What documents are required for passport

Soon the New Year and many Russians as migratory birds, draw in warmer climes to escape the snow and cold weather.Beautiful place where to go on vacation a lot, but to implement them need one document, registration of which as many nerves spoils.What documents are needed for the passport - it is a question faced by anyone who began to collect a set of securities for compliance with certain formalities.With the introduction of biometric passports life has improved markedly, but you need to take on the employees of the Federal Migration Service zagrannik?

formulation of foreign passports in 2015

introduced new rules for obtaining a passport from January 22 this year, designed to make it much easier design.The time for which will be able to get a passport, has not changed and never lost the need to pay a fee.Has evolved primarily a list of documents.The questionnaire will no longer need to verify employment.Information on the length of service at the same time is still indicated.There is no need to b

ring labor.Men of military age do not need to bring a certificate from the military commissariat.

In 2015, the Russians still can choose to receive their passport the old model, or "bio" to the chip.The individual regions of the country have already begun to test the procedure to issue passports with fingerprint contained in these data.The fee, which is to be paid to the person who wants to get a passport, has been increased.For a passport with a chip adult citizen of Russia must pay 3500, and teenager - 1500 rubles.

old sample for 5 years

Zagrannik previous generation of paper, without electronic filling and shall be valid for only five years.on the first page, it contains an area that is read machine.It contains the same information about the person as the biometric passport.In the old passport photo placed ordinary, not biometric, it has 36 pages.Given the choice, it should be remembered that the passports of the new sample has features such as an action period of 10 years and numerous usability.

over old passport will have to pay the fee - 2000 adult and 1000 r.teenager.In contrast to the forms of biometric passports, which are produced in the printing house "Goznak" forms for passports for 5 years produced in FMS offices, which is why the document production time is reduced.old-style passport will be ready in a month.If the documents were provided on a non-permanent registration - will produce over 4 months.

new model for 10 years

Since March 2010, there were biometric passports with a chip with the recorded information.This passport is valid for 10 years, contains 46 pages and has a more modern anti-counterfeiting.The microchip, which placed information about the citizen, is on the plastic cover page.At the same it is applied to the laser picture and signature of the holder.From this year in biometric passports have another option - the scanned fingerprint two index fingers.

advantage of new passports is its rate of processing and a high degree of protection.The principle of reading information similar to those used in some banking cards.Chip is a non-contact, which has its own antenna chip.There is a myth that entry is prohibited in a number of countries with the previous generation of foreign passports, but while this limitation has not been documented.

How to make zagrannik

apply for a passport is possible in many ways: to go to the Federal Migration Service, appointments to carry out on-line (the document will be ready in 20-30 days), contact the Multifunctional Centre (MFC) orarrange over the internet using the Unified portal of public and municipal services.Addresses and contact the main office of the organization in the subsections below.If you need an extension zagrannika, the procedure is not a quick, over the same period is possible to issue a new passport.



contact details

Ul.B. Ordynka. 16/4, p. 4.

8 (499) 230-72-64 (fax)

fz77 @ fms.gov.ru

St. Petersburg, per.Krylov, 5.

8 (812) 312-31-87

78. fms.gov.ru /

Kazan, st.Mikhail Mil, 63a.

8 (843) 294-56-91

ufms.tatarstan.ru /

Nizhny Novgorod, ul.Mining, 3.

8 (831) 465-69-81

52. fms.gov.ru /

Novosibirsk, ul.Nikitin, 70.

8 (383) 232-60-45

54. fms.gov.ru



contact details

Moscow, Voznesensky Per., 22.

8 (495) 587-88-88

St. Petersburg, ul.Red textile workers, 10-12 litas.

8 (812) 576-07-95

Kazan, st.Vladimir Kulagin, 1.

8 (843) 533-10-28

Nizhny Novgorod, ul.Slavic, 25.

8 (831) 422-37-30

Novosibirsk, ul.Labor Area, 1.

8 (383) 353-16-02

Through the Internet portal of state services

Applying for a passport may apply online using the internet, this will help portal of public services.Visit gosuslugi site.ru, register, create a personal account.Registration requires you to enter your name, surname and patronymic, SNILS number, VAT number, mailing address, phone number and e-mail - to communicate.These are tested and register only possible if their validity.

After successful registration, you will be a registered letter with an activation code.Personal account will track the stage of execution of a document.During the allotted time it will be asked to come in and get a passport.Original papers submitted to obtain a passport, it is necessary to have with you as proof of payment of state duty.If you want a five-year passport, you will need to provide photos.In the case of a passport with a chip, you need to visit the institution twice.The first time you photographed, and only then you will come to receive the document.

What documents are required for filing

This year, the Russians have the opportunity to get old, and a biometric passport.The difference between the documents to zagrannika chip and without that will fill the different profiles, to pay an unequal amount of the fee, and the approach to the picture is different - for passports obsolete bring photos should be with him, and not to do them in the passport office.Below we will look at what documents you need for passports.

Single contradict

passport registration:

  1. Application for Passport (two copies).
  2. Receipt (to pay the legal costs of public services through the portal, pre-printing, or a bank).
  3. Original passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.They may need a copy of the first turn and the page on which the specified place of residence.
  4. Photography.They should have a size of 35x45 cm, but not all of them require the FMS units.A special picture will be taken at the office premises for her biometric data.
  5. former passport is required for cancellation.


children travel to foreign countries must have their own passport, because biometric parents do not have the possibility to inscribe the native children.Get the document, they will be able at any age.The migration department of the Federal Migration Service children are required to attend, as will have to make a digital photo.Fingerprints have kids do not take 12 years.For children who have not attained the age of 14, zagrannik was issued two weeks.

What documents are needed for the child's passport:

  • apply for a passport;
  • original passport of the parent, fill out an application, a copy;
  • birth certificate;
  • adolescents (14-18 years) provide an original and a copy of a Russian passport;
  • two photos (requirement - 3,5x4,5 cm);
  • receipt (proof of payment fees, which amount to 1,000 rubles (for children up to fourteen years) to the old passport and 1500 for a document with a chip to obtain the previous generation passports teenagers have to pay 2,000 rubles, the cost of passports "bio." - 3500 rubles
  • .

newborn and up to 14 years

passport of the child up to a year, too, needs to get in Russia or leave it. newborn receive child passport much easier than an adult, he was notit is necessary to pass numerous tests. The passport for the child is issued a couple of weeks and deliver the documents is possible with the time, as soon as the parents got a birth certificate. to place zagrannik on child hand over the necessary documents to the FMS (which is registered child or temporarily resides).

what documents do you need for the passport of the child?

  • original parents passports (or copies thereof);
  • birth certificate with a stamp on the back, which confirms the citizenship.
  • for registration of the old type of passport takes two pictures (3,5x4,5 cm oval).
  • on a new sample should be 1 passport photo 3,5x4,5.

necessary to have an application for a passport for a newborn and confirmation of the paid state fee (price of 1000 or 1500 r.).The baby is growing rapidly, it looks at this change, so a passport for the child periodically rework, it is necessary to paste a new photo.Perhaps inscribing crumbs to the parent passport, but this is not an option for biometric document.

What is needed for the passport older children (under fourteen years):

  • one profile (its fill handle, or on the computer, but do not make corrections);
  • birth certificate;
  • internal passport of his father or the mother or guardian;
  • receipt (tax payment guarantee);
  • old passport for cancellation of it before issuing a new one.

Up to 18 years

To a teenager could get a new passport, he must provide the documents:

  • passport or birth certificate;
  • document identifying the legal representative of the applicant;
  • document according to which the legal representative has the relevant rights;
  • document from the body of guardianship (in certain cases), confirming the appointment of a guardian;
  • statement;
  • old zagrannik.

If you change the names

How to make a passport, if you change civil status (marriage and divorce)?Implement procedures similar to those at registration.It is only optional to provide a copy of the certificate of change of marital status.In addition, in the first paragraph of the questionnaire indicated the previous data, location and number of the names change, the ninth paragraph mark "used instead of" in paragraphs 15 and 16, you must enter the information on the passport on the name you previously owned.

Remember that the first or last name changed on request can be aged at least eighteen years of age.Before that age, such changes are made, if the parents give their consent or the responsible person (guardian).When exchanging zagrannika it will be ready in thirty days (if the place where a citizen is registered) and four months (at the time of registration).

to replace the old passport upon expiry

To obtain a visa, many countries have put a condition - a passport to act three to six months after the end of the tour.This item is forcing to change the passport before the deadline expires.What documents are needed for the replacement of the passport?The process is similar to actions taken for putting the securities on the "bio" passport.You are visiting FMS and provide employees the necessary documents.


What documents are needed for the passport pensioner?The list is not much different to the standard list is added the presence of pension books.Provided for checking an elderly person's place of residence, criminal record or lawsuits, access to public documents that are classified.If a person retired less than 10 years, it is necessary to report on the work - indicating the position, organization and address.


What documents are needed for the passport man from 18 to 27 years?Apart from the main list, it is necessary to provide military ID.Mandatory presence of a mark, a certificate of the army (on call) or alternative service, or the mark of a full or limited unfit to serve.There is no need to bring a certificate from the military commissariat, the Federal Migration Service employees make a request to their sources.


for servicemen must be corresponding to the desired form of permission from the commander.For passports it is necessary to provide additional information, depending on whether it is making the application transferred to the reserve or the actual military.From this may depend on the terms of registration.If a citizen is a war in the reserve and he was not admitted to the classified material, a passport will be held according to the standard procedure.


Universities Students have the opportunity to get zagrannik where he is studying.The set of documents supplied to the FMS office, which is located in the area where he lives.What documents are needed for the passport to the student?Copy of the passport of the Russian Federation and the Pre-existing passport, the fee for the payment of public services.Those who are studying full-time students must submit two application forms certified by the dean's office.

will take 4 photos (3,5x4,5 cm oval).Previously, young people (18 to 27 years), university students, had to attach a certificate form 32, but now the passport office yourself request the necessary data in the military commissariat.If a student submits documents in the city, it is not an appropriate residence permit, the passport will be ready period of up to 4 months.

Loss of passport

What documents do you need for passports, if you lost the previous?Restore zagrannik not possible.If you lose it, then you have to write an application for re-registration, re-gather official documents, fill in forms and attach the certificate to the shared folder (by police) about the loss of the old passport.This certificate can pass off as a place of residence if residence or office of the district where the loss occurred.

sample application

a new form of forms From this year (the statement) - to receive zagrannikov chip.About filled in block letters, it should be no corrections.Form for submission of passport for 5 years are not filled in by hand.FMS Division questionnaires always have samples that demonstrate proper form filling.To know how to fill in the correct form, read the examples.

Term of

Passports stay in custody at the offices of the FMS of Russia or a territorial body until the moment when the termtime limit.If your passport does not take time, it will be stored until the end of the period of validity.This applies to both the passports for five years, and "bio".old-style passport will be kept for 5 years, and the new - 10. How do I get a passport?Come and pick up the document, you can on a working day in the department of FMS.