What a gift you can give a friend a birthday

Many girls worry before the day of birth of a friend is no less than to their own birthday.To find the right gift often becomes difficult to achieve, especially if you want to not just express attention, but also to bring the joy of her friend.To make a good choice of a present, you need to know only 3 things: what a girlfriend hobby she loves and prefers a vacation.Gift responsible to its interests, are guaranteed to enjoy the birthday girl.And since the search for the perfect gift takes a lot of time to attend to his acquisition should advance.

Ideas original gifts girlfriend birthday

What a gift to give to a friend's birthday?Every girl - the individuality, so there is no single universal recipe that will please everyone.However, there is a list of rules to follow that, you can choose an unforgettable present for your girlfriend:

  1. To determine the choice of a birthday gift, think about the interests of friends, consider the features of her personality and character.P
  2. can meet the birthday girl hobby.If it is - a creative person, then handed her a set of paints to paint, thread and needles for knitting or potter's wheel.Sports beauty is to present a new racket, ballet shoes or gym bag, and the one who loves photography - a new frame.
  3. Focus on lifestyle girl.If it is a lot of time to work, it will serve as a suitable gift certificate for a trip to the spa or a relaxing massage.
  4. Give stationery or other operational attributes should be only in case if the girlfriend loves his profession.
  5. Consider the age of the birthday girl.For example, a certificate for a parachute jump will hardly like a mature lady, whereas for bold 20-year-old girl this gift will be most remembered.But candy will always be relevant.
  6. If you are still in doubt about the correctness of the choice of a present for his birthday, it is best to just ask a friend that she would like to receive.Then it is likely to remain happy.

Choose a gift for a friend long before her birthday, as a hasty choice, most likely, will not be very successful.To really impress a loved one, and to give him pleasure, should be given a present to find unusual lot of their personal time and effort.Here are some interesting ideas of gifts that you can give to his girlfriend.

Creative cushion with pictures

Why not add a little humor and fun in a present for a friend?Pillow with a picture of her lover or your joint cool photos should please culprit celebration.Such a thing must cheer up the birthday girl and become a stylish accessory to her room.Feel free to arrange collection of collage of her favorite actors or cartoon characters - this gift will please any girl.

T-shirt with a funny inscription

If the birthday girl has a good sense of humor, it has to be a present with the gag.It is not necessary to arrange a crazy joke, t-shirt with a funny inscription or design will be an excellent solution.Print on fabric humorous phrase, funny photo or girlfriend successful installation it with your favorite idol - the birthday girl will love this thing.

plaid with sleeves

Despite the fact that the practical gifts often given to women between the ages, a cozy blanket with sleeves like even young girls.This unusual Present possessor will warm winter evenings, because it is so pleasant to watch TV or read with a cup of tea in his hands.Original, stylish colors will make a present really enjoyable.


How to present a gift to the day of birth girlfriend to surprise her?If you want to make a friend for an unexpected surprise - handed her a birthday gift-impression.You can choose from thousands of options - and to give a friend a parachute jump, a subscription for salsa lessons, a certificate for a chocolate body wrap or a week-long training courses in Thai massage.It is possible to select a coupon, comprising several alternatives in many ways, including the birthday girl herself will be able to choose the most desirable.

Digital Photo Frame

When a conventional electronic picture frames and photo frames have receded into the background.Besides the fact that this type of photo frames would be desirable and fashionable gift, a device for storing huge amount of photos also serve as a stylish interior decoration.By the day of birth of a friend you can choose the model equipped with additional functions -. Mp3 player, clock, supports slide show mode, a calendar, etc. Your picture will always be in front of her eyes.

options affordable and fun gifts

a birthday girlfriend who loves jokes and fun, it is necessary to give some funny, original gift.In the future, this thing will cheer up and call the girl pleasant memories.Classy and inexpensive presents will:

  • Bouquet of sweets, balls or soft toys.
  • Alarm-ubegayka (for those birthday girl who barely lifted themselves out of bed in the morning).
  • Computer keyboard with unusual shapes or colors.
  • portrait, oil, or a funny caricature.
  • or Origami bunch of banknotes.
  • Ordered radio song and congratulations from the top.
  • Home slippers, ugg boots with a funny picture or in the form of animal faces.
  • Coffee or tea set containing drinks, which a friend had not yet tried.
  • Pajamas with cute panda pattern or with its printed photo.
  • magic ball, which gives answers to all questions.
  • Set for carving lessons, through which she can beautifully decorate the festive dishes different stars and flowers carved from fruit or vegetables.
  • Fondue set, which will become a welcome addition to your girls' get-togethers.
  • spinning photo frame in the shape of a cube, which can put your girlfriend shared photos.
  • Sushi Set like lover of Japanese cuisine.
  • Massage cape or massage, which she can use after a hard day.
  • device for cleaning the face does not hurt, even if the skin looks healthy - in the periodic cleaning of the person in need every girl.

What a gift to her best friend with his hands

Creative individuals may be reluctant to the idea of ​​finding the best things in the shops and do for girlfriend homemade gift.You may decide to paint or embroider for her beautiful picture, a napkin, and can bind spokes stylish beret or create a mini-garden in a pot.Present your own hands a birthday best friend will not leave her indifferent.To facilitate the process of creating a present worth to buy special kits or ready-made scheme to help the process of creation.

Those who are experiencing a shortage of money, can for a friend to sew a bag out of old jeans, beautifully decorate the usual purchase a frame or weave colorful bedside rug with multicolored patchwork fabric.Beautiful things are obtained using the decoupage technique: Using this idea, you can turn simple things in unusual and original gifts.And if you do not have skills in needlework, it is worth trying to bake a birthday on the day of a friend or make a delicious cake homemade candy, scented handmade soaps.

Homemade jewelry from beads

If your hobby - this beading, why not make a birthday girlfriend original homemade jewelry?Turn imagination and create for her beautiful earrings, brooch, bracelet or necklace with shiny beads, pins and quality fittings.If your imagination fails, you can look for interesting, unusual weaving schemes on the Internet.

Topiary paper

unusual bright Topiary - easy in execution, but very nice room decoration.Technician creating an artificial tree very much, because you can select one or more options.The easiest way is to consolidate on a Styrofoam ball of paper flowers and coffee beans with glue.Next ball is placed on a stick, which is inserted into a pot filled with plaster to pour.The base is to decorate the artificial greenery or confetti.

Sweet gift of sweets

Candy - sweet bouquet base, which is sure to please any girl.Having a birthday gift, a friend will appreciate not only the external appearance of the bouquet, but also its contents.If you know what the birthday girl loves chocolates, you should buy them in another case - to select the sweetness to your taste.In honor of the holiday is better to buy more expensive candy and not to miscalculate, select different types.A great gift would be the composition of marmalade, caramel and chocolate sweets.


girlfriend's birthday, and I want to choose to cook a special gift (not the candy).Why not give her your good memories together?If friendship for many years and have accumulated a lot of photographs of joint - order the printing or design yourself a small album or postcard with your large-format general photos.Select to collage photos taken during his school years, between students and joint visits.

Poster chocolates

perfect gift for any girl - a poster with chocolates.Its charm lies in the fact that to create such a present is possible with your own hands, and on the creation of wall newspaper with sweet candy gone an hour.Select the store the most delicious sweets, place them on a poster, write to the Free places a lot of warm words and wishes, glue pictures - here and ready to the original, and most importantly delicious a present on the day of a friend's birthday.

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birthday girlfriend share all the secrets, because she always listen and help her to have fun, she understands us better than others.Therefore, when choosing a gift for her birthday should follow some important rules to Present was desirable, useful and desirable unique.The most important thing - it must be presented to sincerely and from the heart, while the birthday girl will be happy with a gift (candy, joint photos), and the girl, which he presented, see the happy smile on the face of a loved one.