As a phone to check for viruses

Now most people have a smartphone or mobile phone with Internet access.This is a convenient feature that allows you to go online at any place and at the right time.However, this possibility is fraught with some risk - for example, the operating system lesions mobile viruses.If you have a sneaking suspicion that your smartphone is something wrong (written off a large amount of money, unnecessary tabs open), you need to learn how to check your phone for viruses.This helps detect malware that may harm the cell.

How to check the cell phone virus online free

viral components can affect the smartphone while downloading software from untrusted networks, mobile applications.Sometimes devices contain viral agents already on the shelves of shops - is usually the case in non-certified locations in the mobile phone stores that sell goods without a license.There are special online anti-virus program that will help the owner of the phone, if there is a suspicion of the presence of virus objects.How

to scan the device:

  • on your computer through the browser, running antivirus software, get special mobile anti-virus.Download it to your phone.Start the application when it is loaded.You will see how to program databases updated.
  • Going into the program, select the tab "Antivirus".There will be a written "Full Scan", "Full Scan" or "Check your phone for viruses."Choose the full scan, the program was able to accurately scan the operating system.
  • If there is any abnormality in the unit, it will be indicated in the report of the anti-virus application.If harmful agents are found, it will offer to treat them.Do it.Periodically, repeat the procedure a complete check.

How to see whether there is a virus on android

Android - an operating system, which is one of the most common, so much is at risk to be "infected" virus.Many financial transactions made through special applications of the OS, so the presence of harmful components have a great chance of losing money.To avoid this, be sure to periodically scan your phone.How to do it:

  • Go to the android market."Anti" Type in the search box.If you know exactly what you want the app, select its name.
  • Look at the list of available programs, among them there are both free and paid, read reviews to choose the best product.
  • Download the selected application, then it should be set.
  • Open the program.You will see the tab "Full Scan" or "Full Scan".In it you need to press in order to check for the presence of viral components began.
  • After scanning, you'll get a report about detected malicious components.If there is a virus program, select the "treat" or "delete".
  • Do not forget to carry out upgrade your application to his work was subsequently effectively.

Check for spyware through a PC or laptop

not always have the opportunity to check your mobile phone through a specially downloaded apps or online antivirus.This procedure is complicated for those devices that do not have specific operating system or were patched receiver.In this case, you must make a check using the computer or laptop.How to determine the presence of viruses:

  • Connect the adapter cable to the smartphone, insert it into the computer.You will see that on the computer there was an inscription on the detection of a new device.To establish a connection.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • Go to "My Computer."There you will see a tab "Devices with Removable Storage."One of them is the model of your mobile phone, click on the right button of the mouse.There you will see the item "Check Antivirus."Select.
  • When completed, click "Clean viruses."

Dr. Web and Kaspersky Mobile

There are specially designed anti-virus software to help you to quickly deal with the problem of detection of malicious components on the device.You can download a free app that helps you find many software viruses, but more reliable to turn to trusted developers.The most popular are those anti-virus programs such as Dr. Web and Kaspersky Anti-Virus from the famous.Application creators guarantee their quality work, ongoing customer support and feedback when problems are detected.Learn more about them:

  • Doctor Web.This antivirus program is designed specifically for Android-based devices - phones, consoles, TVs.The updated version contains the latest components such as antivirus, antispam, antitheft security auditor, and more.With it you can protect yourself from all types of unwanted intrusions into the operating system of your smartphone.Download the app from Google Play will be able to, or download the installation file.Dr. Web will work on complex problems.
  • Kaspersky.The full version of this program you can download for free and use it for a month.So you'll have to evaluate the benefits of the software.Kaspersky is able to block links, sites that are unsafe, discover hundreds of species of modern software-virus protection from Internet fraud, look at the phone's location missing.In addition, you can install all the updates appeared safe to study the volume of information on the Internet.

How to check when buying is not infected if the phone

purchasing a mobile device in the territory known certified mobile shops, you can not worry about the fact that it is infected with malicious components.In specialty stores scanned for viruses is required, it is carried out on a regular basis when new parties, and product quality is carefully monitored.Difficulties may arise if you purchase the device from dealers or take b / y model.Then it is desirable to scan the smartphone anti-virus applications immediately upon purchase.How can you do this:

  • Using online antivirus.A new smartphone download the app, which will help to scan.Fully check the model.If no extra components are not found, you can safely make a purchase.
  • PC.If you get a smartphone without the software, it is necessary to check the presence of virus programs with the help of a laptop or PC.For this model, connect via cable, wait, give your PC to detect it.Go to "My Computer", select "Devices with Removable Storage."Click the tab, right-click where it says the name of the smartphone.Select "test by using anti-virus."If there are harmful components of the program finds.