How to find a movie without knowing the name

Often, switching channels, one finds an interesting movie, inspect it, but does not remember the name.Sometimes on an exciting film, broadcast on TV, people will come across the middle of the story, then the name of the tape remains a mystery, and a person can not find a reel online to see it completely.Some want to find a movie that saw a child, but nothing more than a few frames, or about the content they do not remember.How to find a movie without knowing the name?What to do in such a situation?

Methods Search

movie How to find a favorite movie, not knowing the name?This question torments many Internet users.Human memory is not intended for storing the names of each movie reviews, because their lifetime can be hundreds or even thousands.There are several ways to find how old pictures and new movies of the year 2015-2016, the names of which the viewer does not know.Let us consider each of them.

According to the description of the plot

If people remember key details of the film p

lot - it is very easier to find.For example, look liked a movie possible after the main actors, the description of the events, the name of the city where the action takes place.Try typing in a search engine brief (a few words) summary of the plot of the film, whose title would be found.If you're lucky, a reference to movie websites, where you can see the picture online, will appear instantly.However, more often not so easy to find a movie from the description.

As picture

Find help film photographs or screenshots.Accidentally discovered the image of the films in the network, one can remember that for a long time watching video, but can not remember the name.To find it, put the find on his page on the social network with a request for help to friends to remember the name of the movie.Heat the interest of the public may be classified on the remuneration of the person who responds correctly.

Alternative - use Yandex or Google, the search by frame.This service has appeared recently, and few people know him.To use the search by the image, open the Google search page, click in the upper right corner on the link "Pictures" and download the available frame.Perhaps at some kinosayte this screenshot is attached to a page with a description of the desired movie, and the system will give you a link to the title.

As actors

Find movie titles which you do not know the name of the main actor is very simple.Many major sites contain "dossier" on the artists of the domestic and foreign cinema, which has a list of all the movies starring the star.To determine what specific needs the film, determine the approximate time period of filming - this will narrow down the number of options.If the name of the actor recall does not work, look for the names of the heroes of the movie.

If you are looking for motion picture actor, you must:

  1. Sign on the Internet, in the search box enter the name of the actor.
  2. Open this link to Wikipedia's page dedicated to the artist.Verify the photo of the actor, that is open right page.
  3. Browse information by finding the "Filmography" section.
  4. The list of bands with the actor allegedly sought to find a picture of the hero by the name, the date of its publication in the rental.
  5. Open this link to a movie (if available), or copy the name into the search engine bar and make sure that the correct result.

How to search for a movie, if you forget the name and

actor search problem faced by many movies.If you liked the motion picture has been viewed recently, try to calculate it with the TV program.Those who have seen the film a few months ago, this is not an option.First, you need to remember a maximum of details about the movies, to gather information from friends and acquaintances.After the done use any suggestions below the search process films.

The sites

films Beside the cast, it is better to try to find a movie on a dedicated website.Services such as kinopoisk, carry out the selection of the parameters of films that is convenient for forgetful people.For example, do not remember the name of the film, you can try to find it by putting filters by genre, time period, when painting, country, etc. has been removedMovie Finder helps to find the right movie in 90% of cases and requires no registration.Below is a guide on how to use the service kinopoisk:

  1. Click on the "Advanced Search" on the right upper corner of the main page.
  2. you will see filters (input fields) that appears on a new page.Enter all the information about the movie film, which owns.Filling is only the field, in response to which you are unsure.Errors interfere to achieve the desired result.Ideal - if you can enter keywords to search for pictures.For example, for the film "The Green Mile" keyword will be: drama, prison, prisoner, punishment.
  3. When the filters are filled with all the information that you own, activate the search.
  4. The list issued by the service look for the desired picture.If the list is very large, longer enter specific information in the search field.
  5. Click on the links films, the description of which is most suitable to the desired motion picture, watch trailers and screenshots, to make sure of fidelity result.
  6. If you find the film failed, post a question about it on the forum kinopoisk site.The likelihood that someone will be able to know the tape is very high.

The forums filmgoers

person who does not remember the names of actors or characters and can not determine to what period the film was shot, is to ask for help to the participants of the forum of film enthusiasts.Write in a suitable theme: "Help me find the movie under the description", followed by a multiple, but succinctly describe what you remember about the movie film (try to uncover the plot).Well, if you can specify the song sounded in the film.Perhaps someone can help you among moviegoers.In addition, if desired, you can ask the inhabitants of the forum, "How to find a song from the film?" When looking for your favorite music from your friend's film.

in social networks

If these search methods are interested in films did not produce results, it is necessary to visit the specialized groups and communities on Facebook, Vkontakte, LiveJournal or other social networks.They should ask people about the film, which can not be found.Rather, among the large audience someone will be able to answer your question.Describe the subject of the picture, for example: "The two friends competed, who will get married first, and as a result played a wedding in one day."

Use archive TV

This is a great and easy way to find the right movie.If you like the video was broadcast on television, remember the time and channel.Then with the help of the Internet, go to the official website of the channel and find the file transmission program.In the list look for a time interested in films.This method is suitable only for films that have been shown recently.

What drive in search

How to find the right film without knowing the name?The first thing that comes to mind - is to use the search engine.The main aspect of a successful search is the ability to articulate his thoughts.If it was decided to ask for help on a forum of film enthusiasts, is put in the line: "Help me find a movie."Such phrase gaining the majority of people who find themselves in a similar situation.The man who owns the language, can try to find the tape on foreign resources - it will increase the chances of a successful outcome.If you do not know the languages ​​for translation, use the plot-line translator.

What first comes to mind when you look back motion picture?If this is some entrenched in the mind a phrase (like "I'll be back" in Terminator), it and must be entered in the search engine line.These all familiar quotes repeatedly increase the chance of finding the right tape.However, to use this method, it is necessary to be sure of the accuracy of the wording.This search method is only one drawback - the different translations.Popular movies tend to translate several different studios, so rarely memorable phrase unknown to the searcher.

Search Options may be different, depending on the information held seeker.The easiest way to search reel, knowing the name of the main actor, is more difficult - on scraps of memories of the plot.In the Internet there are a lot of specially designed for this purpose the services, the choice will depend on the particular mood and personal preference.The more search options you use, the more likely to find what they want.