Options for Beginners

One of the most frequent questions in the search engines - what is options trading.Not everyone finds the answer, as across sites that promote the brokerage company, and what binary options do not fully explain.Many have heard of the stock market where buy and sell currencies, stocks, and are determined for gold and oil prices.Binary options are the tools of the trade on the exchange, with their help make a change in price of an asset.Assets are currency pairs (USD / EUR), the shares of large corporations, gold, oil.Let us consider in detail how to make money on the binary options.

Can I make money on the binary options

need to find brokers that provide bonuses without deposit to start trading options without attachments.When opening the account trader to take advantage of bonus offers that are awarded for the first time is registered in the platform (something like breaks for beginners).This kind of trading has a number of negative aspects:

  1. Without private investment funds lost a sense of resp
  2. Often, the funds can be easily removed after the introduction of the trader of their money on deposit.
  3. cook worth the amount that you are willing to put in the work.

How to start trading novice

options for beginners seem complicated.There are also doubts about how to start a business.To the right approach to this issue, use this sequence:

  • Choice of trading assets.The choice of the first asset you visit more than one site and forum, where you will find a lot of feedback and responses on this topic.To save time, start with the right raw materials and capital assets, they are optimal for beginners.The bottom line is that the popular currency pair EUR / USD is under the attention of experienced traders.
  • Broker Select.Discuss the details of your co-operation, check its reputation.On this depends the nature of the support broker and risk minimization.Specify the availability of a demo account, so you can get comfortable with the broker platform.
  • Choice strategy.Do not pursue all the policies right, it is better Practise one, two.Analyze their action.Haste will not give positive results.


options analysis is important to remember that earning money on the binary options for beginners - it is not gambling.The main thing - to consciously approach the issue of risk, learn to analyze, predict the movement of prices, because the only way you can earn.There are two methods of market analysis demanded by experienced traders - fundamental and technical.They can be used independently and collectively, that maximizes the chances of trading binary options.

When evaluating using fundamental analysis takes into account internal and external factors that affect the value of assets: economic growth, the level of employment or unemployment, inflation, and the ratio of exchange rates.Based on these indicators, the future is determined by the real value of assets.Data obtained during the fundamental analysis, is used for long-term investment.

Technical analysis is based on the study of the dynamics of exchange rate of currency pairs using charts and graphs.This option is suitable for short-term investing in binary options trading.Dynamics allows you to determine the movement of an asset in the future, based on his behavior in the past.That is, using fundamental analysis, you can determine the risk and technical help to determine the time for action.

best strategy for beginners

  • Binary Hunter.The program that you start tracking the high efficiency of the transaction.If the user notifies the search is complete.
  • Star Profit Option.The indicator works on different currency pairs.The method is the same as in the trade with the trend.
  • Alfa Profit.Indicator with incorporated algorithm calculating the average offset by 2 candles, displays the price chart signal.
  • trend reversal.Change the direction of price movement.The strategy used in immobile assets.If the asset is purchased by another party - the reverse movement can occur.
  • Trade with the trend.The scheme is simple: the market is growing - bargaining to increase, the market is falling - bargaining for a fall.Sold one of the options - CALL or PUT (profit-taking).
  • Hedges.Designed for long-term deal to trade volatile assets for the purchase of two different contracts with a date of implementation of the commitments.Under these conditions, the transaction time for an asset price may vary in one and in the other direction.

secrets of successful trading on the stock exchange for dummies

Profitable trading options for beginners requires a clear understanding of action.In order to achieve real results, you need to create an effective system of trade on the exchange.To this end, it is important to build a formula that always tells you how to make money on the binary options:

  • Study question.You should clearly know what binary options, how they work.
  • develop.To know how to trade options, follow the news exchanges and predictions on the movement of asset prices.The knowledge gained from these sources will help you decide on your actions regarding how to trade binary options.
  • Put a clear goal.It should not be measured in monetary terms, this is a mistake.If the proceeds of sale will not correspond to the desired, you will be disappointed and give up quickly.Let purpose will be development and growth.
  • Keep your emotions under control.This is important in gambling.There are a number of situations that can affect your balance: it is a series of failed trades that are not profitable, and the realization that the true strategy worked not relevant.
  • Generate ideas.Use tactics known traders, read their books, compile their ideas with yours.In the network there are binary options with a demo account where you can test new ideas.

Video: Training options trading

Want to know more?See the author's video about binary options trading.This is the first series of the trading cycle training.Author offers you an introductory lecture on the basics of binary options trading, the choice of the assets and all what will face the novice trader.The material is presented in an accessible style with vivid examples from daily life.