How to get to the child SNILS

few years ago, the citizens of the Russian Federation started issuing an official certificate, which confirms that they are registered in the pension insurance system.Buy it may all people: official, employed and unemployed, infants, teens and soldiers.This document is useful in different situations, so many parents are wondering how to get SNILS the child.This procedure differs depending on the age, whose children have achieved.Then you can learn how and where to get the document you need to do.


Deciphering abbreviations sounds like snils.It is a small green card, which indicates the date when the certificate is registered, name, time and place of birth, sex of the person, the last registration.Also in this document indicate the number, consisting of eleven digits, which is issued to each person individually.Pension Insurance Card is intended for the recipient for life.Look at the pictures, it looks like finished insurance kid or an adult:

How to make a child SNILS

There are several ways to check out the document to the baby.Separately, it is worth noting that this evidence can not be purchased using the portal of public services or in any other way via the Internet.This is due to the fact that the information, including the eleven policy number, subject to strict confidentiality.Since the public authorities to protect citizens from loss or disclosure of personal data.Several ways that can be issued the certificate:

  • to fourteen years from the birth of one of the parents can independently apply for a plastic card.During the procedure, the presence of the baby is not necessary.
  • With the advent of the age of fourteen parents can not apply, instead of children.Teen for this may have to go to one of the offices of the pension fund, to fill in the form and pick up the certificate.
  • There is an option of application the institution in which the child is enrolled.This will deal with the administration.
  • In some regions, the program works, providing for cooperation of the registrar and the FIU.In this scenario, the interdepartmental interaction when parents register the birth of a child, their own registrar sends information to the pension fund, which draws SNILS newborn.registration procedure is automatic.

Where to get

Parents who are going to get for the child paper, you need to know what the RPF.This Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, where it is necessary to apply and relevant documents.In Moscow or any other city to undergo the procedure, you need to visit any branch of the RPF in the community.There you will be able to get a pension insurance certificate after its manufacture.This requires personal conversion, to issue the document does not come through the state body.

In some cases, a child can be registered in the MFC.It stands for as a multifunctional center.The Office provided the municipal and state services.Many such centers approved for registration SNILS baby, but the procedure will not pass anywhere.To clarify whether this branch is engaged in which you wish to apply, please call back.

What documents are required for registration

to quickly and easily obtain a plastic card with a unique number, parents should advance to prepare the necessary documents for SNILS.List of securities that are needed to properly go through the procedure, a small.Below a short list of documents for obtaining SNILS on the child, not yet attained the age of fourteen:

  • parent passport (or the document of the legal representative);
  • birth certificate of the baby;
  • completed print questionnaire at the end of which the parent making the application has to leave his signature (in the form lists all the personal data of the child, including the place of residence and actual residence).

If the teenager is already fourteen years old, a mother, father or legal representative can not fill in the questionnaire instead and bring a list of necessary documents.The child should take your passport and self-refer to the Department of Pension Fund.See what it looks like the filled questionnaire of the insured person on the form ADV-1, which will need to complete:

How do snils

After submitting the application, special bodies verified the correctness of filling the form.Typically, this process takes less than a day.If some points need to be clarified and need to be corrected, a spokesman for the pension fund will appeal to the specified phone number.If a person needs to know how long to make the card, he can clarify this in its design.Basically manufacturing time does not exceed three weeks.

Can I get SNILS not at his residence

Sometimes newborn registration differs from the actual place of residence.If the parents are moving with children in other cities, it will be inconvenient to apply to state agencies to the address where registered the baby after birth.How, then, to receive SNILS on the baby: the document can be issued according to the place of residence in the territory of any branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Why child SNILS number

Many people are asking the logical question, under what circumstances will be useful green plastic card after SNILS get a small child.This certificate is useful for different occasions - while receiving medical care, employment, with the participation in social programs.What are the advantages of registration of the insurance number of the individual personal accounts for adults and children:

  • registration baby through the state registry, so that it can receive the required social security, to become a party of social programs (for example, free treatment of children under the age of three in the hospital);
  • receive contributions from the employer, if the teenager found the official summer part time;
  • access to state services portal, where simplified documentation procedures;
  • medical services to children with disabilities (special care when buying products and medicines, registration sanatorium vouchers).