Jokes and pictures with inscriptions

Funny demotivators become part of our lives online.Students, office workers, housewives enthusiastically considered funny picture with the words, set them on the avatars, share them on social networks.Internet page pestreyut comical photo, and their creative creators constantly create new tricks to the delight of visitors.

selection of new images with gags and inscriptions

Demotivatory are different: funny, philosophical, adults, children, happy, sad.They are united by one thing - fun inscriptions related to the essence of the image.Demotivatory formally aimed at creating a non-working mood in humans, creating the atmosphere of the futility of the effort, the purpose of the humorous pictures - lifting the mood of the Internet visitors.Here is a fresh collection of original images with inscriptions.

About animals

Funny image of our smaller brothers cause tenderness.Viewing images with charming inhabitants of the planet, was captured in bizarre angles, raises the mood of the people.Animals on F

unny pictures like expose human weaknesses, forcing him to make fun of himself.Look below with funny demotivators our smaller brethren, and positive sea will be provided to you for the whole day.

About love

recognition of their feelings - itresponsible for each person.Those who create funny pictures, could not bypass their attention the theme of love.They are placed on a romantic photo poems, confessions, funny expression.The theme of "husband and wife" is illuminated by the creators of the photo-jokes with new faces, showing comical individual family situations.The cool images reveals a world of gender relations.

about politics

Humor affects all areas of our lives.And the political sphere - is no exception.Especially that the domestic and global leaders themselves have taken care of creating fertile ground for jokes on them, and help them media workers.On the other hand, these funny pictures - is a win-win advertising powerful.People laugh, but the popularity of politicians is growing.


school time spent man in the middleeducational institutions - the best years of his life.On this we are reminded parents and teachers from the first class.Those who create funny pictures on the one hand, debunk this myth, and on the other - are convinced that it is true.After all, the school involves a lot of good memories: the first bell, teacher, falling in love, disappointment.

About life

eternal values ​​and philosophical meditations foundreflection in the cool images.The sayings of the great thinkers of the meaning of life is accompanied by funny photos, making people smile, for a new look at the situation.Demotivatory reveal anecdotal and sometimes absurdity of the usual for us the events.Baby fell asleep in the highchair, the guy carries a heavy box, dog dancing waltz - these and other scenarios are played from different angles creators of funny pictures.

About girls

How beautiful and charming, butjust as unpredictable and beautiful half of humanity.How much has been said in the words of confession of love girls, and how many times had ridiculed female logic.demotivators creators constantly make fun of blondes, brunettes, thin persons, donuts.The theme of the girls for a truly inexhaustible creative inspiration.Humor accompanies photos of beautiful ladies, showing people their desires confusion.

Funny comics

Stories in pictures combineart and entertaining stories.Since the beginning of the development of computer technology, comics have reached a new stage of development, have become more versatile and accessible to the masses.The themes of funny stories in the pictures are not only a fantastic super-heroes, but ordinary people, politicians, inanimate objects.

Masha and the Bear

cult Russian cartoon withgood character has won the hearts of millions of viewers.Naughty Bear Masha and the patient became heroes funny pictures.Volatile phrases cartoon firmly entered into the everyday life of people.The wall in the social network, decorated with a picture of Masha, nobody will be surprised.The world of the Internet has caught cheerful characters of the animated series.

For children about Winx

creators of fun demotivators caredthat our kids to have something to entertain yourself on the internet.To do this, they create funny images with popular heroes of the American cartoon series about fairies school.Girls fairies led by Bloom became a cult figure for children and adolescents.These bizarre pictures with cartoon characters adorn the social pages of not only children but also adults.


Japanese cartoon characters, has an original appearance, remain popular for decades worldwide.Anime, unlike traditional films for children, designed for teenagers and adults.Therefore, many images made in this style, characterized unfettered.demoativatorov creators are happy to take advantage of this feature of the anime, complementing the image sharp statements.

Jokes about work in pictures

labor process - endless source of inspiration for those who create demotivators.A separate niche in the galaxy of jokes takes wait staff Friday.End of the working week, the anticipation of the weekend - a popular theme amusing pictures.Their very name says that their goal - to demotivate people distract them from work, give a good mood.

Funny photo fun with inscriptions 2016

themedemotivators are: fishing, friendship, cats, absurd announcement.Funny Pictures accompanies good humor, sarcastic jokes, text or sparkling philosophical aphorisms.In the coming 2016 to replace Demotivatory come video collection.Undisputed popular continue to enjoy the hot issues of concern to all people without exception: money, politics and love.