How to unlock the phone

Using a mobile phone has long been an integral part of people's lives.Digital technologies help to cope with the flow of the working cases, and some users can not imagine a day without news feeds, photos, friends, monitoring other applications.Whichever device you may be - modern smartphone or push option, but while using unforeseen problems - the child lock the phone, a relative, friend or you.What to do then?How to unlock a phone?

How to unlock phone screen after entering the wrong password

At the time of the appearance of your mobile device, you start to accumulate personal information in the form of photos, videos, contacts, correspondences.It is desirable to protect themselves by connecting lock the phone or sim-card.In the case of blocking the second option, you have two choices:

  • first - to find a package of documents to enter the PUK-code is on the device.If this is lost, it is necessary to call the operator Megafon, MTS, or the other, work phone, enter the direct dialogue.In conversatio
    n you can find out about the latest outgoing calls to specific numbers, incoming or frequently used contacts.
  • Another way to unlock - more simple.You will be prompted to dictate imei - a number that is an identifier of the mobile device operator.After checking the data, they'll tell you PUK-code is.Enter a new PIN - and use it on the device.

There are issues relating to the digital code or pattern: you enter it by accident or the next day not remember - and the use of a smartphone would be impossible.How to unlock your phone?You will need to update the firmware by dropping the exposed data.Many manufacturers have foreseen such a problem, so read the brief instructions on how to unlock the phone depending on the model.Members Huawei phones and models of other brands of vehicles on the Android OS may try the following methods unlock.


With Samsung Galaxy phone lock is released in several ways.One of them - the parameters reset and back to factory settings.To unlock the phone, you must turn off the device, hold the key "On. / Off.", Wait for the black screen with simple commands (similar to the PC screen when you reinstall the system).Further, by increasing or decreasing the volume keys you select wipe data / factory reset, Yes - delete all user data (data deletion), Reboot System (restart).Wait for a while, turn on the mobile phone.

If you do not leave the device to unlock the Galaxy the previous method, it will download the utility Samsung @ home 9.41.Nuance - you need to find on the Internet without a proven source of viruses.Look at the official sites or subsidiaries that are guaranteed to help.By installing the correct version, then you will save yourself from problems.This is a simple unlocking even for beginners, using smartphones.If this option does not suit you, please contact the service center for repair of Samsung phones.


To unlock your phone Nokia, you will need a PC with access to the Internet (or any replacement device - laptop, tablet).You will need another USB cable, installed utility Nokia PC Suite from the disk that came bundled with a mobile device, or downloaded from the official site (nokia. Ru).Connect your phone to your PC, run the program, open NokiaUnlockerTool, ask for the code - ready!If this method does not work, consult your nearest service center for service.


This manufacturer has taken care of the privacy of its customers, and in the case of the abduction of the phone, robbers hardly be able to unlock it.If you have a mobile device from LG, you will need to contact the company or the service is to the department, which is responsible for the warranty of your device.After the presentation of the documents, you will be given a one-time code that will unlock the phone.


Forgot your password or if you unlock, unlock HTC without data loss is real.Enter the requested field combinations that are similar to your code.After 5 attempts, the phone will prompt you to sign in to your Gmail account, where you will need a login and password.If you and your account vaguely remember, download the utility on the computer - Htc Sync.When you connect the mobile device to the PC, click "information about the device," there will be specified your login to your account.

cunning method for unlocking the phone - it is a call to you from the outside.You'll roll call "home" button should remove the use of the settings key or password.If successful attempt to continue to use your indispensable assistant.If this option is not approached, the last thing that will save and unlock - Reset the data loss.Hold the Volume Down key and "on", press the "clear memory" again on the "inc.".The message that comes up about resetting the settings, you need to confirm.Press the volume up.


Another device on Android, which is really unlock by entering the Google account.After several attempts to provide you the fields "username" and "password", where you enter your data, and then the new phone code.If the device was not connected to your account (for example - have only recently purchased goods) and the password you have forgotten, it is necessary to unlock Reset settings to revert to factory settings.

necessary to hold both buttons - volume and on.A pop-up window, locate the reset, wipe, set defaults or wipe data / factory reset.Move the cursor takes place by pressing the volume keys, the choice of using the "Options" (touch button).At the opening of new lines, get the yes - delete all user data, confirm.Next, press the Reboot System - and the phone is ready for use again.All data stored on the memory card.

Alcatel one touch

there are 2 solutions for users of phones from Alcatel producer to unlock:

  • first - turn to a paid online company that provides codes forto solve this problem.You will have to pay a small fee - and then the phone will work again.
  • second - Hardware Data reset and return to the factory settings.

To get to the system menu of the smartphone, you must turn off the device, hold down the button "incl. / Off." And "volume up".Wait for the man Android.Use the volume buttons to scroll to Wipe data / factory reset, activate.In the next group menu, choose yes - delete all user data, confirm.Next, activate Reboot System line and wait for some time.When the phone is unlocked.


If you do not want to lose data from your phone, and on an error code has been entered multiple times, then unlock and restore the device is real, but it will not be easy for beginners.To do this, you need to download Internet, rename to and send it to the memory card via USB-port.Download AdbRun program, you enter the series 4-3.The phone is in Recovery menu, which is controlled by the volume buttons, the choice of using the power button.

Find the item Install Zip from SD-card, select in advance the downloaded, then the phone starts sewn.Once the action is completed, reboot the device.Before you will be a screen where you will enter the code or pattern.Fill in any numbers, or a combination - and a phone with Android OS released from the lock.Successful use!

How to unlock your smartphone or tablet, if forgotten unlock

If you are against the deletion of data, because it saved contacts, personal photos and videos, intimate or romantic correspondence, you should not give up right away.There are some clever ways, about which little mention in the official sources and websites, offering a quick away with unnecessary information.Several ways to unlock your phone or tablet, if you forget your unlock:

  1. Previously, the Android operating system allows you to call on your smartphone to another number.During the call, easy to go to the settings to disable any encoding, both graphically and digitally.
  2. smartphone or tablet has a limited number of times the incorrect key.Use them all - and after 30 seconds the device will prompt you to sign in to Google account.If you do not remember your username and password, then restore the data using a PC and the phone, enter new ones.
  3. Long way to unlock but worth a try.Wait for your smartphone or tablet display the reminder that the battery sits.It is necessary to open the battery status, and then get to the settings, the confidentiality of the subgroup, select Reset settings.
  4. Saddest - a full reset or smartphone firmware.

Video instruction unlock the phone

Phone locked the Russian Interior Ministry - the removal of the virus extortionist

accessing third-party sites, you do not specifically set the third-party applications that will be viruses.This message pops up after instal on the phone screen, and does not disappear.Even after switching off, reinstall the battery, it remains in the memory.Forward money swindler do not need!How to uninstall the application?Firstly, you need to go through a secure mode.To do this, open the book on your phone manual to find out which keys are clamped when switched on.Each model is different combinations, so consider this point.

Going into the phone in a safe mode, you need to copy all the data to backup and transfer to removable media.If you have configured separately accounted for memory card and internal, carry it all on a flash drive.When you reset the time you will not lose the information you need.If you are unsure, it is best to play it safe and pass the information on your PC.

Next, go into recovery mode - Recovery.For more information, look on the internet Hard Reset your phone.Is controlled using the volume button and selection button "on / off.." We find the wipe data / factory reset, hereinafter Yes - delete all user data, Reboot System - and the phone will no longer be a viral application.If you - the more experienced smartphone user, make backups, you do not need to delete all the data.You must select only the Backup and Restore, Advanced restore, restore data (the virus is stored in the system folder).Done!

Video unlock the phone on android