How to take the promised payment to ETC

In life, sometimes it happens that you need to make a very important call, and the balance is blocked.For example, the subscriber is out of town, and a chance to recharge quickly no connection at all, and he urgently needed help.How to get out of this situation, and it is possible to do if you are a customer of the company ETK (Yeniseytelecom)?Use the unique service called "Promised payment", which will help quickly and efficiently recharge.What is this service and how to connect it?

What is the promised payment ETK 2016

Promised payment in 2016 - it is an advantageous offer from the mobile phone companies Yeniseytelecom or Rostelecom, which allows subscribers to stay connected and take full advantage of allservices.The point of this proposal is that if the cash balance on the client's balance sheet does not make an outgoing call, he always has a chance to take advantage of interest-free credit means the operator.Thanks to a special command that the user enters on his own phone, the op

erator immediately sends the necessary amount.

How to Activate

to connect the service "Promised payment" you do not need a lot of time and effort - just fill in your phone number on 70013, make a call.When the answering machine will tell what to do, enter the required amount of money.Surcharge for extended service operator does not charge - everything is free.To repay the loan, simply refill your account enough money for four days.

number means that you have to fill up the balance must be greater than the agreed amount, as will be necessary to cover the debt and at the same time make a positive personal account.If you hold a return borrowed finance this service on your phone will be locked for the current month, which will make it impossible to connect it again.

Additionally you have the ability to manage the specified service right on your phone.Make it possible with the following combinations of figures:

  • * 122 # call button plus - get full information about the availability of money in the loan, its amount and the period of use.
  • * 122 * 1 # and a call key to connect replenishment communication service credit funds, if you are a user of Rostelecom.

Who can take the promised payment: conditions

Take advantage of this offer, all subscribers can Yeniseytelecom or Rostelecom.However, depending on the tariff package, each will receive only a certain amount of money.For example, customers who use tariff plan called "Impact" or "Life Colours", in the case of applying for credit, get on the phone for a maximum amount of 300 rubles.Those who use other tariff packages have the ability to replenish the mobile operator by UCC to 2000 rubles, if necessary.

Customers who have decent experience using communication Yeniseytelecom or Rostelecom (not less than 30 days) and use these packages, such as: "Thank you!", "Children 2011", "Kopeika", "Victory", "Snow""Impact", it is possible to increase the company's credibility and increase its maximum threshold to 900 rubles.It all depends on how long you are a user of this provider.The company informs its customers about the possible maximum amount that promises to put, by sending an SMS to your mobile when the personal account balance is close to zero.

If you have lost your SIM card, or for some other reason have decided to transfer your old number to the newly acquired from another operator, the service is the use of credit money, unfortunately, will not be available.But you will always have the opportunity to top up your mobile by the company UCC on the old terms, if returned to the operator's network.

possible to make the active option with a negative balance of

naming service under the "promised payment" is available to subscribers and Rostelecom Yeniseytelecom even with a negative balance.You simply refreshing your phone credit and the ability to prolong full use of mobile communication, the Internet.To do this, just perform a specified number of call and recharge your account the necessary amount of money within its maximum.All other conditions regarding the refund and maturity are the same.