How to calculate the insurance on car

Motorists our country often think about where are these mythical price insurance policies.The cost of the contract and all subsequent payments are determined by taking into account various factors.After reading this article, you will learn how to calculate the insurance on your own car, so as not to be surprised when you make policy.At the same time, this will allow you to determine in advance the amount of the payment when the vehicle is damaged.Use this information to prepare for a discussion on the contract with a representative of the insurance company.

Features of determining the value of Hull and MTPL policy

Calculating the cost of CTP insurance policy shall be based on the base rate, which is the same for all insurance companies in Russia, and the factors that characterize the condition of the car.Hull insurance - is voluntary, so the conditions of cooperation between the parties (vehicle-owner and insurer) are discussed individually.

formula for calculating the cost of CTP

procedure for calculating the cost of compulsory vehicle insurance policy is based on the same for all Russian citizens formula.It looks as follows: cost of the policy CTP = BT * CT * MSC * KBC * OK * CMD * CS * KH * KCC.At first glance it looks scary, so it is worth to consider in detail all the coefficients of CTP calculation.So:

  1. BT - base rate.The size of the standard tariff is determined taking into account the type of vehicle.This value is set by the state, and no insurance company is not allowed to change it.Each mode of transport has its own standard fixed rate.It does not matter what kind of transport: the tractor or motorcycle, tram, bus or trolley bus, truck or car.The calculation of CTP insurance policy for cars category «B» shall be based on vehicle accessories (the owner may be a natural person or legal entity).
  2. CT - territorial factor.To properly calculate the MTPL insurance, you need to take into account the rate of the region in which the vehicle is registered.It varies from 1.5 to 2. In Moscow, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and Yakutsk CT is 2.0.St. Petersburg Motorists in the calculation of the cost of the MTPL policy of territorial use the value of the coefficient of is slightly lower for the Leningrad region - 1.6.The smaller the town, the lower the territorial factor.
  3. MSC - bonus-malus.Danae value represents the discount from the insurance company for driving without accidents.In drawing up the new treaty Compulsory vehicle owner (not the car) is assigned a bonus-malus coefficient taking into account the presence / absence of insurance payments under the previous policy.For each year of accident-free driving the driver will receive a discount of 5%.If he will be responsible for an accident, the insurance company will apply the multiplying factor, and cost of the new policy will increase by 50%.
  4. KBC - age / experience.The higher the age and experience of the driver, the lower the FAC when calculating the cost of the policy.For example, drivers who are under 22 years of age and have experience of driving at least three years, the probability of getting into an accident is high.For them, payment of insurance on the car is carried out by a factor of age / length of service - 1.8.Each year (after the age of 22 years and the expiry of 3 years from the date of receipt of the rights), this coefficient is reduced.
  5. OK - limiting factor.This value depends on who drives a car.If you sit behind the wheel will be just your family (son, daughter, wife, son, etc.), the cost of insurance will not change.OK will be equated to the unit.When a contract for car insurance, which will benefit a wide range of entities (corporate trucks, taxis, etc.), limiting rate increases to 1.8.
  6. KMD - engine power.The more powerful the engine, the higher the CMD.The exact meaning of this value, you can learn by looking at the vehicle passport.
  7. COP - the seasonality factor.Some drivers use private transport only in the summer, and overpay for CTP they do not want.To do this provided the opportunity to design the policy for a period of 3 months.
  8. SC - factor disorders.Russian legislation provides for a number of circumstances under which CN value increases to 1.5.These are gross violations of traffic rules: escape from the accident scene, intentional false statements to representatives of insurance companies, car driving under alcohol / drug intoxication, intentional promotion of a traffic accident.
  9. KSS - term insurance.The value of this quantity ranges from 0.2 to 1.0.CMP is used in rare cases.For example, for foreigners in transit or when moving the vehicle.

Regardless of what the insurance company do you prefer: Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrakh, Reso, or SAR, CTP calculation formula will remain unchanged.In order to orient the price, using any convenient online calculator.For example, the calculation of CTP Rosgosstrakh illustrates the calculation of all amounts, including the total cost of the policy and premium.

basic rate of insurance rate in 2016

standard auto insurance rates for Russian motorists are updated annually.If you are interested in how to calculate the insurance on the car, to monitor developments in this area.At the moment, car insurance is calculated according to the rates in force since April 2015.Right now you can see them by studying the table below.

vehicle type


Vehicle Category

minimum TB rate rubles

Maximum TB rate rubles

Scooters and motorcycles





belonging to individuals




owned entities




used for taxi services





maximum tonnage up to 16 tonnes (inclusive)




maximum tonnage of over 16 tons





calculated on the number of passengers to 16 (inclusive)




calculated on the number of passengers more than 16










road-building, self-propelled machines, tractors, etc.



calculation of the penalty for CTP

Learning how to calculate insuranceby car, you should also become familiar with methods of calculation and order of penalty sanctions.This concept implies the amount of money that the company-insurer pays his client in the case of full / partial breach of contract.Such sanctions are imposed, if there are overdue payments when considering applications for the cases provided for in the contract.If the parties can not reach an agreement on their own, the conflict is resolved in court.

penalty size is calculated according to the following rules:

  • for each day of delay is charged 1% of the total damages (this is true for each of the victims);
  • penalty for violation of terms of repair is calculated based on the total value of payment recovery;
  • the actual date of payment of the penalty must take into account when calculating the total amount of the fine;
  • in case of recovery due to insufficient compensation penalty is calculated based on the amount of underpayment;
  • maximum amount of penalties is limited to the limit of the insurance amount according to the type of damage - 500 000 rub.compensation injury and 400 000 compensate damage caused by the client's property.

video example of calculating the cost of insurance

car view video below, you will learn how we calculate the cost of hull insurance and MTPL.It explains in detail all the stages of computing and discusses common nuances, which are known not to everyone the average motorist.Use this valuable information to objectively evaluate the offers of insurance companies and choose the most attractive.