Ways to increase notebook performance

Buying a new laptop - a serious and responsible step that requires the presence of a considerable amount of money.Modern users are in no hurry with this.The first thing they think about how to increase the productivity of existing laptop.Well, that's possible.There are ways to increase the operating parameters of the laptop.Optimizing the operating system and spending a little money on a new "iron", you can expand the capabilities of the portable computer.Read more about this in the continuation of the article.

Ways to improve performance on a laptop

Known methods for increasing the working parameters of the notebook can be divided into two different categories: hardware and software.The first group includes methods optional settings or overall optimization provided by the operating system.The second category includes options for replacing individual blocks to directly increase the technical capabilities of a notebook.

use of programs to accelerate the work

If you have decided to

accelerate the work of the laptop, the first thing you should pay attention to the ways that do not affect the laptop components.So, let's look at them:

  • Cleaning automatic downloads.Have you noticed that some programs at startup run independently.This is no coincidence.The operating system has a list of startup, which highlights the programs that start at Windows startup.It happens that this list gets something extra.Disabling extra features will help improve laptop performance.To do this, press the hot key combination «Windows + R», and mount command "" in the window that appears.The system will show a window "System Configuration".In it you need to select the tab "Startup".By doing this, you will see a list of programs that load at system start-up the laptop.Remove the check boxes with the items that are optional.These are programs that you use infrequently.Then click "Apply" and then "OK".You are prompted to reboot the notebook for the changes to take effect, but you can postpone it.
  • Defragment your hard drive.In the process of using a laptop system stores all the information on the internal HDD.Data is written sequentially, filling all the clusters (so-called memory cells in the hard disk) at a time.When a user deletes or moves files, gaps remain.Over time, the system fills them with other data, and it turns out a mess, because that slows down the process of information exchange with the laptop hard drive.The easiest way to defragment - open the "Start" menu, go to the section "All Programs", open the folder "Accessories", then "System Tools" and choose from the list of "Disk Defragmenter" option.By clicking on it, you will see a window in which the desired partition and confirm the action you want to select.
  • Change plan settings.Find the "Start" menu, control panel, run it, and then click "Power Options."Opening it, you'll see that the default mode the system offers a "balanced".To a laptop was faster, set the box next to "High Performance" (Be prepared for the fact that the battery consumption will increase significantly).Also it is necessary to go to the settings and power plan put option at its discretion.They were there very, very much, so be careful.When you have finished, click "Apply".After rebooting the laptop, you will notice an increase in system performance.

Upgrade Laptop by acceleration or replacement parts

If the recommendations on how to increase the performance of the laptop program, will not give the desired result, it is necessary to upgrade "iron".There will require financial costs, but, but this option - a win-win.In the following sections of this article describes in detail how to strengthen an old laptop, replacing some working units.Take note of these recommendations and will be able to raise system performance.

Increasing the amount of RAM

first thing that comes to mind - is an extension of RAM.Before doing this, check the index of performance of your laptop.To do this, go to the system control panel and select the "Performance Information and Tools."Run the system test ( "Repeat assessment" button located below).Pay attention to the indicator "Memory (RAM)».If it is below 4.5 - then you need to install a more powerful board RAM or add to an existing one more with the same parameters.You can perform this task yourself, or contact a service center.

replacement HDD to the SSD drive

SSD Solid state hard drives offer high performance and speed write / read data, so they are often used for Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you feel the needin this improvement, it is necessary to buy a new SSD drive and install it.Before you do this, test your HDD using the built-in program "Performance Information and Tools."After installation, perform a second test and will notice a tangible difference.Special efficiency this method of memory enhancement demonstrates on Lenovo notebooks, Samsung (Samsung), Acer and Asus.

Replacing processor

If you ask a specialist about how to upgrade a laptop for gaming, you can recommend to change the old to the new processor, with greater productivity.If you have the relevant experience you will be able to cope with this problem on their own, at home.First, find out which processor will be compatible with your laptop.In such cases, it is recommended to choose the model that are used in high trim the same series.

Installing cooling

Typically, hardware malfunctions occur due to too high a temperature of the CPU.Good cooling system - a good accelerator for laptop.Do not be difficult to put it in order for the user, even without experience.If you have no idea on how to improve the cooling of the notebook, remember the basics: to prevent overheating of internal functional blocks should be kept cooler and thermal grease in the normal state.Remove the bottom of the lid and you'll see all the flaws in their own eyes.In the worst case, will have to replace the cooler and thermal paste on the CPU update.

How to overclock the processor on a laptop

If available processor speed is not enough - it's time to think about how to overclock a laptop for gaming.Anyone can do this, but you have to be careful, because it is a complex operation electronics outside the recommended norms.If you have no doubts about the quality of the processor, try to disperse it at your own risk.Below is a general guide that allows you to do this:

  • restart your laptop and enter the BIOS;
  • tab «Advanced» (depending on the version of BIOS name can vary);
  • scroll to «CPU Speed» and increase its value up to 10-15% (especially dealing with the interface are always described in the sidebar on the right);
  • save the changes and restart the computer.

If the issue is of concern in addition to the clock speed of the processor you on how to increase the performance of graphics cards, see «Advanced», locate the appropriate item and increase the value of the default 10-15%, but not more.Nowadays, the Internet is full of articles about different ways to overclock, but you must remember that any increase in productivity through the system BIOS associated with the risk of damage to the hardware.If you do not have the relevant experience of harm's way find out how to change the graphics card on a laptop and do it.

Video: how to increase the performance of the laptop for games

presented below clip will demonstrate the process of safely increasing the performance of the laptop using standard programs built into the system.The video contains images that explain the key points the user to this challenge.Listen carefully to the advice and strictly follow the instructions to avoid unfortunate mistakes and get the desired result.