How to find iPhone , if it is off

for iPhone users - not just a gadget, but a significant part of his life.Losing a smartphone is capable of, to put it mildly, to enter into a stupor: the person loses not only a phone but also a diary, photos, contacts, travel guides, favorite music.To avoid the collapse of easy!Apple developers did their best, and thanks to geolocation services to find just the loss.But how to find the iPhone, if it is turned off?We will tell you about the magic wand, which allow you to track and come to the aid of the search device in case of theft or loss.

way to find off iPhone

If you lost your phone, call to start it with another number.If this has been done and is likely to no avail, first contact the law enforcement agencies - post declaration of loss gadget.To contact the police, you will need the following documents:

  • regular passport;
  • any documents on the iPhone (Data International Mobile Equipment Identity);
  • cashier's check, which will confirm the purchase of the device.

If you're lucky, an investigator will be keen to find your unit and immediately prompts for mobile operators.If the thief or finder of the phone does not know anything about tracking apps for iPhone (and found that), then you are lucky twice.There are chances to learn what a SIM card inserted into the phone after his disappearance, or in any particular location the call was made with the help of your "apple a friend."This information helps you find the device.

not hope that the valiant police immediately rush to search for your pet?Correctly.After a hike to the law enforcement agencies (or even better - in parallel) proceed to the tracing of the smartphone on their own.We'll show you how to find your iPhone if it is turned off.As long as professional detectives to reach the hands of your application, you may find yourself cope with the problem and find out where the road unit.

A service iCloud

Find turned off phone will iCloud (ayklaud).This option - formally the cloud of Apple, which allows the user online access files from any device that stores backups of your data "apple product" and helps the owner find a lost device.At the same time, remember to look where there is at this time a gadget, you need to specifically connect the appropriate option.

phone is lost near the computer with which you are looking for a gadget?You will hear a loud sound."Siren" is audible even when the iPhone is set to silent function.There are suspicions that the gadget is not lost at home?Protect all of the recorded information on it will turn out even remotely: set a password - and your phone no one unlocks.It is better to remove all data.After the machine there, they are easily restored from backup.

Do not forget the wonderful function "loss mode", which is also activated in the iCloud.When it is turned on the locked screen gadget displays your message to the specified phone number - finder of the device will be able to chat with him to call you back, despite the fact that it is locked.In addition, the iPhone, is in loss mode is allowed to make and receive calls.

By number IMEI

International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI, - a unique device number assigned to the machine by the manufacturer.The information is intended to identify the network unit and is stored in its firmware.Code such as the serial number is always specified in several places:

  • on the smartphone (to get it, it is necessary to dial * # 06 # on the keypad - the data will appear on the screen);
  • under the battery;
  • on the reverse side of the box, which sold the gadget;
  • in the warranty card.

Among mobile communication at the request of the police or a smartphone owner can monitor the transmission signal even if the phone is off.It is believed that the code can not be faked, and if the new owner of your iPhone to activate it, there is a possibility to determine the phone number.However, as practice shows, the criminals manage to get around and this method of protection.

With Find My iPhone

application Another application will search for the iPhone - a program called Find My iPhone.Services included in the free subscription iCloud and everything else is able to locate the gadget to send messages on its screen, password protect the device or erase all its contents.Especially in the application to upload the phone is not necessary since it is already part of the machine operating system.To perform this task, you need to advance to include in the "Find iPhone» settings.Determination geopozitsii permitted only when the gadget (with active GPS function).

How does the feature "Find iPhone»

use the application after the loss of the phone is impossible.The program should be established you in advance.Do not forget to do this, or ever regret it!Note that while adjusting the functions of this unit will ask to allow geolocation - one of the conditions of operation of the application.It is likely that the battery will then be discharged more quickly.

How to enable computer through

Apple can be proud of these statistics: with the launch of the service "Find iPhone» the number of thefts of iPhones dropped significantly.No wonder: find the stolen unit when this function is much simpler.Smartphone after the lock master in the hands of thieves gets a set of parts or pointless toy.You can download the program Find iPhone, but do it is not necessary!

Procedure to activate "Find the iPhone" through a computer:

  1. you need to exit to the "world wide web".Without this - no way.
  2. not a fundamental matter which operating system the phone, Windows or Mac.Go to the iCloud
  3. In the authorization window enter your Apple ID information.Be careful, do not agree with paragraph "Stay logged in" when working with someone else's computer.You can tick only when entered from the personal computer.
  4. After running the application in the menu "My Device" item, choose your machine.
  5. application starts scanning, and then the screen image of the card will appear, which will mark the location of your missing.Depending on where exactly "resting" from you your cell phone, take steps for the return.
  6. Lost your phone in the apartment or office?Use the beep to find your device.
  7. It turned out that the phone is left in the beauty salon or auto center?Send a message on the screen of the gadget with a request to call a different phone number.This text is immediately displayed on the phone.
  8. The saddest outcome of the search situation.You understand that the lost smart phone in a public place, or worse, you do intentionally stolen.Urgent protect personal data!Install the four-digit password, so no one can download your photos or read messages remotely erase them.
  9. Again, if the function "Find iPhone» will not be set in advance, then you will just have to rely on the police or chance.Take care my friend!

How can I disable

possible and the situation is different: you need to deactivate the "Find iPhone», for example, the sale of the phone or putting it in for repair.There are two main options for deactivation: directly through the device or the remote control.It is not necessary, perhaps, to say that in both cases this function can be switched off only after entering the password from the account Apple ID.Without this - no way.

first method is the simplest and most convenient, but need access to the machine for him:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Find item iCloud.
  3. Scroll down to the position "Find iPhone», switch the toggle switch to «off» mode.
  4. password Confirm your decision to your Apple ID account.
  5. After this simple operation you by e-mail will be notified about how to disable the function.

second method - if at the hands of mobile phone is not present, then the function "Find iPhone» will disable remote:

  1. First you need to go to the respective application.
  2. Install the program from the App Store or on the web site at https: // / find.
  3. Open "My devices" menu from the navigation bar.
  4. In the list that appears, select your mobile phone.
  5. Delete smartphone from the list of permitted only in the case when it is offline.
  6. When using a mobile application, click on the "Delete" button in the Web version - "cross".
  7. In conclusion, the application will ask you to confirm your action and at the same time remind you that the other person will be able to activate it after aypad.

not all well understood?Use our video instructions https: // / rLPHQ76HHvw, where on shelves understands the program "Find iPhone» and provides guidance to the action of the one who lost the phone, how to find its location - you do not know.Check out this tutorial, you will learn how to be found on the iPhone geolocation on gps, easily extract all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Video: how to find an iPhone if it was stolen

Finally another tip: be careful during phone lookup!Often the owners of the stolen smartphone not only become the victim of thieves, and scams.For those who comes for advice on various forums, often on email write "well-wishers".Attackers offer for a modest fee to find a phone, for example, by satellite.Do not pay a dime unknown people!

See video tutorial that tells how to find your iPhone if it is turned off.What if the lost iPhone?How to track an iPhone from another iPhone?Stolen phone, how to find it?We hope that you never ask yourself these questions - is not a reason.But if you happen to trouble, then you will quickly get a handle on the problem after a visual video tutorials on this topic.Successful search!