How to talk to collectors on the phone

Life - an unpredictable thing, not always so happens, as expected.For funds, of which planned to repay the loan, there is not.How to talk to collectors on the telephone, it is not clear, and calls for a long time removed from the peace of mind.From the article will help you understand what is included in the activities of collection firms that can do the collectors, they do not have the right to do and how to protect themselves from the representatives of the debt agency.

How to deal with collectors

Cases communicate with collectors almost always a conflict situation, because their work - use all available methods to return the debt.A good solution is to apply directly to the bank about increasing the term of payment of debt.Reschedules spending and start to repay the debt, in fact all the same it should be done, but communication will go directly to the bank's employees and without psychological pressure.

If agents do your debt loan, you should know how to behave properly.In order to

protect its rights and the fight against their illegal actions better conversations recorded on tape or to pretend that this is being recorded.Ask for documentation of all the above.Call or meeting always takes place on the initiative of debt collector, but you decide:

  • what the tone of the conversation;
  • how to deal with collectors;
  • discuss the question whether the subject or refuse the call.


If you get a call from a debt agency, you have to know how to talk to collectors on the telephone.The employee should introduce themselves, call the agency, position, name the reasons for the call.When it is not, the conversation should be discontinued.Talk dry and smooth, do not report themselves any more information: where you work or your home, the size of the salary, and the like have a propertyRemember that asking for a postponement is meaningless, because the money received from the debtor - is wage such offices.

If threatened by collectors

All collectors threat to you and your family all the more, the answer is only one: to send information to the police about a case of extortion.All applications for generation of fake percent are illegal, agency employee only works on the assignment of debt, and the provisions of the contract under which the loan was issued, can not be changed.Warnings about the trial should be properly evaluated, because the law and order of the trial are defined by law.Threats forced away property without foundation - do bailiffs only by court order.

If you got the collectors on the phone

When substantively discuss nothing, and you do not know how to talk to on the phone collectors and how to respond to their arguments, stop this conversation.Also, you have a legitimate reason not to engage in conversation with the collector at night: they can disturb the debtors from 6 to 22 hours on weekdays.Frequent calls are elements of psychological pressure, so do not let you away with constantly ringing, will appeal against actions of debt collectors.

collection business

Interesting fact: the specific articles of the law, which defines the term "collector service", no.Then the question arises: how to run these agencies, on what grounds?NPLs transferred to debt collection agencies for the assignment of the claim on the basis of the original creditor in the manner specified Art.382 of the Civil Code.The debtor in this case must necessarily be notified of the transfer of rights to the new creditor in writing.

In another case, the problem is dealt a bank loan debt office on the agreed lines, and for a fee.If during this period the debt is not chargeable, the main creditor starts a lawsuit to recover the debt, and all the duties are removed from office.It should be noted that a critical stance to the way work collectors, takes Rospotrebnadzor.

Who are the collectors, and what they can do

Collector - often simply an employee of the financial institution that issued the credit, the duties of which include demand repayment of overdue liabilities (bank collector).His responsibilities are to negotiate with the debtor.Often it is the representative of an independent commercial organization working within the framework of civil law.If the bank went on assignment of debt, the new employee is obliged to negotiate, without violating the rights of the debtor.If the debt is in the process of such communication is not paid, the case for the recovery of money is transferred to the court.

Collection companies

Calling rating firms that specialize in the recovery of bad debts, it is difficult.Unified statistics on debt collection is not, and the overdue loans are different: small consumer, a car, a mortgage.But some debt agencies themselves have positioned themselves as leaders in the market of recovery of arrears, despite the fact that their status is not specifically regulated by law.Check the name of the caller can be in the AFC agency lists - Association of Factoring Companies.

What rights do if action

collectors collectors by law as a result, and that employees have the right to debt agencies?As the foundation of the process of operation of such firms with debt, the norms of Art.382 of the Civil Code, which provides for the right of duty concessions.Special regulations that govern questions about whether the right to call the collectors to work, whether collectors sue when collectors sue, no.Therefore, until such legal regulation of the activities of agency staff is actually holding talks about the need to repay the debt.

reviews collectors

Sergei Shulgin, 32 years : My personal experience, how to get rid of the hassle and stop communicating with collectors - to regulate the issue of repayment directly from the bank, because he did not pay the debt.I had temporary difficulties repay the loan for the car, but the bank managed to restructure.Very glad, because great endless calls to spoil the mood.

Olesya Volkova, 39 years : It's a nightmare - to communicate with the debt collectors.Here I am wondering how they train, what training is carried out, so that they did not like people.Talk pressurizing tone turns into a cry, as if he has to, and still have money to select.I do not know how to protect themselves from the collectors to the calls stopped.The money to pay the debt, yet.

Fedor Petrov, 27 years : I do Hochma: I moved to another apartment, home phone collectors constantly calling, Tamara some looking.How many times have said that this does not live here, and the calls continue.Is it hard to make changes to the database, so as not to disturb the people for no reason?Maybe tell sensible legal advice in this situation?

Video: conversation with a collector

experience of communication with employees of agencies for the collection of debt - not the most pleasant.If there is reason to believe that you do not have to avoid contact with the collector, it is better for such discussion to be mentally prepared, because forewarned is forearmed.What counterclaims you have a legitimate reason to present, if obliged to listen to them, what information about themselves is not necessary to report, how to respond to the psychological tricks of collectors - learn from the interesting video posted below.