

Faced with the need to show how to number the pages in the document Word, some people who have no experience of such skills, resort to putting the numbers or letters by hand.This is not only uncomfortable for a long time, but also can lead to an error, then the work will have to start all over again.How to make the process easy and automatic, will help you to view the video proposed.

each Word page gets assigned letter or numerical value, regardless of the specified requirements: from the first page, the second or selectively;top or bottom, in the middle or on the side (left, right), portrait or landscape format;with frame in the form of a stamp or a table.The problem is how to number in Word 2013 will be easily feasible, if carried out to understand the actions, as well as with other versions of Microsoft Office programs.

How to insert page numbers in Word 2010

Numbering abstract without content

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