What documents are required to obtain the parent capital

To obtain a family allowance, you will need to collect and submit a package of securities FIU Commission domicile or actual residence.The question as to what documents are needed for maternity capital, care about many of our citizens.The process of collecting securities takes a lot of time, so parents applying for state financial support, tend to do things gradually.

mother's capital in 2015 and 2016

Since 2007 Russian families who are raising more than one child, receive government benefits.Each year of filing rules and some details concerning registration certificate, a few changes.Pursuing this issue, you should be guided by relevant information.Let us see what is the parent capital, how to use it, and who can receive this payment.

To put

right to receive social assistance from the government can take advantage of every citizen of the Russian Federation, according to one of the following conditions:

  • woman who had a second child.
  • Father, who is the sole guardian of several c
  • parent / adoptive parent raising a child of more than one, if the second parent / adoptive parent has been deprived of the right to receive social assistance.
  • Directly himself a second child if the guardian / parents do not have the right to avail themselves of family capital.

Under the current legal framework of the Russian Federation, to receive money from the state as a support for the education of a second child can any person who is a legal guardian: grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and so on.For each particular case will be pressing the appropriate list of documents provided by the state.


size of the parent capital increases, taking into account the inflation rate each year.In 2007 it was established amount 250 000 rub.To date, this figure has increased by almost 80%.Each family, to issue a certificate for social assistance in 2015, was paid on 453 000 p.For the next, 2016, the State Council approved the amount of family benefit in the amount of 475 000 p.

of 20 000 rubles

For families expecting mother's capital, the latest developments of the order of payment of the grant will benefit.In May 2015 the Ministry of Labour and Social Security was finally approved the order, according to which citizens have the opportunity to receive twenty thousand rubles from the family allowance.The need to make these changes in the social aspect of the law has arisen in connection with the unstable economic situation.Together with this decree the Ministry of Labour announced the rules for receiving lump sum payments, which include the following:

  • New lists of documents.
  • statements return dates or notification of refusal.
  • Sorka of the lump sum.
  • new application forms.

Turnaround time

procedure for obtaining family allowances conditionally divided into two parts:

  1. citizen receives a certificate, which is proof of the right to family allowance.
  2. Having a certificate for maternity capital, citizen receives financial payment of the prescribed fee.

time interval between the steps described depends on a number of circumstances.If a woman who had a second child, decides to acquire housing in installments, or it will need money for a partial / full repayment of a mortgage / home loan, the formulation to obtain a certificate, the funds can be paid immediately after registration of necessary documents.In other cases the mat.capital issued when the child turns three years.

Statement to maternity capital is made after the guardian of the child for which these funds are meant decide where to spend the money.State system, a plurality of directions, implying provision of certain benefits to the child.The Pension Fund will consider an appeal within 30 calendar days and will answer - waiver or consent.

How many times can you get

Every citizen of Russia, took care of several children, allowed registration of the parent capital only once.Funds can be paid at any one, except for the first child.If a family has two children, for whom the allowance has been issued, it will be the completion, parents will have the right to issue the maternity capital for 3 children.This rule applies with equal force to the relatives and foster children.

What documents are needed

Learning who provide maternity capital, Russian families start to think about what this requires.Necessary documents for registration of the parent capital has every mother at hand, so bureaucratic problems should not arise.After collecting the full package, go to the FIU, where you can learn in more detail how to get maternity capital.

Full package

you need the following:

  • passport of the citizen (citizen) of the Russian Federation and photocopies of pages that contain personal data about children information and registration.
  • Original birth certificates (for each child) and photocopies thereof.
  • Original birth certificate of the applicant (your) and its photocopy.
  • Marriage certificate (if the applicant is married / single) and its photocopy.
  • pension insurance certificate, issued on the name of the applicant and his children.If one or more family members do not, registration is carried out in the process of filing for the grant of family allowances directly to the pension fund office.

The fact that the need for maternity capital in normal conditions, you have already learned, but there are some more rare cases, which are also provided by the legislation:

  • If the applicant is in a marriage again, the documents listed above is added to the certificate of dissolutionfirst marriage and a photocopy of a certificate from the registrar, confirming the fact of the first marriage.
  • If the mother was deprived of parental rights in court due to the commission of offenses against the child's father is required to submit a document confirming this fact.
  • If the children's mother died, and execute manual has to his father, a list of documents updated evidence of his wife's death and the judicial authority that it is declared dead.
  • If the parents or guardians are dead mother's capital is made by the child himself.For the package of documents to the pension fund are added the death certificate.


On what documents are required for maternity capital, you have already learned.Originals and copies of passports, certificates and certificates attached to the application, which is a key point of the whole package.Keep this in mind when you fill in the form.Carefully check information specified in the original documents.We need to eliminate errors.If they occur inaccuracies or inconsistencies, the process of obtaining certification will be delayed for a long time.The Pension Fund will provide the requirements for filling out the application fields and the sample, so the difficulties should arise.

Where to submit

statement will consider the pension fund, so to you and you need to apply.The most usual way to do this - to personally visit the nearest branch of the PD and the transfer paper by the authorized government official.If you are uncomfortable doing it, send documents by e-mail package.In any post office will tell you how to do it right.

Where to get a certificate for maternity

capital after the transfer of documents for processing will only wait for a response.After a few weeks you will receive written notification mail, which will be told whether or not the state is ready to meet your requirement.Obtaining the certificate of the parent department is carried out in the RPF.The exact date can be found in the text of the letter.To pick up a document, you must have the original passport and a notification.

On what you can spend

Social allowance is not paid to parents cash.State system provides a number of options that can be spent on maternity capital.All of them involve the improvement of living conditions and the provision of other material benefits for the child.The family will choose where to direct funds and pension fund will give approval or fails, if it considers the decision of parents impractical.


use cash family benefits to repay consumer loans is prohibited, but the state system will be able to approve a home loan.If you want to pay a portion of the loan amount or fully repay his mother's money, the contract must contain a corresponding note.To the bank was able to give you at the maternity capital loan, the borrower must be a certificate of the owner or his lawful spouse.

Buying Property

Pension Fund will be able to approve the purchase of new housing if the family has a certain savings, which together with the mother enough money to buy a property with sufficient space.In addition, the government will allow the family to use the maternity capital to a year, or even earlier.Wait for the child is 3 years for the purchase of apartments do not have to.


Another convenient way to use tool for improving living conditions.You can buy a house for the maternity capital on bail.To take advantage of this opportunity to give the bank a certificate and an application for repayment of the debt by means of the parent capital.By choosing this path, you must take into account that part of the apartment / house will have to draw on the child's name.This rule is inviolable, since public funds are intended for the whole family.


Russian law allows the parent to spend capital on a car in a few regions.Officials do not hurry to widely introduce a new direction for the benefit of funds as simple cashing scheme can be implemented with movable property.In some regions of the Russian Federation establishes a special procedure for the use of funds, allowing consumption of the amount for the purchase of a car.As a rule, permission to spend part of the mother's capital is given to the machine in the issuance of allowances family whose third child was born.

Education Child

terms of public spending on education benefits children:

  • child to pay for that training funds are allocated, has reached the age of three.
  • Child credited to the university at the latest 25 years of age.
  • Institution, which receives the child, located on the territory of the Russian Federation and has the right to provide appropriate educational services.


such thing as land for maternity capital, stipulated by Russian law, but the money may be used for the construction of their own homes.To obtain a permit from the pension fund, the family must do the following:

  • in advance to buy, rent or get the use of land.
  • enter into an agreement with the construction company.
  • Provide family PF Russian statement with attachment title documents for the land plot, building permit, contract with the company-contractor and certified by a notary public obligation to register the facility upon completion of construction works in the overall ownership and allocate to each member's share of theit.

Pension Fund will consider the application within 30 calendar days.In the event of a positive decision half of the requested amount will be transferred to the account of the contractor, who works with the family.The second half of the money will be transferred within six months, the applicant will provide the pension fund of the documented facts on the land communication lines, construction of the foundation and bearing walls.

Important note: the family can use the grant for the construction of their own homes only on reaching the youngest child is three years old.This rule does not preclude the possibility to begin construction sooner.When the youngest child reaches 3 years, parents will be able to apply to any branch of the RPF with the documents confirming the fact of the success of the first phase of construction to offset the costs.


Spend maternity capital for repairs is not allowed, but you can use it for the reconstruction of housing to the expansion of living space.That the state has allowed this kind of improvement of living conditions, the family should contact the nearest branch of the PD with the application of relevant content and documents from the following list:

  • title documents for the land where the house is located, which will be reconstructed.
  • permit for reconstruction.
  • documentation certifying the ownership of the immovable property.
  • assurances of a commitment by a notary public that the reconstructed object upon completion of the construction work will be issued as common property, and each family member will receive a share in it.Period for implementation of that paragraph - 6 months.


Sale / purchase of the parent capital in the framework of the law is not possible.Offers such as "buy maternity capital" - is not nothing but a fraudulent scheme.When you find out what documents are needed for the family of the parent capital, the FIU will explain that such actions are illegal.Participants of such schemes prosecuted.

Get cash

State does not issue cash in the hands of parents, since large number of marginalized families among Russian citizens.Pension fund strongly controls the flow of funds allowances and thwart any attempts of parents to get their own disposal.Get family-run maternity capital in cash, without violating the law, it is impossible.

video about getting maternity capital

The following videos highlight detail key nuances faced by Russian families at registration benefits.After reviewing them, you will find out what documents are needed for the family of the parent capital.Qualified lawyers will share their experience to help you avoid common mistakes and save valuable time.

Pension Fund Rules

method cashing

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