What must not be forgotten after the birth of children

With the advent of the child in the lives of most women occur "metamorphosis": sociable, purposeful, active girl suddenly become caring "sitters" who prefer sports suits, walking or running around in the sandbox between children's circles, sections.Being inevitable, these factors deprive women of what makes them happy.What should not be sacrificed for the sake of the family?

6 things that should be remembered after the birth of children:

  1. Travel and entertainment

    Many moms in a year and a half after the baby is born ready to run intundra, to the North Pole or in a desert, where they can sleep and relax.But talking about something else.Parents who are accustomed to the "old" life travel around the world, get acquainted with the cultures and traditions of the peoples, there is a lack of travel.The presence of children - not a reason to forget about new discoveries: acquaint them with the beauty of the country, going to a suburban castle or rope park on the banks of the river.After 3

    years old kid can easily travel with you on long distances.

  2. Romance - bye, evening walks

    your significant other loved you not for the delicious lunch or a cozy home.At the first meeting you attracted spouse charm, beauty, humor and determination.To feelings do not fade, move the "embers" of relations, having got an unusual date to her own husband, visiting two of the party, the night film session.

  3. Sports

    excuse that the run between two children, work, home, you spend more calories than the load, so the fitness - not for you, it is meaningless.Physical training - a great way to forget about your own health and beauty.The release of endorphins, serotonin that accompanies exercise, return calm the nervous system, lead muscle tone, making the slim and trim figure.Leave headaches, back problems, back pain, typical for women after childbirth.

  4. Recreation

    It's great - to travel with their children, but do not forget about his beloved.Take time out (even one day) spend time on your own, visiting the spa, go shopping or spending day with a good book bed.Take a break from the routine, having got out of town for the weekend with friends, with my mother to the country.

  5. Hobbies and personal interests

    Are you a musician?Photographer?She loves cycling or needlework?The presence of children in life - not a reason to forget about the hobbies that make you happy.To carve out a bit of time for hobbies, you will get a bonus: a child's interest in favorite activities.Perhaps this will mark the beginning of a vocation or career success toddler.

  6. Education

    could not finish the Institute, to visit career development courses, write a doctoral thesis?While you are young, full of energy, you will shoulder any purpose: enrolled in the correspondence department of the university, to arrange with her husband, nanny, mother of the evening as they sit with crumbs, and you'll receive new knowledge.Remember that the diplomas, certificates - not an indicator of education.From now on, kid - your new teacher who will bring invaluable experience to see the world through his eyes.