How to connect the Savings Bank Mobile Banking

¬ęControl your expenses directly from the phone, tied to it a special option," - says the appeal of the most popular bank.Many would gladly have taken advantage of this opportunity, but do not know where to find the instructions to do so.There are several easy methods of how to connect the mobile bank Sberbank, only the official website does not mention them.The service opens up many opportunities for quick operations with the cash accounts.

How to activate mobile banking Sberbank

providing a new option many are interested bankcard holders.Mobile bank Sberbank easy to make transfers and utility payments, wherever people are.Taking advantage of our country's special trust, it provides a simple service, due to which the customer receives instant notification of transactions that were made using the card.It will only need a cell phone, which has a virtually anytime, anywhere.

A phone

To connect the mobile bank Sberbank via phone, you need to contact the operator directly.Before that,

prepare the necessary documents:

  • details plastic cards;
  • passport.

Then contact support.To do this, enter a mobile phone number 8 800 200 37 47. If there is no answer, please use the hotline telephone 8800555 5550 answered by an agent asked to name an address of residence in the passport, initials, card number and security code.The last thing to tell - a phone number.All information about the customer's account confidential.How can I connect mobile bank Sberbank via SMS?The answer - nothing.One of the functions of financial institutions security funds entrusted to them, so that the connection options via SMS is not expected.

Through ATM

There is the possibility of an option in any of the ATM organization holder of your funds.To do this, just need to own card and cell phone.The nearest ATM step by step follow the following instructions:

  1. Insert the card into the receiver.
  2. Enter PIN.
  3. entering the main menu, select the option that coincides with the name of the service, and then "Connect".
  4. you two options will be offered tariff - "Full" and "Economy".Select one and click "Continue".
  5. Enter the number you want to attach to the map.Done!
  6. After that comes a confirmation message that you can use online banking.

With regard to tariffs, then the active users are advised to connect the complete package.It involves the commission of any action on the funds on the account.The fee for this is 60 rubles.for owners of MasterCard Standart and 30 rubles.for the standard Visa Classic card.Economical package is not charged, but limits the possible operation.Money withdrawn from your account when you request information on recent transactions or balance sheet.

A terminal

ATM - is a hardware and software system that provides customers with their funds.In addition, the device features include:

  • statement about the balance;
  • replenishment of light;
  • making payments;
  • loan processing.

terminal on the device easier, and to meet the cash cassette is difficult in it.Features of this unit are limited to the introduction of cash, bank transfer and connection of some services.binding procedure room to the map in the terminal is no different from the same process in the ATM.It follows the same sequence of actions.


Office branch network cash storage unit is evenly distributed across the country.For this reason, a simple method for producing a useful option - it is an appeal directly to the organizational unit.When he came back with a passport and a card, write a statement (a sample of his staff will provide).Next, you will sign a special agreement, and a maximum of 3 days you will be able to fully perform operations according to the conditions of the selected tariff.

Can I connect mobile banking via the Internet Sberbank

With the development of technology customers become interested in how to connect a mobile bank Sberbank over the internet.To this must be activated online Sberbank.Connect it through an ATM or terminal.To activate the service via a computer, go to the online savings bank, and get the same name with the name of the section Services.By clicking on it, then follow the instructions.Then, select "Confirm", wait for the message with a verification code.Enter the combination in a special field.

How to check whether the mobile is connected Sberbank

There are several basic ways to find out about the phone bind to the map:

  1. purchase.If the number was attached to the map, you will notify the message to write off the money spent.
  2. Contact Office with passport and card.Employees will be able to check availability option.
  3. send to the short number 900 request.enter the word "balance" in the message.If the answer comes with an indication of the amount of funds in the account, the option is available on your phone.

Video: Connect mobile banking services, Sberbank

Technical progress has provided people a variety of comforts.Keep the money in a special organization, and dispose of them at home - a service many domestic bank financial institutions.Some difficult to understand among the services provided by the organization, but looked a useful video, everyone can easily add themselves any necessary service.