Where and how to issue a passport

you decide to spend your vacation abroad?You are happy and looking forward to the onset of a trip, to start an exciting journey abroad and enjoy the beauty of the Overseas?To cross the border of Russia, you need to be a passport.Where it is necessary to make out?How much time and money will it take to get this document?

Where can issue a passport

Happy holders of foreign passports do not know firsthand that for its registration in the state structures necessary to spend a lot of effort.How and where to order production of the document, how quickly it will be done?Check the passport of Russian citizens are at the place of residence or stay.In the first case, the production of a 1-month, and in the second - 4 months after the filing of the application.And for 1 week in a passport can enter your minor child.

When possible urgent formulation of foreign passport?His obligation to draw on the law of the Russian Federation 3 working days, if the trip to another country is necessary because o

f urgent emergency treatment or death of a relative.But it is the passport office the applicant must submit written or other evidence that confirm the urgency of the situation.And if a person travels abroad, which is engaged in the business has access to classified information, state secrets, then his clearance may take 3 months.Russian citizens can get a passport:

  • FMS bodies;
  • the Russian Foreign Ministry or offices;
  • diplomatic missions of Russia abroad.

Regional Branch of the Federal Migration Service

For its design, the RF citizens may apply to the department of the Federal Migration Service at the place of permanent or temporary residence.A person must personally apply for the production of passports.Businesses can not provide services for registration of passports in the FMS, because it is illegal, but they are entitled to help fill out the application.In offices UMVS often long waiting lists, so you need to come early.The easiest way to apply for the formulation of foreign passports in the beginning of January or the autumn.

Via the Internet on the Portal of state services

conveniently apply for the production of the passport to the Migration Service of RF Online to use this website Common portal of public services.In order to issue a passport through the Internet, you must create an account on this resource.For this need to enter the inn, pension certificate number.After confirming your registration, in your account you need to fill out an online application and upload a photo.

When FMS your application will be considered, you e-mail a notice of the date and time appear in the passport office.If you arrange the old type of document, appearing at a specified time, you will get it right.And if you make a biometric, then you will have a designated date to bring the necessary papers and photographed in the FMS employee, and then once again to visit the state structure and pick up the finished document.

Types of passports and features of their design

In Russian citizens issued the passport the old and new sample.They differ in that the biometric document is equipped with an electronic chip, which is located on the first page of the plastic has more pages and reliable protection against counterfeiting.The rest of the 2 species are equal, so the citizen to your preference choose the type of document, which will arrange for overseas trips.

old-style passport validity period of 5 years

Many Russians prefer to arrange for travel abroad sample of old passport.It is beneficial to do when an urgent need to go abroad.If you are at work or other matters are constantly going abroad, then in 5 years it will be completely filled with visa stamps and stamps of customs, so will need to be replaced.In this case, advantageous to do old-fashioned paper.More reasonable to prefer this type, if you have small children, because in the new biometric children does not fit.

new passports in action for 10 years

The new passport is built a small chip-chip.This chip contains information about the owner, which contains personal data, photo, date of issue.Since 2016 chip on the front page will be stored fingerprint image, so that all who wish to obtain a biometric document undergo fingerprinting procedure forefingers.Another paper feed will need to fill out an application for a passport of the new sample.

list of required documents to obtain passports

legislative acts of our country set a clear list of documents required for the manufacture of passports.There are lists of the necessary papers for registration of passports for children (under 14 years), adolescents (14 to 18 years) and adults.To apply for and receive this document shall exclusively own adult.

How to issue a passport to a child 14 years of age?The whole procedure of application in this case is done by parents or persons having the right of custody.Registration is possible even on babies.Teens 14-18 years submit an application along with a parent / guardian.The package of documents for registration of passport:

- to adult persons:

  • declaration (2 copies.);
  • photos (4 pcs.);
  • copy of the passport of the Russian Federation;
  • receipt indicating payment of the state duty;
  • copy of employment record;
  • information form 32 from the recruiting office (for men only);
  • copies of the pages of the pension certificate;
  • passport issued previously.

- adolescents 14-18 years:

  • statement;
  • photos - 4 pcs.
  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy pages of the passport of the Russian Federation;
  • previous original passport;
  • documents confirming the right of a parent / guardian;
  • receipt indicating payment of the duty.

- for children up to 14 years:

  • statement;
  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of the passport of the legal representative;
  • previous original passport;
  • photo baby - 4 pieces, and parent -. 1 pc.

How much is to issue a passport in 2016

Make old-style passport is cheaper than biometric.The size of state fees at registration of the document to different age categories will be different.Its price when ordering a new type of passport for adults and adolescents 14-18 years old persons is 3,500 rubles, and for children up to 14 years -. 1500 rubles.When registering the old type of the document will have to pay citizens after 14 years of 2000 rubles, and children -. 1000 rubles.

Video: how to issue a passport through government services incrementally

you always wanted to go to relax on the exotic island or see the sights of famous cities, but you do not have passports?You do not want to make out, because they had heard about the long lines at the offices of the Federal Migration Service?And you know that it is possible to place an order over the Internet?Online public services, you can easily fill out and submit an application to the Federal Migration Service by e-mail.

Through time, you will receive a response indicating the date of visit of the FMS department to address for registration.And you will be assigned a specific time, and you will pass to the FMS worker queue.But how to fill out an electronic application form on the website of public services?After watching the video, you can do it yourself and quickly.