How to withdraw money from your mobile phone

subscribers of different companies providing mobile services, may face the need to withdraw finances from your personal account.For example, urgently needs cash, and a handy mobile with impressive balance.Or there was a need to pay for a service, get the goods.Can I withdraw money from your phone, and how to do it?Consider the most simple and practical ways to withdraw money from the balance of mobile telephones.

How to withdraw money from various cell phone operators

Each mobile operator has its own algorithms to withdraw money from the account of the subscriber.Users can transfer the money to bank cards, wallets in electronic payment systems to receive cash finances.The owner of the mobile has the ability to replenish the balance of the other party or to pay some services - Housing repay debts, to buy a movie ticket.But stop directly on the procedure to withdraw money.How convenient to withdraw money from your mobile phone bill in cash?

There is one universal, but not the most convenient way to

get cash from a personal client account - a termination of the contract between the operator and the subscriber.As a result, all the finances are returned to the client that made the decision to stop cooperation.This method is optimal if you are not satisfied with the quality of services offered and prices.If you plan to continue to cooperate with the company, it is more logical to use in other ways.

How to get cash money from Beeline

Beeline Customers visiting the relevant page of the site network can transfer finances at any point of dispensing indirect transfers Unistream or Contact.This is a very convenient and relatively cost-effective Russia, the Commission is 2.6% and the CIS - 0%.Transfer can be from 100 rubles.Operation time can take up to 5 minutes.This is done as follows:

  1. Go to section Beeline.Dengi.
  2. Select the option "Get" in paragraph extradition.
  3. find the item "In Russia" (or "In the CIS").
  4. Select transfer method:
    • site (in this case, you must fill out the form and confirm the procedure by SMS);
    • either by SMS of this kind: Cont (if you have chosen the system Contact) or Uni (if you have chosen a system Unistream) Sender Name Sender passport number, name of the recipient the amount of transfer.
  5. send SMS to number 7878.
  6. wait until a reply message with information about the transfer and request to confirm.
  7. send SMS confirmation.

Beeline customers can get the money in cash using the services of Russian Post.Money can go up to 5 days.To do this, select the appropriate item in Beeline.Dengi section and perform the following steps:

  1. Select "Money transfers" - "Translation Russian Post".
  2. fill in the following details:
    • name of the sender and the recipient;
    • region;
    • index;
    • source of funds;
    • amount of transfer;
  3. Wait for SMS to number 8464 and confirm the procedure by replying to it the message with the number 1.

Beeline If the user is the owner of a credit card Visa, Mastercard or Maestro, it has the ability to transfer finance to them or fill up your bank account.Client companies can not only withdraw cash from the cell, but also to repay the loan, pay traffic fines, to transfer funds to the electronic wallet, and so on.. All these services are available in Beeline.Dengi section.

Removing mobile to Megafon

MegaFon subscribers can use the cash transfer function.It is similar to the system of Beeline, is realized at points of Unistream and Contact.The algorithm is the following procedure:

  1. At number 3116 send SMS, which indicates the details (they are indicated by a space):
    • Transfer System (UNIM or Con);
    • payment amount;
    • country (with translations for Russian skip this paragraph);
    • name of the recipient.
  2. After making the transfer to the number of the sender will control number for cash.
  3. Sending SMS is also possible by filling in forms on the site.

your phone balance MTS

Removing finances with your personal account in cash for MTS customers, unfortunately, is problematic.The company does not provide money transfer services in the cash desk.However, customers can withdraw funds to a bank card or account.On the day you can take a maximum of 5 transfers, the maximum amount - 15 000 rubles.Withdraw the card is made so:

  • Go to the official website of MTS (mts ru.).
  • Select the tab "Banking and payments."
  • In it we find the heading "Easy payment".
  • In the left menu select "Payments Online".
  • The possible procedures open to the left of the list is "remittances".
  • selected in the center of the opened pages "transfer to a bank card."
  • On the new page enter the registration number, specify the amount of the transfer, click "Next".
  • Enter card number, click "Next".
  • confirm procedure.

There is also the possibility to finance the transfer from the balance on the MTS electronic purses in payment systems -. WebMoney, Qiwi and other features of the procedure steps described below in the appropriate section of the article.MTS users are able to carry out some operations with the same - to make charitable contributions to the funds, etc.Clients are available for this operator functions such as payment of utility bills and home Internet, buy air and railway tickets, loan repayment and many more convenient services.

How to debit funds from the account of Tele2

To cash out the account balance Tele2, you should visit the company's office, armed with a passport, a document confirming the payment (if any), andbank account information.After writing the corresponding application finances will be refunded within 60 days, then you can get them in cash at an ATM or withdraw directly from your account (through the cashier of the bank).To facilitate this procedure, you can withdraw funds by transferring them to another operator's subscriber balance, providing more favorable conditions.

Tele2 subscribers can transfer money not only within the network, but also to customers of other mobile operators in Russia - MTS, Megafon and Beeline.Translation is performed immediately, even if the client is in international roaming.To do this, enter the command: * 145 # subscriber number (whose account will be credited) * transfer amount # call.Transfer amount can range from 10 to 1000 rubles.

From phone number Rostelecom

withdraw money from the account operator Rostelecom you can contact with any of the official offices of the company.The service center is necessary to come with a passport and proof of payment (check from the payment terminal, etc.).The user is required to write a statement.Since this method is more troublesome, most customers prefer to cash out money from your mobile bill Rostelecom using electronic payment systems, the algorithm which will be described below.

How to withdraw money from your phone on a map

Most mobile operators offer their customers the ability to convert available on the personal account funds to a bank card Visa, Maestro or Mastercard:

  1. To perform this operation, please visit the operator's website and findthe appropriate section.
  2. It can be placed form, which should indicate the bank details or other data, and a combination of characters that you want to dial on your mobile phone and send.
  3. If Internet access is not, contact the operator, which will prompt procedure.

Cashing funds via ATM

Some companies that specialize in the provision of mobile communications services, provide customers with the ability to withdraw funds from your account using an ATM.Beeline company lets you do this in the following way:

  1. you have to send SMS to number 7878 with an indication of the services required amount (it should be divisible by 100 rubles and be in the range from 100 to 5000 rubles per day and up to 40 000 rubles per month), confirm the relevance of service response message.
  2. Then you will receive an SMS with a PIN code, which can be activated from an ATM of one of the partner banks.

Unless finance withdrawals from ATMs directly to the other services of the company list, the user can:

  1. use a different number, which is a client of Beeline.
  2. Withdraw money bank card and then cash them in using the ATM.
  3. take advantage of electronic payment services, providing for the withdrawal of funds directly to the bank account of the client.

How to display the electronic payment systems

use of electronic payment systems has already ceased to be the prerogative of advanced internet users, and came into the lives of ordinary mobile phone users.Many subscribers of mobile operators for a long time got purses in services such as Yandex, WebMoney, Qiwi and others.Conclusion on them funds from a mobile phone is possible, and if the number is tied directly to the purse, then this procedure easier.Let us consider how to do it.

on kiwi

Conclusion Finance phone bill on service Qiwi purse - one of the most simple procedures, because initially the user registers an account on the current mobile number.To fill up a purse in this service using the cell phone, follow these steps:

  • Log in the system.
  • Select "recharge."
  • Among the suggested ways to get the function of "online", then your mobile operator.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Confirm the procedure using SMS.
  • After a while, your room will receive a message on the write-off of funds, and the bill on the QIWI-purse filled up to the required amount.

QIWI famous simple interface, the operational term of the enrollment at the expense and maximum convenience due to direct connection account from a mobile phone number.Due to these advantages, along with WebMoney, it is one of the most popular electronic payment systems and is popular among users.

On vebmani

WebMoney purse holders have access to the account funding tied to how, and with foreign number.To do this, go to the section of replenishment and perform the following manipulations:

  • the menu "Add" select "With a mobile phone."
  • The MyPhone service menu that opens, specify the amount of replenishment and pick attached to the purse number or specify another.
  • If you specify a number, send an SMS confirmation, if it was another phone, wait for confirmation from its owner.
  • After some time, the funds will be transferred to the ruble purse in the form of the titular characters WMR.

WebMoney service is reliable and has a multi-level algorithm to protect against fraud.Using it to transfer funds from your mobile phone, you can not fear for the safety and efficiency of money transfer.Because of this, many people are used to finance the withdrawal from the cellular system WebMoney account, preferring it to other peers.