Where to spend thanks to Sberbank

Every day we visit the shops, spend money.It has become our habit.It's nice when spending money, you get positive emotions.This is possible with the program "Thanks from the Savings Bank", paying things with cashless payment.For this you get bonuses that can pay part or all of the value of your subsequent purchases.Then the question arises, where to spend thanks from the Savings Bank?There are plenty of shops partners who participate in this program.They may buy something useful for yourself to earn points.

How to spend accumulated points thanks Sberbank

The answer to this question is very simple.Withdraw points that are at your disposal is not possible, they acquired new things or services.Buying food, electronics, household appliances, travel packages, you have the right to wholly or partly use them at checkout.It is necessary to note that thanks to spend possible partner companies participating in the program.

Food Purchase

Buying food - it everyday, familiar, rarely causes pos

itive emotions, especially in men.We spend money, and do not think it's possible to make more profitable.Anyone who is the holder of the card, the bank has provided such an opportunity.By purchasing food in hypermarkets and paying for it with the help of non-cash payment, the opportunity to regain part of the money to the account.Increasingly, there are positive reviews about the bonus program, for which you get points.

Cheaper just to buy food for her, because her every day we spend a considerable amount.Paying for products of the bank card, you get to score a certain percentage.They are charged in a certain way, and spend their permitted only partner shops.The bonuses can not be cashed, they may fully pay the entire cost of a check or use only a part of accumulated points.This makes it possible to acquire products on favorable terms for you.


now do not have to rack their brains over where to spend bonuses thanks from Sberbank.The modern human existence is inextricably linked with the use of mobile communication devices.In it, we spend considerable resources.If you have a map of the bank, the replenishment of mobile phone accounts on favorable terms possible.It needs to be a full participant in the program, "Thank you from the Savings Bank."

important to remember that the bank is working only with certain mobile operators.Add a mobile phone balance is possible using the Internet in a private office of the bank, through payment terminals and ATMs.By activating the "Avtoplatezh", you will be charged ten per cent of the amount by which to increase your balance.It is available for mobile operators: Megafon, Beeline, MTS, BaikalWestCom.Add funds on your phone redeem points, you save money and time.

Payment tourist services

addition to purchases of food, accumulation of funds paid by many electrical items, accessories for mobile devices, they are paid for the acquisition of SIM-cards, utility arrears, insurance,celebration.All this is easy to do in a network of salons "Euroset" when using bank cards and consultant advice.I wanted to travel?Travel vouchers are paid easily redeem points.

Savings Bank cooperates with several tour companies, so pay any travel services with the help of the bonus program is not difficult.On the official website a full list of tour operators with which you can meet at any time, choose a suitable and profitable for you.All of them offer unique action with the calculation of bonuses when paying for travel services.

Shopping partner companies

Often the participants of the bonus program the question arises, where to spend bonuses thanks?The accumulated points you used for the purchase of all kinds of goods, and it all happens online.This bank is working with shops in which it is possible to order online the desired item.The list of partner companies that accept and award points, posted on the bank's official page.After reading it, you choose a more beneficial and suitable for you company.

How to pay for a product or service bonuses from Sberbank

bonuses accrued on the account, expand customer opportunities.No need to spend extra money and free time to buy.Paying electronics, food, children's clothes bank card, you get to the account of the interest of the acquisitions.This spending money becomes profitable.Accumulations of bonuses is convenient to use when paying in hypermarkets, tourist companies, mobile phone stores.You have to know how to do it, so you did not have any questions about where to spend the accumulated thanks to Sberbank.

Use in partner stores

The bonus is convenient and pleasant to pay for purchased goods and services, especially since the list provided in an open mode on the Internet.They often provide a favorable action on the points assessed to your account.Spend that accumulated quickly and easily:

  • Warn cashier, puncturing your things or products that the purchase will be made with the use of bonuses.
  • Mark the amount of accumulated funds, which would be written off.
  • Pay for goods by using the bank card.

This is convenient for those who constantly gets things or services by means of cashless payment.

How to pay for purchases in shops

bonuses that have accumulated over time, all of your purchases may spend not only in partner companies and online stores that accept WebMoney.Each of them has its own scoring system coming to your account, which will later be able to use when paying for products, items or services.By purchasing online items and services, you get a certain percentage to the account, you do not spend a lot of time and get things bought from a pleasure.

To pay accrued bonuses online is not any difficulty:

  • Go to the online store website that accepts WebMoney.
  • Put all your chosen items in a virtual shopping cart on the website.
  • Among the possible ways to pay bonuses to choose thanks.
  • Follow the instructions of the system of online store, which are making the purchase.

list of partner stores

bonus program Bonuses may obtain or write off only the partners who take part in this program.This bank has a list of some of the participating companies, which receive and earn points on the card with the purchase of items or services.On the official website of the bank is a full list of partners with whom it is possible to read for everyone.After reviewing this list, you'll know exactly where and how to spend your accumulated points.

Popular shopping partner Sberbank taking and earn points:

  1. salons of cellular communication: Euroset, MTS, The Messenger.
  2. Chain jewelry stores: Sunlight, 585, gold, GLAM.
  3. Chain stores: Crockery Centre Deli, ENTER.
  4. Pharmacies: Healthy People, Wrigley, Phytopharm.
  5. Network hardware stores KERAMA.
  6. Online Service KASSIR sale of tickets.RU: Saint-Petersburg.
  7. network of electronics stores and household appliances "Expert": Chelyabinsk.
  8. Online store Ozon.
  9. Chain stores "Pyaterochka" in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk.
  10. Gipermerket "Viva" in Perm.

How do you know the number of its points

up for the program, "Thank you from the Savings Bank" has an opportunity to anyone who has a card of the bank.Registration make using the terminal, mobile bank or via the Internet.Points you will be charged each time making a payment to the bank's partner companies.If you do not have a map, it acquired in a bank, is activated, the program connects to it and start to get a percentage of purchases to the account when paying.Most of the participants is a question about how to find out how many bonuses they have thanks.

Learn balance thanks to Sberbank possible by several actions:

  1. Log on to the personal account on the bank's website, go to the tab "My bonuses".There you will receive detailed information on the status of your account.
  2. Go to the "Loyalty program" in the terminal or ATM, you disappear the question of how to check the bonus thanks.
  3. Using a mobile phone to find out what your bonus account is not difficult.We must send a message with the number 9 on a short number 6470 or call the contact center hotline.

Video: how to spend Thank you from the Savings Bank of Russia

now map this bank enjoys virtually every family, so the bonus program available to many.How to make profitable acquisitions to yield scores that may then spend, knows not everyone.After watching this video, you will learn about all the advantages of the bonus program from the bank, on the partner stores, you can not just spend money, but also get points for it, and positive emotions.