How to speculate on the arm

future is always beckoning man.They create thousands of systems that help to spy on the future.The mystery of how to speculate on his own hand has long occupied the minds of many girls.This is a very popular method, by which on the "relief" palm recognize future, determine the quality of the soul, talent, success, waiting for a man.This system long before this day became known as palmistry.What are the signs and the meaning of each line?

What is palmistry

How to speculate on the arm correctly, will learn palmistry.Previously, it was a science taught in the higher educational institutions.The literal translation of the word "palmistry" from Greek means "divination, prediction on the arm."The first books on the study appeared in the German cities in the middle of the 15th century.Science does not require any special knowledge in the medical field, to engage in palmistry, and it does not matter the age.

Guessing on the arm

As the person gets a certain expression, depending on the emotional exper

iences, so at the hands of the recognized such excitement.Any display of emotion is accompanied by movements that are forced to work the muscular system, which leads to the formation of creases on the palms.Palmistry hand - one of the most intricate ways to learn his fate.Guessing the future is not easy, it requires special knowledge.

As a novice to guess Palmistry hand of another person?Character is determined by careful observation and deduction.It is not necessary for it to go into the depths of palmistry.Just check the hand, which is the person leading.Some roughness of the skin - a sign of a straight character, cool and thin limbs talk about the sophistication of nature.The form of the palm adds clarity in the interpretation of: square - a very practical and elongated - impressionable, hypochondriac.

To get a little more information, pay attention to the length of human fingers.Superficial people with a huge reserve of energy mostly have short fingers.Holders of long distinguished stubborn nature, they are very pedantic.The average length of the fingers suggests that man only measure - persistence and superficiality.If they are larger than the average, then from such a better stay away.

For some men and women wonder

Before divination by the lines on the hand, to determine the leading hand.This science is believed that the left hand - a "book" of fate, which is granted by nature, but the rules change throughout life, because it "builds" the man himself.How to speculate on the woman's hand?Right show something with which she was born, and the left that has acquired during life.With men acting the same principle, only the mirror opposite.

main line

After surface inspection palms examined how to speculate on the human hand, its main elements.Each hand is shown its own image, every person is the owner of a unique picture.There are a total of 4 major lines:

  1. Life - determine a person's character and traits that distinguish from other people;
  2. Destiny;
  3. Heart;
  4. heads.

study of palmistry and reduced to deciphering the various characters, the letters on the palm of your hand.What does the letter m in the palm of your hand or other Rune name?For the owner of this auspicious sign, indicating the change for the better in those areas from which the lines created for this letter.It is a sign of a master who knows exactly what she wants from life.He meets many people and indicates the material world.

Heart (Love)

What is the line?It defines how to guess at the marriage at hand.Band heart gives information about all human emotions.In her palmist fortuneteller or read about the features of the character and temperament will determine the ability to empathize and sympathize.This entry points to the overall condition of the heart.Unexpressed line represents a very sensitive human nature.

Palmists differentiate people by heart the lines of physical and spiritual kind.For the first type is characterized by the end between the middle and index finger.Spiritual located parallel to the base of the fingers.Physical represents love and the ability to express themselves, to depression resistance.Spiritual sensitivity is a line symbol.

heart line, which runs too high, characterizes a person very jealous and demanding to your partner.Well expressed - is generosity, absence of branches indicates dryness, ruthlessness.If forked element, then the owner of it will be very faithful spouse.The intersection with other lines promises deceptive acts of love.This element occurs divination by the hand of marriage.

Mind (head)

This element is very important, and people wondering how to speculate on the arm, must take it into account.He points to the power of thinking and intellectual development.If this part of the palm pattern is too short, then the person is unable to analyze the information, the great length talking about versatility, large-scale thinking.

ramifications define human creativity.If the mind is connected to the line or contact with others, the owner of the careful.An intermittent pattern characterizes the underdeveloped intelligence, poor memory, inattention.Thin, long feature suggests frivolity, wide - about the negligence and temper.Line color has its own meaning: red - cruelty, pink - a high level of intellectual development.


How to read the lines on the hand?The band is better expressed life, the more energy and vitality of humans.A small line does not say that the days are numbered, such people are less physical endurance.Intersection with small dashes indicates the presence in the life of stress and anxiety.A good sign - a strip running parallel to the main line, the holder of such a pattern has a guardian angel.

health at risk when merging lines of the head and the heart.If bands are joined only at the very beginning, people with such a relief palm, cautious and diffident.If there are no merger of these lines, a person develops early, has emphatically.Such people are talented and creative.


This is another basic element of science of palmistry.He is responsible for information on careers and employment success.This line is not at all, but its presence will allow the owner to make correct decisions.To interpret the line, you first need to find it: above the wrist, aspiring to the middle finger.Most said the length of human independence.The bar can be a good or mild.Discontinuity refers to frequent change of professional activity, branching - the ability to enjoy life.


This line will help identify whether there will be a man child.The bar on the hand is small, located between the root of the little finger and the heart stripe.At this point, the line originates marriage, which is considered by a dash, indicating the number of children.Long and strong line stands waiting for the boy, and short and thin - girls.

Video: how to learn to guess

information on palmistry can not fit into a short review.Therefore we offer to watch a few movies that complement the article description of other characters, different variations as the line can be crossed, etc.Understanding the meaning of signs inscribed on hand, you will learn how to correctly anticipate the future better experienced fortune tellers.

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