Selecting processor computer

computer called the heart of the processor (processor), which is its main data processing device.Detail is given by the chipset and is responsible for the computational processes.How to choose a processor for your computer - the most important question when buying appliances.The performance of this part depends largely on the overall system performance.In order not to regret your purchase, choose components based on their characteristics.

Key Features Processor

  1. manufacturer.There are two main competitors producing processors for computers - is AMD and Intel.The second company is considered a leader that develop cutting-edge technology.The main advantage of the AMD to Intel - a relatively low prices.Moreover, the first products are inferior to the second performance slightly (by an average of 10%), but the cost is lower by 1.5-2 times.
  2. What is the clock frequency of the processor?This parameter determines how many operations the device is able to perform a second.What affects the CPU
    frequency: high figure given the characteristics of promises fast data processing computer.The parameter is considered one of the most important when choosing a device.How do you know the frequency of the operating system in Windows: you must call the right mouse button menu, click Properties on the icon "My Computer".
  3. number of cores.This component affects the number of programs that may run on the PC without losing its performance.Outdated computer models are equipped with quad-core or dual-core processors.The new devices released in recent years, have 6 and 8-core parts.However, if the software is optimized for dual-core PCs, a larger number of cores does not speed up its work.In the box you can see details of the alpha-numeric labeling, deciphering which will provide data on the number of cores.
  4. frequency of the system bus.Characteristics says speed incoming or outgoing data streams.The higher the score, the more quickly the exchange of information.
  5. cache.A major role in the PC playing the cache of the processor, which has the form of high-speed memory block.Detail is located directly on the kernel and need to improve performance.Thanks to faster data processing than in the case of RAM.There are 3 levels of cache memory - L1 to L3.The first two volumes are small, but surely win the third, providing greater capacity - at the expense of speed.
  6. connector type (socket).This feature is not considered a primary, but has a certain relevance when selecting devices.Socket - a "nest" in the motherboard, which is placed in the processor, so it should be compatible with the selected piece.For example, if the socket is marked AMZ, you need the appropriate connector on the motherboard.The latest models are equipped with modern types of "nests" and often have improved performance (frequency of buses and others).
  7. power consumption and cooling.Powerful modern devices have a negative impact on your computer's power consumption.To avoid overheating and failure of parts, use special fans (coolers).To determine the heat level indicator using the TDP, indicating the amount of heat required in the challenge.On the basis of this value is selected certain model of the cooling system.

How are AMD from Intel

frequently asked questions among those who want to buy processor is: "What is better AMD or Intel."The main difference is giperprochnosti technology and increased instruction pipeline that have Intel model.Thanks to this device will perform a number of tasks: archive files, conduct video encoding, perform other tasks.Details of AMD is not worse than coping with the above tasks, but spend more time on it.Each defines itself: which processor is better AMD or Intel.

To simplify selection, check out the advantages of both products manufacturers.Comparison of AMD and Intel processors:

Benefits Intel

Benefits AMD

High speed PC

optimal price-quality ratio

less power consumption

Stable performance

system High performance in games


Multithreading Core i7 and i3 provides additional performance

opportunity to accelerate the process of working on a 5-20%

perfectly tuned to work with RAM

multiplatform (the ability to assemble a PC from parts of different AMD firms generations)

which processor to choose for your computer

answer to this question depends on the tasks to bePC will perform.So, when choosing a gaming computer is to pay attention to the video card model, as the graphics card is responsible for the support of certain technologies and the level of performance in games.However, without a properly sized CPU card does not reveal its potential.To work with other programs or use the PC in the office are suitable for less demanding parts.


How to choose a processor for a gaming computer?By "gaming" PC to meet a series of requirements.The device must be able to handle at least four data streams.Test results have shown that Intel Hyper-Treading Technology increases the number of frames per second.Experts believe optimal for gaming PC model Intel Core i5.Details from AMD show lower performance.If the line of Intel cope with their tasks 4-core devices, their competitors show the same result with 8-core counterparts.Which processor to choose for gaming?

Top devices for games:

  1. Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge (quad);
  2. Intel Core i5-4440 Haswell (quad);
  3. AMD FX-8350 Vishera (an eight).

for use at home or in the office

Browsers and other necessary office work programs need in an impressive amount of RAM, but practically not loaded hard drive and processor.Therefore, choose the best computer with lots of memory.However, processor performance, too, should not be neglected.According to test results, the best solution would be a model of Intel Core i3 or i5 lines.List

budget office devices:

  • Intel Celeron G1820;
  • AMD ATHLON II X2 255;
  • AMD ATHLON II X4 750K;
  • AMD A8-6600K.

To work with demanding programs

This category includes items that feature -. Provide quick work of demanding programs, such as video, image editors and other devices of this type are expensive components and different maximum speed.This category of processors often interested gamers who want to achieve the best image quality in the game.

review of the best devices for demanding programs:

  • AMD FX-8350 (8-core).Ideal for games and other programs designed for high-performance PCs.Distinguished performance and cost justified.
  • Intel i7-4770 (4-core).Runs games at the highest settings, running fast, ideally optimized for graphics cards from Intel.

Ranking of the best PC processor 2015-2016 year

  1. Intel Core i7-990x.Ideal for gaming PCs last generation.The device is intended for the connector 1366, equipped with 6 nuclei it has a frequency of 3.46 GHz and 12 MB cache.Estimated cost: 38 000 p.
  2. Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition.One of the most popular models.Equipped with 6 cores with 15 MB cache and 3.5 GHz clock speed.It works fine with any new demanding games and applications.Estimated cost: 46 000 p.
  3. Intel Core i5-4690K.Low-cost model will show excellent results in terms of performance.If we compare the i5-4690K with other devices, it stands out due to the price / quality ratio.The processor is equipped with a third-level cache, it has a 3.5 GHz clock speed and 4 cores.Estimated cost: 22 000 p.
  4. AMD FX-9370.The most powerful AMD processor has a new socket AM3 + and 8 cores, developing maximum frequency up to 4.4 GHz.The model is equipped with 8 MB cache that can improve your PC and use any software and games.Approximate cost: 20-22 000.
  5. Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3.Quad-core device is a fourth-generation processors from Intel.It is equipped with a socket type 1150, which is considered the best among the existing ones.The clock speed Xeon E3-1230 v3 - 3,3gGts, the memory cache is 8 MB.Estimated cost: 22 000 p.

table test

processor 2015 In order to understand how to choose a processor for your computer, you should see the results of their testing.The devices are tested based on Windows 7 (64-bit).To do this, selected certain programs that unleash the power of multithreading, to determine whether there is support for AMD Turbo CORE technology (dynamic overclocking) and Intel Turbo Boost Technology, is it possible to use the new SIMD.The test results are expressed as a percentage of the fastest performance among existing devices having 100% result.

Summary of processor performance:



Intel Core i7-5930K BOX


Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme


Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme BOX


Intel Core i7-5820K BOX


Intel Core i7-4790K


Intel Core i7-4790K BOX


Intel Core i7-4790


Intel Core i7-4790 BOX




Intel Core i7-4820K BOX


Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2




Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2


Video: recommendations on the selection

CPU If you wish to buy the processor you should study its characteristics.For example, in the pursuit of speed, many people forget about the features of the core concrete manufacturer, which negatively affects the performance of your computer.To stay satisfied purchase, you need to take into account the parameters of the device and its compatibility with other components.Learn how to choose the right processor for the computer, watching video proposed.