How to locate a person by phone number

Constantly there are situations when you need to quickly and accurately locate the person.In everyday life, people are worried about their loved ones, the elderly, children.And in business you need to organize and supervise the work of employees.Previously, such a prerogative enjoyed only the FSB, police, police.Determine the location of a person by phone number you can in several ways, which will be mentioned below.

Can the mobile phone number to find the location of the person

Locate a person by mobile phone number you can.Modern mobile operators began to offer special services geolocation for this purpose.Such systems allow the user to determine the coordinates to within a few tens of meters.This is a convenient alternative satellite positioning systems, however, geolocation via mobile phone functions only in the field of mobile network services.Human Search is based on determining the position of the phone on an electronic map.

Track person location by phone number, you can always

, as the mobile phone is constantly in communication, regardless of the desires of the owner.It sends the data to the mobile operator towers.Therefore, judging by the reviews, track the location of a person by phone number is not only possible during a call, and standby time.

Quick search through the human cellular operator

development of modern technology has made it possible to determine the location of a person by phone number.Technical innovations are the inclusion of a system of GPS-search on mobile phones, the expansion of opportunities for finding a mobile phone based on the signals from the antennas.human search service - is a collection of information from the telecommunication companies to provide customers with tracking services.

«Mobile Locator" from Beeline

connecting Beeline this service, you will be able to determine your location, your loved ones and friends.To use it, you must send a 5166 number to a blank message or dial 09853. You must obtain the consent of the relatives and friends that you will be getting their coordinates.After that, the service control menu select the option "Find subscriber", enter the room, the location of which you want to define.Then the client receives a request for consent.

«Navigator" MegaFon

This service from mobile operator Megafon helps determine the location of a person by phone number.To do this, get pre-approval from a person whose location you want to know.Connect service "Navigator" you can on the website of the operator or with the command * 566 #.In return you will receive an SMS with instructions.The cost you learn online or in the operator's cabin.

«Geosearch" from Tele2

«Geosearch" from mobile operator Tele2 in Russia - is a service that determines the location of a person by phone number.It is activated by USSD request * 119 * 01 #.To connect the monitor typed command * 119 * 1 # * 7hhhhhhhhhh.For information about the location of the phone you must send a request to * 119 * 2 # * 7hhhhhhhhhh.Remember that the service is paid and does not work in all regions.In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other big cities is easiest to find the man.

«Locator» MTS

To use the service from MTS "Locator" to locate a person by phone number, send an SMS to 6677, which indicates the phone,the caller's name.If a person gives his consent to the determination of coordinates, you get a message about his finding.So will the service connection.To give it up and send it to number 6677 with the text message OFF.

Other ways to locate a person by phone number

One of the options for tracking the location of a person is to install phone spy software.These applications you can download or purchase on the Internet.They do not appear in the system processes gadgets, perfectly camouflaged, while collecting information about the subscriber's location and transferring them to your PC, tablet, phone or other device outsider.

Mobile applications are convenient because they do not need to carry an additional device, because the phone is always close to the man.If employees are already using office phones or tablets, you just have to upload the file to install the program.Some versions have an additional business opportunities: assignment of tasks, notes on the performance of the assignment.However, when you turn on continuous monitoring, the battery will run out quickly, so the best use of the interval.

stands Sygis Family Among the most common legal Russian language programs.Using it to track the location of friends, acquaintances, family members in real time.In addition, the program reports the battery charge level in the smartphone monitored person.The app is suitable for Android, iOS.The information is obtained by pressing the SOS button, and then loads the data on the whereabouts of a relative or friend.There are built-in messaging between family members.

Android Device Manager - tracks the location of tablets and smartphones, is able to remotely block them.Having access to your account at Google, the trustee may, on the map to see where you are.To do this, you need a computer with an Internet connection.The map shows the terrain, time of receipt of information, the address in which the radius of the object.The app is downloaded for free.

Find my iPhone - locates all your iOS devices, show location on the map, provides a route that you can find them.The app gives information about the level of charge iPhone, which you are looking.To access the data required close account password in iCloud.There are other applications and programs, such as GSM Direction Finder, sms spy Talklog, Hellospy, Maxxspy tracking through vayber (Viber), VK Scaner contact (social network VKontakte), programs for Odnoklassniki.

Another option - use special phone with a GPS-beacon function and personal GPS-trackers.They carry out surveillance of a person in connection with which all possibilities are optimally designed.Devices practical, small, working a long time on battery power, quickly and accurately determine the position, can be flexibly configured to have more options for kids control personnel, the elderly, depending on the model.

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human location search by phone number, some may find incorrect measure that violates the privacy of your personal life.However, there are reasons when such an act is justified: it facilitates the work of the emergency services, if the subscriber is under stress is not able to clearly express their thoughts, talk about the place of residence, you can find out where your elderly relative, a child, without disturbing them, locationemployees and their compliance with this specification.If you want to learn how to use this service, see the video.

How do I know where the man is without his consent

Determine the location of the subscriber via the Internet