The most beautiful names in the world

list of popular kinds of names is endless, in fact, how many people, so many opinions.Everyone will point to the beautiful names that appeal to him personally.But, in the majority opinion, the most popular - is the aristocratic family names denote.Let's see what the names are more common and respected, and where do they come from.

list of the most beautiful Russian names in the world

word "surname" is translated from Latin as "family".Hence, this indicates a person belonging to the genus from which it originated.The emergence of family nicknames often associated with the profession, which is engaged in the genus from generation to generation, or the name of the area in which the family lived, or in the kind of name indicates character traits, specific appearance, a nickname.No wonder there is a saying "the nail on the head" - people are always labeled as very precisely.

In Russia, at first it was only the first name and patronymic, and first names only appeared in the 14th century.Nat

urally, people got their noble: princes, nobles, nobility.Farmers received official names of the family until the late 19th century, when serfdom was abolished.First dynasties name comes from the name the place of residence, birth or possessions: Tver, Arkhangelsk, Zvenigorod, Moskvin.

Later Russian steel names pantry on the history of trades and daily life: Bochkareva, Melnikova, Telegin.But the most famous family nicknames were and are still the ones that have taken place on behalf of the head of the clan: Grishin, Sidorov, Ivanov, Pauline.With regard to the most beautiful Russian names here of convergence - the names of the kings of this (the Romanovs, Rurik), nobles (Volkonskie, Vyazemskys, Obolensky).Many like the derivatives of the beautiful names of animals and birds: Sokolov, Lebedev, Orlov, Medvedev, Wolves.

most beautiful names of Russian men:

  1. Sobolev
  2. Morozov
  3. Gromov
  4. Diamonds
  5. Derzhavin
  6. Bogatyrev
  7. Mayorov
  8. Admirals
  9. Lyubimov
  10. Vorontsov

list of the most beautiful names for girls:

  1. Resurrection
  2. Lebedev
  3. Alexandrov
  4. Serebryanska
  5. Korol'kova
  6. Vinogradov
  7. Talnikova
  8. Generous
  9. Zolotarev
  10. Tsvetaeva

selection of the most beautiful foreign names

Foreigners believe that the beautiful surname helps oldto bring good luck and happiness.But, the truth, the man with the funny family nickname since childhood peers teased, and then it grows diffident with a luggage complexes.It turns out that the family name has brought failure.People with beautiful ancestral heritage of all develops differently.They have a child know that they can all in this world, so walk with head held high.

Each country has its own beautiful names that are unusual Russian ear.But the origin of the family signs everywhere equally.Someone took the name of his city, and someone - the nickname of the founder of the family occupation, affiliation status.Among the foreign names too unusual to find the names of plants, birds and animals.If Russian man chooses a foreign name, as a rule, it does not penetrate into its meaning, and makes a selection for euphony.

example, the Spaniards beautiful names - are not uncommon.The most common are:

  • Rodriguez
  • Fernandez
  • Gonzalez
  • Perez
  • Martinez
  • Sanchez

Russian girls often choose their generic names of Spanish origin:

  • Alvarez Torres
  • Romero Flores
  • Castillo
  • Garcia Pascual

French names

All variants of French names are endowed with special beauty and charm.This language is very different from other European counterparts.If the name in English is always pronounced correctly, the French names are pronounced differently.For example, the popular Le Pen may sound like "Le Pen", "Le Pen", "De Le Pen."The first French family names were given the highest circles of the nobility in the 11th century.It was only in the 16th century by royal decree was ordered to give every citizen of France inherited the nickname.

Since then, the French names from generation to generation are introduced into the church metric.Most interesting the family nicknames in France comes from the name of its own, from the kind of employment or geographical names, in which the family was born.French men the family name are common:

  • Robert
  • Richard
  • Bernard
  • Duran
  • Moro
  • Lefebvre

Women generic names are not much different from those of men.French history would have it that there are no differences and other endings, as in the Russian language among the names do not exist, so beautiful ancestral names of the women are also his own name, for example:

  • Leroy
  • Bonn
  • Francois
  • Bouquet


generic name of Germany emerged as well as in other countries: first, they got to know the then feudal lords and smallholders, and then the lower strata of the population.The whole process of the formation of hereditary nicknames took about 8 centuries, and the first names appeared on the basis of their own names.Obvious examples are the German men's generic nickname:

  1. Werner
  2. German
  3. Jacobi
  4. Peters

Beautiful family designation in Germany came from the names of rivers, mountains and other wordsassociated with nature: Bern, Vogelveyd.But the most popular generic names are descended from ancestral occupation.For example, Mueller means "miller", and Schmidt - "smith".Beautiful sound rare German family's names: Wagner, Zimmerman.Women in Germany, as a rule, leave the name of the mother, and the most beautiful are considered:

  1. Lehmann
  2. Mayer
  3. Peters
  4. Fisher
  5. Weiss
  6. Khan
  7. Lang


In America, the name of the genusIt originates from completely different sources.It is a state inhabited by different peoples.Arriving on the continent, people gradually modifies the name of a kind, in part because they wanted a new life, partly due to the fact that recorded everything by ear.Open the US list of Williams, Johnson and Smith.They were in America it has long exceeded one million.But there are more rare the family name, which are deposited in the same state.These include Collins, Morgan Brooks, Rida.

Beautiful American tribal names favorably with those of other foreign - they are very in tune, and owners wear them with pride.If the names are not inherited, any United States citizen can change his family name on more harmonious.So, the 10 most beautiful names of American men:

  1. Robinson
  2. Harris
  3. Evans
  4. Love
  5. Gilmore
  6. Florence
  7. Stone
  8. Ford
  9. Lambert
  10. Newman

as for American women, as well as around the world, they take birth his father's family name, and when married - her husband.Even if she wants to leave the name of a sort, after marriage she will have a hyphenated name, for example, Mary Goldman Mrs. Roberts (by her husband).Beautiful generic names for American women:

  1. Bellows
  2. Houston
  3. Taylor
  4. Davis
  5. Foster

Video: the most common surname in the world

most common in the world of names appear beautiful, because their carriers - popularpeople, and therefore happy.For example, owners of family name Lee in the world there are about one hundred million people.In second place on the polarity of the surname Wang is (about 93 million. People).In third place is the family name Garcia, widespread in South America (about 10 million. People).

among the British and Americans the most popular surname Smith (4 million. Pers.), And the Russian people no longer respect the genus name Smirnov, not Ivanov, as is commonly believed.It happened from the word "peace" or "put up", which is typical of the native Russian population.Watch the video, which discusses in more detail the most common surname in the world: