How to improve lactation nursing mother

for babies in the first months no more useful food than breast milk of mother.Only there are several factors that may affect the natural feeding a baby.You have also been instances where breast milk for some reason it became less, and even did not have?Then you need to be sure to get acquainted with the methods of how to improve lactation nursing mother.The instructions below will help you learn not only the reasons for reduction of breast milk, but the methods of dealing with it.

Why breast milk is lost

first on the list of reasons for reducing the amount of milk produced are the following factors:

  • wrong mode power feeding moms like before birth and during lactation;
  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • feeding her baby with breast milk on a schedule rather than by necessity;
  • too early lactation transition from breast milk for feeding mixtures;
  • bad habits;
  • stress, negative emotions;
  • the wrong mental attitude of the mother or the lack of desire to feed the baby breast milk.

These reasons are more apparent at first glance, but how to feed your baby mothers who have no life in these factors?If the production of breast milk completely stopped, then it is a disease - a true hypogalactia, which is very rare, only 5% of cases and is the result of hormonal disorders.If the disease is not detected, you should know that the amount of breast milk may be reduced due to lactation crises that take place from 3 to 6 weeks of life the baby, and even at 3-4 and 7-8 month.These periods have several important features:

  1. reason for reducing the amount of breast milk is the abrupt development of the child, when he raises the need for more food, and the mother's body simply does not have time time to readjust.
  2. Another reason - the wrong mode of lactation, the use of pacifiers and the lack of pumping breast milk.
  3. first lactation crisis is the most difficult, so breaking it once, then you will already know how to get breast milk.
  4. The most common mistake in this period - the introduction of complementary foods, a rare attachment to the baby's chest or a quick translation from lactation breast milk to formula feeding.

How to increase lactation nursing mother

If this is the leap development of the child, then the problem of how to improve lactation nursing mothers solved by itself.Mother often only need to put the baby to the breast to breast milk was produced in the quantities that you want.When lactation crises doctors still recommend to adhere to methods that increase lactation:

  1. Compliance with proper diet and consumption of products that contribute to the development of breast milk.
  2. Reception recommended drugs.
  3. Using the popular recipes.

Foods that increase lactation

basis of health status of any person is properly powered.lactation for nursing mothers Products must meet several criteria:

  • balance, ieavailability of all necessary trace elements and vitamins;
  • sufficient caloric;
  • lack of instigators of allergy, such as chocolate, citrus fruits, honey, etc .;
  • inclusion in the diet of fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat, dairy products;
  • plenty of fluids.

If you stick to the basics of good nutrition, breast milk but the baby is still not enough - try to include in your daily diet of foods that increase milk supply.Among them are:

  1. Hazelnuts, increasing the fat content of milk: walnuts, pine, almond.
  2. Blackcurrant.
  3. vegetables: lettuce, carrots, radish.
  4. cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice, pumpkin.
  5. Protein products: meat, fish, eggs.

beverage products to effectively cope with the problem of how to increase the amount of breast milk, and to improve lactation:

  • ginger tea;
  • herbal teas with wild rose, lemon balm, oregano;
  • fruit compotes;
  • fresh juices;
  • decoction of oatmeal;
  • green tea;
  • dill water.

Drugstore means

Preparations official medicine represented a wide medications range, aimed at solving the problem of how to increase the amount of breast milk, and to improve lactation:

  1. «Laktovit" -tea for lactation.Fitosbory nafasovan in special filters, which are conveniently brew.The composition of tea includes fennel, caraway, anise and nettle leaves.Ingredients improve the composition and blood flow, stimulate digestion, stimulate the production of breast milk, which increases lactation.To properly brew tea, you need to pour 200 ml boiling water in one bag, using a ceramic or glass dish.Drink infusion after 15-20 minutes after brewing for breakfast and dinner.Price 20 bags - 300 p.
  2. «Mlekoin" - tablets to increase lactation.Indications for use is early and late gipolaktiya, the natural extension of breastfeeds.For half an hour before a meal you need to dissolve 5 tablets for 1 admission to 2 times a day.Treatment time - 1.5 weeks immediately after delivery.Price - 136 p.
  3. Apilak - dietary supplement, available in the royal bee jelly, potato starch, talc, lactose monohydrate, and other auxiliaries.It increases the amount of breast milk.Use during lactation after consultation with the doctor.A single dose - 10 mg one tablet.Take three times daily for up to two weeks.

Folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine at least bring effective results in deciding how to improve lactation breast milk.Select the appropriate way for you to regularly use it to improve the feeding:

  1. Walnuts in milk.Take a thermos, put there 0.5 cups walnuts, then fill them with 0.5 liters of hot milk.After 4 hours of infusion vehicle will be ready for use.Drink 2 times a day 1/3 cup small sips.
  2. carrot, boiled in milk.Mix 0.5 liters of warm milk, and 3-4 tablespoons.l.rubbed carrots.Drink the whole glass up to 3 times daily.Before going to bed, try to add a little honey into the drink to relieve stress.
  3. Fennel Broth.Pour mixture of 1 hour. L.fennel, anise and fennel cup of boiling water.Drink after hour infusion on a half-glass, but always waited some time after a meal.Eat twice a day.
  4. Caraway with sour cream.Take a glass of sour cream and a couple of fruit of cumin, which is pre-soften.Boil the mixture for about 5 minutes.Take 1 tbsp.l.3 times daily.
  5. anise infusion.Take 1 hour. L.anise seeds, pour them a glass of boiling water.Wait an hour.Then take 2 tbsp.l.infusion.Repeat this procedure up to 4 times per day.
  6. Dandelion syrup.Take 4 cups of dandelion flowers, gathered in the morning in sunny weather.Pour 2 cups of water.Add to the mix one crushed peeled lemon.Cook on low heat for about an hour, and then enter the item 0.5.l.sugar syrup.Wait until the mixture boil, strain, pour into prepared bottles.Store in the refrigerator, use for flavoring tea, water or other beverages.
  7. Radish with honey.One shredded radish mixed with 2 tbsp.l.honey.Add a little boiling water.Take up to 4 a time three times a day.
  8. Ginger drink.Take 1 tbsp.l.ginger, pour 1 liter of water.Cook for about 5 minutes.For just drink half a glass of warm infusion.Drinking up to 3 times per day.

methods to increase lactation breast milk

doctors offer a few simple tips to improve lactation nursing mothers:

  1. Half an hour before the alleged feeding drink a cup of warm tea with the addition ofmilk.
  2. Before you begin to feed your baby breast massage soft pumping movements in a clockwise direction.Can be used with castor oil, not capturing the region nipple and areola.
  3. finished feeding, do breast massage has a shower, moving from the nipple to the side.Better to shower was a contrast.
  4. Apply baby to the breast more frequently and on schedule, and on-demand, to stimulate the production of breast milk.
  5. to stabilize lactation try to get enough sleep.Lie down to rest even during the day, at least for a bit.
  6. Most moms are paying more attention to proper nutrition.It is necessary, but do not forget about the amount drunk per day of liquids: water, tea, infusions of herbs.
  7. Try before bedtime to conduct therapeutic bath.Take the bowl a little more, pour there is not too hot water.Place the container on the table, drop to the chest.The procedure should take about 15 minutes, so do not forget to pour hot water.At the end of a towel, wipe the chest and poison sleep.
  8. Try more than to go out for a walk in the fresh air.
  9. Make yourself positive emotions, with the support of loved ones.

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Feeding your baby breast milk - a special stage in the life of a child and mother.It is not only good nutrition a baby, but also bodily contact with the mother, so doctors do not recommend to disregard the period of lactation and early wean a baby from the breast, noticed a decrease in the amount of milk.To you and your child stay calm, take a look below useful video telling about improving lactation.