How to learn to whistle

Passing through a narrow opening, the air makes a high-pitched sound, which we call the whistle.Art, iridescent intonations;loud, eye-catching;quiet, soothing, it causes conflicting emotions.Some listeners delight freeze, listening to the sounding notes, others are irritated or nervous.How to learn to whistle and how these skills can be useful in real life?Transmitting emotions, feelings, and sometimes entire phrases, whistle helps to relieve tension, to warn of the danger, to express his own "I".

How to learn to whistle loud

master the technique is easy to whistle, but it will take time and sustained training.Remember, as a couple of decades ago, virtually every yard the boy was able to whistle arms and no hands.And that was worth admiring whistling after the first beauty of the yard!Times change, and now is often the ability to whistle perceived as a mauvais ton.

However, there are situations when a loud, shrill whistle, warning about an extraordinary and dangerous position, it is the only poss

ible way to transmit information.Here and useful practical knowledge, skills whistle (you see, you're not going to carry around with a whistle).Consider the basic techniques that are used to learn how to whistle.

two fingers

Before you learn how to publish a whistling sound with his fingers in his mouth, wash your hands with soap and water to avoid getting infections.Squeeze tight lips teeth, hiding inside.Use 2 fingers of one hand (thumb and index finger or thumb and middle), folded like a letter of the V, or the index fingers of both hands.Lock lips tightly pressed to the teeth so that the edges of the nail plate "looked" at the center of language.

between him and the teeth must be at least a centimeter distance.Not pressing the tongue against the palate, the bottom of the mouth and the front teeth, take a deep breath the air and start to blow it, without changing the position of the hands and lips.Quickly learn this method will help to constant training, and you can not only in theory but also in practice to show friends how to whistle with two fingers.


clasped his lips and placing the tongue behind the front teeth of the upper jaw blown gradually the air from the lungs.This soft, melodious sound, produced without arms, is used in psychology and psychiatry as a means of removing physical stress, and in some countries in Europe, Central America, the habit of whistling is a form of greeting friends or inner self-expression.

Learning to whistle loud without fingers harder.Using the same system as in the case of two fingers, the position fixing lips have no hands.By putting forward the lower jaw forward, lower lip should be close-fitting teeth, closing completely.Blowing the air, try to determine the position of the language convenient for you, in which it turns out a loud whistle.

Technique whistle whistle

Art - a rare form of musical direction, the mastery of which people are trained for many years, attending music schools, conservatories.Learning to publish a magical, captivating sounds of nature, whistling like a bird, repeating the whisper of the waves and the rain helps the constant exercise, the structural features of the palate, the talent.Famous stars of the XIX century, Alice Shaw whistled classical works, gathering full houses, and the tone of the sound ranged from two octaves.

Video: how to whistle

Beautiful melodies, whistling in his spare time, sound relaxed and refined.Avid Golubyatnikov communicate whistle with your favorite pets, and some of the world's people who live far away from civilization, are using this method of communication for the transmission of information on significant, to 5 kilometers of distance.How to learn to whistle beautifully, using a variety of techniques, you will learn by watching video tutorials.

Using your fingers

As Nightingale

Very loud