How do you know credit history

conclusion of any credit transaction - a risky process, and hides behind a lot of pitfalls.One of the important points in the preparation of any loan is the history of debt.It is important to have knowledge about how to find a credit history, as any person who wants to buy a car , apartment or any other expensive item, may face problems in the process of obtaining the necessary funds by the bank.

What is a credit history and how it is formed

It is a certain amount of information about the financial activities of a person who has decided to use the funds borrowed from any financial company, be it a bank or mikrozaymovoe agency.Credit transactions for each specific person is contained in a single repository - the Central Bureau of Credit Histories (TSBKI) - where without any difficulty you can find information about loans.

In Russia, established a common system of information processing, enclosing a data about the borrower in each individual bureau CI - CCCH (central catalog of credit histories).R

egistry stores not only your credit history and the legal entity, one of the advanced features that have Office - credit history of cars, that is, you can test the vehicle on the pledge of the bank.TSBKA collects, processes, services and stores information regarding the history of loans of an entity / company.

Bank or any other financial institution on a daily basis turn to credit reporting agency to check their clients.Office Partner, processing the request, after a certain time, the credit institution sends data to the specified citizen.And only on the basis of this, the bank may decide to approve or refuse the issuance of the coveted loan application.To learn how to find out your credit history, you need to know everyone, because the negative debt database will lead to distrust of the bank and the subsequent failure.

methods of work with documentation KI

At the time of the first call to the bank information on the creditors appear in the databases of the Central Control Commission.Most of the banks conclude among themselves an agreement on the exchange of data about their customers - it gives to know about the existing debt and significantly simplifies many working moments associated with the loan processing.There are already more than 90 million records about crediting subjects.Base on each client will be stored for at least 15 years, counting from the last date of the operation.Shelf life can be interrupted in one case - if the data have been transferred without the consent and knowledge of the borrower.

If a person has taken all the loans repaid successfully, it may be interested to data zaymovyh successes have been officially recorded in the database.The bank will be forced to fulfill a request by law, even if the application for a loan of this requirement is not included.Such forethought will allow the next time to get the loan without any problem.

How do you know the code of the subject

order to open access to their CI, you must know the subject of the code, which is a kind of password.This combination of numbers will allow access to all databases stored on the client's specific information.If the borrower has lost or forgotten your password, you must go through the procedure of code re-creation.How to recover lost data?To do this, apply to the service of any financial institution, write a statement about changing the code and pay the designated fee.

Options obtain KI

View your credit history sometimes is not just important, but necessary.You can always be sure of its infinitely perfect stories, but the documents it can not look like itself.Sometimes the CI may contain various errors, but to correct the error, you need to know about them.For this purpose there are different options: the Internet, the central bank, development and present the scope of the private banks, which can easily help get your credit history.

Through the Internet

There are several ways:

  1. intermediary firms that provide these services.Employees of the company will do everything by yourself and send a request to a few of the Bureau of Credit Histories, or tell us how to learn, to seek a credit history.The method is fast, but is usually expensive and has certain risks - credit reporting agency may be unfair.Before going into such a company should first test it.Cheaters never lie dormant and can in the worst case, use the passport data of the client.
  2. Through websites CHB.Here is the opposite: a way to reliable, but long - requests must be submitted in each individual office.The sequence of actions on each of the sites is about the:
    • to register for the service.
    • Carry personal identification - make the data name, last name, middle name and other personal data (eID online service specialist to answer questions).
    • Get Report according to KI on e-mail.

A bank

in any bank (for example, in "Savings Bank", "Bank of Moscow", "Russian Standard") there is a credit department, where specialists promptBank client, how to check credit history or provide a service to extract from the database NBCH.In order to take possession of the necessary information, you need to call the phone bank card and ask for CT by providing personal information.However, in order to obtain comprehensive data, you must visit the financial institution personally.

independently through the CCCH

catalog of credit histories is located on the site of the Russian Central Bank.Read information on loans is possible, but with certain conditions - the presence of the subject code CI.To perform this operation must be on the official website of the National Bank common (www cbr ru) to fill in the request form, which is available in the section "Credit history".In the absence of the code should apply to third-party finance company.One of the largest and most reliable is the National Bureau of Credit Histories, in this company, you can get information through NBCH partners.

free service in the office does not have - you must contact the partner, go to the official website of the credit reporting agencies.How do I find a credit history using the AKI website:

  1. up on the site.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. confirm the identity of any manner specified in the resource.
  4. Add funds.
  5. Pay for the service "credit report".
  6. Go back to page "national credit bureau official website."
  7. Extract NBCH base obtained.

Checking credit history online for free

Urgency check your credit "health" is very high, and there is a lot of "black" provides these services free of charge and without registration.But do not hurry to rejoice: CI contains a lot of personal information, which the mediators simply can not be.There are only a few services, you can rely on, one of which is "Equifax".The first is the provision of free, all the rest - on the company's tariff.So, how to check free online IQ:

  1. go to the official web site
  2. register.
  3. Confirm identity:
    • operator to answer questions on past credit operations,
    • provide a copy of the passport and signed by his own consent to the processing of personal data;
    • look for other ways to identify if the previous is not feasible.
  4. Order receipt of the report.
  5. in a private office to go to the folder "My Documents" and save the data to a personal computer.

How to fix credit history

Painless change a bad line of credit is possible if technical error was made, and the lending entity has the opportunity to prove it.The process is not a quick fix errors, but the results are significantly affected by the ratio of the financial companies to independent customers.In some cases, faults in the program and the human factor can lead to treatment in court.Federal Law "On Credit Histories" explains in detail the sequence of actions when misconduct banks.

If KI was damaged through the fault of the borrower, then rewrite, and even more so to buy, it is no longer possible, and try to correct as possible.There is only one way - to take responsibility for the loans are there to prevent delinquency in the future, the time to pay all fees and repay the debt.Banks pay attention not only on the operation of the loan.Influence and have debts on utility services, child support, tax deductions, and other non-payment of the debtor.

Omitting the negative reasons for which the debt was damaged, there is a chance to improve each.At the end of two years regularly paying all accounts, banks can make concessions, making positive conclusions about the problematic client.Delinquent borrower should also try to pay in a timely manner a few small loans to the bank to submit a certificate of good s / n, and the recommendations from the work place.

Videotutorial: know where your credit history

In most cases, the borrower is not why the bank refuses to loan because financial institutions do not disclose the information.To do this, you must have a certain awareness - where and how to find out the debtor credit history.The first thing to do - to explore what constitutes CI:

  1. Title: personal information about the borrower.If the borrower is a natural person, this unit displays the name, first name, middle name, marital status, education, passport data, place of work, etc.In the case of a legal person - includes full information of legal entities, USRRE, identification number and other data;
  2. Summary: Information on the responsibilities of the borrower.This section shows the negative or positive changes in credit statistics and the obligations of the borrower;
  3. General: classified information.This section is all about the lenders and all users of CI.Others can not get to the page where the information is stored.

as presented clearly shows where the same will know his own IQ, without spending a half-day.Use the tips to make sure their chances for a loan in any Russian bank, and do it on their own, without having to visit a financial institution.Everything is simple, if you follow the instructions: