Steps to phenomenal memory

Want to become more intelligent, easily and quickly memorize a large amount of the volume of information?As in sport, regular "exercise" will help uncover phenomenal memory capabilities.Why do some people, including Winston Churchill, Napoleon, Julius Caesar could literally play read a few years ago, while others barely remember stanza?For the purity and clarity of thought, the ability to make inferences, processing large amounts of information, and meet the neurons of the brain synapses.

5 simple steps will improve your cognitive abilities, strengthen memory, opening the phenomenal possibilities of gray matter:

  1. Increase sleep (deep phase)

    healthy adult humans needrest at least 7-8 hours a day.Those who spend in the arms of Morpheus third of life, seldom complain of headaches, show great mental abilities.The state of brain activity affect biological sleep cycles.The last 30 minutes of a half hour biological cycle known as REM-phase (from the word remember, Eng.).The more cycles you h

    ave per night, the more chances to open the phenomenal memory reserves.Night sleep duration of 7.5 hours - the first step towards this.

  2. Eat the right food

    Carbo - the main source of "food for the brain."Dieting, snacking on the go - a way to forgetfulness, distraction, depression.A successful step will be the inclusion in the diet slowly absorbed carbohydrate, high glucose products.Banana, natural honey (1 tbsp.) Nuts - an excellent source for "recharging" the brain.The daily portion of "carbo" to stimulate the memory of '25 is equally important to eat small meals throughout the day, eliminating gaps "think fast".

  3. read more, write

    Outlining thoughts in writing, you are training fine motor skills that triggers neurochemical processes of interaction between synapses in the brain.Reading books - one more step to train your memory, develop creative thinking and perception.Write to-do lists, shopping, express thoughts, compose favorite fairy tales for children.

  4. Come out of your comfort zone

    Unusual things, unforeseen situations - simple steps on the way to the development of a phenomenal memory capacity.Providing the new conditions, the brain produces solutions at an incredible rate, perceiving things around, the events in a different way.

  5. Physical training

    When we exercise, the brain releases endorphins.They help to reduce cortisol, "Tumanyan" mind, reducing cognitive abilities.Adrenaline Rush strengthens blood vessels, improves memory.