How to restore the conversation in the VC

Modern writing has long lost the hill.Long romantic messages sent out by mail, turned into a short message written in social networks or votsape.However, the correspondence between people has been and remains an important component of social interaction.Contact us, like other social networks, fully preserves the history of the dialogue.What do you do if for some reason the correspondence was lost?How to restore the conversation in the VC, if, for example, page hacked and deleted all your conversations?Or classmate accidentally clicked on the wrong icon on the phone screen.

Can I recover deleted messages in contact

return correspondence from obscurity on the task force only when the page with the dialogue has not yet been updated."Restore" button in place then deleted messages appear.After clicking on it the correspondence immediately take initial shape.It is very important not to restart the page, or VKontakte history is lost forever.It is important care, efficiency and accuracy.Before

removing the correspondence, consider this step.After repair it later, even a few hours it will be impossible.

Often, users are advised to contact the technical support.Authoritatively declare - it does not help!Because how to restore message history is not entitled to technical support.Contact does not yet have a system for verifying and impossible to determine exactly what the true recovery requires a user account, rather than the attacker.No exhortation to them will not work, because before removing the system warns about the irreversibility of the action.

recovery methods correspondence

achieve action from support failed?Do not despair!There are some clever ways to restore personal correspondence to the VC.They are not simple, and no one gives a 100% guarantee of success.Sometimes you need special computer skills, but more often - the patience and time.However, if the correspondence is of real value to you, it's worth it:

  1. remove your correspondence with someone, do not forget that the other side may have a different opinion about yourdialog.Ask to send messages to the other party.If you copied multiple users, then it is better to ask all participants of the conversation to share information.The method is simple, but it depends on the people.Firstly, the other party can remove your dialogue.Secondly, the interviewee has the right to refuse to send the content of the dialogue.
  2. second method is available if the profile settings is checked in front of notifications personal messages via E-mail.If the item is made, then when entering the e-mail, you will see other people's messages, sent to you in the profile.There is a limit on the amount of characters, so part of the message will be lost.
  3. recovery software.The most risky way as to restore the dialogue in the VC using applications threatens viruses.Yes, and service activation applets often paid.It is not necessary to hurry up and throw on the first thing that come across on the Internet.Carefully read reviews, find out how much this programm.Only after that - act.

How to restore dialogue in the VC by extending Vkopt

Multi addition to account VK greatly simplifies the lives of many users.Popularity expansion contributed to the emergence of a large number of fakes, because the application is downloaded only from the official site.If the installation asks for personal information, password, and other suspicious activity - better give up.Otherwise, you will be with a compromised page!

How to restore deleted messages VKontakte via Vkopt?To Install the right inscription [Vkopt] appears under the main menu page.Next, open the message, and in the menu "Actions" choose "Statistics".Exhibiting the necessary parameters and click "Go!".After some time, the expansion collects your dialogue with all users.Choosing the right, click on the date and time on the right side plate.As a result, you will proceed to a dialogue with the user, even if it has been deleted.

Videotutorial: How to recover deleted messages in contact

There are many ways how to restore personal correspondence to the VC.None of them does not guarantee the restoration of the full amount of correspondence.The easiest - is to ask the interlocutor to send dialog.If the user, as you do, delete the message, or refuses to go for an appointment, come to the aid more cunning methods.After watching the video, you will see in practice, recourse to the social network support and data recovery via expansion Vkopt.