Which banks give mortgages without down payment

Many people dream of having their own apartment or a plot of land, but not everyone has the necessary means to make such a major purchase immediately.In this regard, banks offer a variety of mortgage programs with all kinds of favorable conditions, one of which is a mortgage loan with no down payment.Not all financial institutions present this option, but some banks under certain conditions to meet borrowers and to issue loan program without initial investments.

Can I get a mortgage with an initial contribution of 0

answer to the question is simple - to take even necessary, but will have to act carefully calculate all the risks.No bank is interested to miss even the slightest benefit, so the conditions of this type of loan, not involving payment, an order of magnitude less profitable than usual.In addition to higher interest rates, which entails tangible overpayment, the bank can issue a loan and thus to require the borrower to a long list of documents for the mortgage without payment, in addition

significantly increases the risk of losing housing at default.

What can take

  1. most popular target, which can give a mortgage with zero down payment - is an apartment on the secondary market.Taking into account the statistics, about 85% of transactions accounted for mortgage secondary market, ie those apartments, which are already formalized property rights.These homes already have communication, there is a possibility of residence, house register.Interest rates on "the secondary" mortgage range from 12 to 14%.In the selection of the apartments should pay attention to the bank's requirement (is it possible to decrease the contract value).
  2. second most popular loan mortgage loans referred to in the apartments in the new building.Mortgage / loan for the new building - a great way to buy a property a little bit cheaper than in the "secondary housing."However, it should take into account that the interest rate the bank makes a little higher, taking into account the fact that housing is not operated.banks rates vary from 13 to 16%.Here, too, need to know the important thing - if the developer does not have accreditation in the bank, the financial institution can give a waiver on the mortgage.
  3. Mortgages on land or in the building - another major mortgage.Banks are advised to her - it's a good business investment.On the site will build a house, outbuildings, garden, or build over time to sell the land more expensive.Acquiring land, you need to know: is there a site objects to the construction of which is not over whether land is suitable rules, whether there has been surveying the land and whether further construction is possible.
  4. House with land is also an object of the mortgage lending banks.Many people are running away from the bustle of the city, seeking to purchase a vacation home.Several aspects for which banks pay attention: the building must be the foundation of the room and held communication.House for all standards should be suitable for living all year round.The documents must have a certificate of ownership.

How to make bail housing

Buy a mortgage without a down payment on the security of personal property: This scheme assumes that the client can not pay the initial deposit but the amount that the bank can provide a mortgage to be limited to the value of the property(which was laid) on the market.In other words, an apartment without down payment on the mortgage, that would be equivalent to the property you plan to buy.Which bank is better to take a mortgage under a pledge of property?


Documents issued in the bank to get a mortgage, must be such as:

  • application form to receive,
  • original and copy of the passport of the borrower,
  • information on the amount of income from work, all certified by the seals.

term of the loan - 15 years.Minimum Interest Rate - 15.25.Mortgage discount - 30%.Amount of the loan in the maximum amount - 30 million rubles..For information in detail easy to find on the website www.gazprombank.ru or call on the contact line of the head office in Moscow: +7 (495) 913-74-74.Mortgage bail housing in Gazprombank is designed for such purposes:

  1. Purchase of movable (vehicles) and real estate (apartments) - the payment is made on the basis of sale and purchase agreements.
  2. Construction and repair of real estate - in the provision of payment contract.
  3. Payment studying universities under contract for training.
  4. Treatment - credit will be given after the presentation of bank contract for the provision of medical services.

Alfa Bank

Ā«Alfa-Bank" also offers all customers the opportunity to mortgages without initial deposit bail.Interest rates range from 9.2% in dollars and 12.1% in ruble terms for real estate in Moscow, and by 9.4% in dollars and 12.3% in ruble terms in different regions of Russia.The maximum term of the loan - up to 25 years."Alfa-Bank" serves borrowers who have confirmed their income as a certificate of personal income tax, and a certificate in the form of a bank.

business owners will need to submit the data management and accounting.An important advantage is the absence of the requirement of permanent residence credited in the region.This type of loan is made in the "Alfa-Bank" to purchase ready-to-live-in apartment houses / villas and apartments on the "secondary housing."Further information on tel .: +7 (495) 785-57-85 for the capital, free line for the regions - 8 (800) 200-00-35.

Buying a property in a mortgage with the help of the parent capital

Another mortgage, which can provide the bank with no down payment - to use the maternity capital.This program appeared relatively recently and is aimed at attracting younger customers.Maternal Capital (MC) in some banks can be used not only to repay the down payment, but also to repay the interest.To take out a loan under the MC, the family must fit the following criteria:

  1. First of all, it should be available on matkapital certificate, which is done immediately after the birth / adoption of a child.
  2. The family members should not be in the other housing property.
  3. The family should be a high gross income.
  4. Once the mortgage loan purchase flats should be equally divided into shares of all family members.


a procedure such as a mortgage payment without Sberbank will issue in any of its branches.The advantage is the lack of commissions.Valid for such lending programs Mortgage Savings: for finished and under construction housing.Loan term - up to 30 years, the rate - 12.50%, the minimum loan amount - from 300 000 rubles.The rest of the information is easily found on the resource http: // www.sberbank.ru / or by phone 8 (800) 555-55-50.Before calling miscalculated themselves by going to the site along the way: the Savings Bank mortgage calculator.

Terms mortgages:

  1. First of all, the confirmation of a positive financial position.Using bank funds purchased housing necessarily be made in the property and credited his relatives.
  2. Customers who do not receive a salary in a bank account of the Savings Bank, are obliged to provide data on employment co-borrower or guarantor.
  3. Within six months from the time of processing the loan must apply to the pension fund for employees of the application for listing of the tools of family capital in the bank to repay the loan.

Mortgage loan without collateral

Any type of loan is theoretically likely to be obtained without collateral, the mortgage is no exception.Statistics show that this type of loan is very difficult to arrange a bank if the borrower does not indicate as collateral their property.In this case, the banks have a risk of failure to return his credit, losses will be substantial, and many financial institutions are reluctant to provide this service.

in Russia there are financial institutions that are willing to take risks and to provide the possibility of granting a mortgage loan without collateral.The catch lies in the fact that the terms of such lending to a borrower will be very disadvantageous.First of all, banks can increase the percentage of down payment, which can be 65% or more of the price advantages of the entire property.

In terms of unsecured lending bank has the right to increase the rate of interest, which is the difference in contrast to the standard mortgage will be a very significant (15-16 percent).These conditions significantly increase the monthly fees, and the total overpayment could be a real "surprise".As the bank has the right to shorten the mortgage terms to a minimum, up to six months.In Russia there are several banks offering these lending rates.


term of the loan, without collateral and guarantors is given for seven years, as determined on the basis of information about the income of the borrower.An important role in the issue of the size of the loan plays a positive credit history - these cases, the bank can provide half a million rubles loan.For customers who own payroll cards Zapsibcombank, the credit amount can be increased to 700 000 rub.The maximum loan amount depends on the borrower's income.The requirements put forward by the Bank:

  • permanent place of work and registration in the city.
  • Seniority at least six months.

learn more online http: // www.zapsibkombank.ru / or by phone 8 (800) 100-50-05.The site also is a handy calculator mortgage.

Programme mortgage

In some banks, there are mortgage programs with state support.Since the beginning of the crisis such shares became less, but there are programs on solving housing problems for military personnel of the mortgage at the expense of the parent capital and assistance in the improvement of young families.The latter type of state aid is very popular, and the number of families who applied for the improvement of living conditions, with each rising.How to buy an apartment in the mortgage?Find out everything in advance!

One of the programs of social mortgage - banks offer it everywhere -voennaya mortgages, which targeted soldiers.This program is under the control of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and the right to acquire property are participants in the savings and mortgage system in the queue for more than three years.Program benefits are obvious - your monthly payments and the initial payment under the repayment of the amount transferred from the savings account of the nominal soldier, get credit.An important factor - the lack of a binding amount of the loan to the level of military revenues.

For a young family

best way to take out a loan without a down payment is the federal government support program - a mortgage for the young family.Becoming a party to it, the young couple can count on state support - subsidies to be used as a down payment.Apply for the program are the spouses who have not reached 35 years, and after obtaining a certificate have the opportunity to take a mortgage, which implies a down payment, but pay for it will be a state.

Use the opportunity for a personal loan may be a family, standing in a queue, and the age of each member of the family does not exceed 35 years.After the program, participants receive an appropriate certificate, they can choose the mortgage program in the normal way, in which there is an initial payment, but his transfer will be carried out by the state, not the borrower.

the installments from the builder

When citizens refuse to issue mortgage bonds, for example, with a negative credit history, and funds for the first deposit on the loan is not present, there is one alternative method - installments from the builder.It is necessary to distinguish this lucrative offer from the standard mortgage loan, since the scheme of service is different.If the borrower installment refers directly to the developer without the participation of the bank, sometimes carried out interest-free payments.

It should be noted that the installment of all developers options contract is different, choose and discuss the following favorable conditions for themselves and the banks all forms of strictly regulated.In short terms of delivery of the building in the explantation (from six months to one year) sales departments, developers companies offer interest-free installments, and in the case of prolonged benefit the borrower expects the overpayment within 5 to 17% per annum.

Benefits of Leasing:

  • not necessary to prove solvency (guarantee is not required, a minimum set of documents).
  • development company focused on the customer more loyal than the bank.
  • not need additional collateral as home buyers is the key.

Disadvantages installments:

  • Mostly short period of time for which you must pay the apartment.
  • apartment can not be framed as personal property under construction.
  • not always an interest-free.

video about a mortgage with no down payment

What are the necessary conditions and documents at the conclusion of the mortgage contract without a down payment?Should I get involved in a long-term loan slavery and depend on the conditions of the bank?Which banks give the issue the mortgage with no down payment?Which is better - an apartment in the mortgage or a house?What's more profitable - a mortgage, loan or payment by installments?Use the tips of experts on how not to spend money for a down payment and get in the form of answers to questions:

Reviews those who took

Igor, 29 years : My wife and I have long dreamed aboutpersonal home, but save up for a new apartment to buy it immediately, not really.We thought, what better mortgage, real people worshiped, because then they did not know how to arrange a mortgage.After the birth of a daughter, we took advantage of a special program - the first installment paid maternity capital and due to the Savings Bank, already have a live one-room apartment.Monthly interest payments are acceptable for our family.

Elena Petrovna, 46 years : After a long wandering through removable homes we all speculated - how to buy an apartment, take out a mortgage or loan?We learned that in the nearby area are built new residential buildings, appealed to the employees of sales and issued credit.My husband and I have a goal to implement a long-held dream - to buy a two-bedroom apartment.We are confident in our future!