Where to skate in Moscow

Winter pleases Muscovites and guests all kinds of entertainment.Some people prefer to ride on a sled, longboard or tubing, and other cross-country skiing, but most fans prefer winter fun skating.This is not only fun and exciting, but also very useful for health pastime.Where to skate in Moscow?Every year in the capital, there are more new arenas, specially equipped playgrounds in parks.For lovers of relaxation and comfort ideal skating rinks in shopping centers in Moscow.

list of the best sites for ice skating in Moscow

Almost every Moscow park and entertainment center have the opportunity to go skating.Some ice rinks run all night, allowing busy city dwellers have a good time after work.If you are looking for where to learn to skate in Moscow or just want to have fun, look at the list of the best rinks capital.

Covered rollers

  • «Megasport" Sports Palace (Khodynka).Works rink every day (on weekends and weekdays).It provides a preferential category, according to which the skate kids are absolu
    tely free from large families.For the rest of the ticket price is 200 rubles.hour session.According to the rules, kids under 7 years old are allowed to visit the rink only accompanied by an adult.

  • Ice "Locomotive" Palace (Cherkizovskaya).Skating children and adults can on weekdays in the morning.Ticket price is 350 rubles.for an adult and 250 rubles.for babies.Entertainment facilities do not provide for the possibility to rent skates.Small children (under 10 years) must be accompanied by parents.To register for a session, you must call the rink administration or pre-book a place, please contact: Big CHerkizovskaja, 125.
  • Olympic Skating Rink Moscow.It is considered one of the most spacious indoor ice arenas in Europe, where for a long time in the winter traditionally organize mass skating in Moscow.Entrance is free, but you need to pay for the rental of skates.The ice rink offers the opportunity to order a private lesson for skating, it will cost 2000 rubles.
  • ice rink at the residence of Santa Claus (Kuzminki).This is one of the few ice rinks, which offers ice skating even in the summer.On weekdays the opportunity to visit a tour of the mansion residence of Santa Claus, and you can go at the weekend on the ice.During the session, the arena can accommodate up to 30 people.Entrance for adults is 300 rubles, and for children under 14 years -. 100 rubles.
  • Evening skating rink in the palace "Sokolniki".Duration sessions may differ (by a half to 4 hours).Cost is established, depending on the duration of the session chosen.In Sokolniki professional athletes often hold master classes.Near the rink has a sports café and a bar.Admission ticket for adults -. 350 rubles, for children up to 12 years - 200 rubles.

  • «LEDO" (Kuskovo park).Ice rink is open daily and includes the ability to skate with no time limits.To go on the ice will have to pay 250 rubles.for an adult and 150 rubles.for a child under 7 years.There are lessons with an instructor (for an additional fee).Skate rental at the price of 150 rub. / Hour with a pledge of 1500 rubles.or will have to leave the identity document.
  • «Morozovo".From 22.30 am to 5 are mass skating.Night Ice Arena is equipped with a cafe.Sessions are accompanied by light-music and fun entertainment.In the afternoon on the ice skaters and hockey players train, and in the evening it is open for simple ride lovers."Morozovo" provides the opportunity to participate in the hockey public skating, enabling those wishing to stick and puck (it costs 500 rubles. Per person).
  • «Finding Neverland."Ice skating rink in the center of Moscow (the shopping center "European") is colorfully decorated with stylized fairy forest and decorated with twinkling stars, hanging over the smooth ice lake.Sessions are carried out riding on weekdays from 11 am to 10 pm, one hour ahead of the rink closed on Friday.On weekends, "Finding Neverland" is open for visitors from 10.00 to 22.00.Buy a ticket you can for 300 rubles., The session will last 50 minutes.


  • skating rink on Red Square.It works from December to early March.Arena has a small size (about 3 thousand square meters) is equipped with the refrigerant pipes, which prevent the melting of the ice, even at higher temperatures.Before each session of 40 minutes, the ice is polished using special machinery.The highlight of the rink are puppets, for which the permitted stay during a session if you are afraid of falling.Tickets cost from 100 (children, seniors) to 250-500 rubles.

  • Ice skating rink at Moscow's Gorky Park.This is one of the largest ice arenas of the capital.On the area of ​​18 square meters can simultaneously skate 3000-4000 people.The coating remains intact even in the rain, or warming, due to the special technology used in the construction of the rink.It works ice arena from autumn to spring.There is a separate area for children, where the youngest guests of the park can learn to stand on skates in a safe and comfortable environment.Cost pass-through varies within 200-500 rubles.
  • Rink at VVC.Huge free ice arena captures 8 thousand square meters and is located between two fountains, "Stone Flower" and "Friendship of Peoples".The ice rink is open until mid-March.On the territory of the available free Wi-Fi.Pay have only rent equipment and lockers for personal belongings.Entertainment complex at VVC includes open ski line the route 4 km, which passes through the territory of the forest areas.
  • «LЁD" (Sokolniki).In 2015 we worked just two ice arenas: in the alleys of the park and a large circle.Skating is permitted to everyone free of charge on natural ice.In addition to equipment rental and wardrobe in "LЁD" working section of figure skating and is equipped with a stage for DJs.Month ridge sport training worth 5,000 rubles., Regardless of the student's age.

  • on Petrovka.If you do not know where to go skating in Moscow, head of the famous, historically known Petrovka.Local ice is considered the best in the capital since the sixties of the 19th century.Today at Petrovka in the warm season run tennis courts "Dynamo", and in the winter in their place poured icy lake.The cost of skating on skates is 150-250 rub., the price depends on the session time and day of the week.
  • «Arc de Triomphe" ( "Meteor" stadium).Ice skating is possible on the weekends and weekdays from 11 am to 11 pm.Rink is ideally smooth ice has on the territory of a warm changing rooms and cozy cafes.The regulars are advised to come early on weekends, as many flock here in the evening the youth and becomes a bit crowded.For pensioners entrance is free, the rest can go for 300 rubles. / Hr.

review sites for free skating in 2016

Ice skating - a very fun and exciting, especially if you can do it for free.Top Moscow rinks offer free access to some privileged categories of citizens or young children, but there are ice rinks open to any visitor.Some even provide free rollers clock mode.Clarify showtimes you can on the site or by calling the entertainment of the administration.Skate for free possible in the following locations in Moscow:

  • at Patriarch's Ponds.
  • «Angara ponds' Park.
  • Lianozovo Park.
  • Park "Dubki".
  • «Sokolniki».
  • Goncharovskiy park.
  • Park "North River Station".
  • Izmailovo Park.
  • park "Hermitage".
  • Park "Fili".
  • Parks 60 and 50 years of October.

How much is the rental of skates in Moscow

Ice rinks in Moscow offer to skate at different prices, depending on the distance from the center, type of ice (artificial, natural), session time and day of the week.Due to the large influx of visitors in the evening ticket usually costs more than in the morning.Night skating rinks in Moscow are the most expensive.The table below shows the price of skates around the ice arena in Moscow.

Name rink


cost rental skates


Ul.Novoostapovskaya, 5/2

250/2 hours, and a pledge - 1500 rubles.

«Finding Neverland»

Square.Kiev Station, 2

150 / hour, and a pledge - 2000 rubles.

Residence Santa Claus

Volgograd prospectus, 168D

200 rubles.without time constraints

GUM rink

Red Square

250 adults, 100 rubles.for children and pensioners.


Prospect Mira, 119

200 rubles.without time constraints


Sokolnichesky shaft 1

200 / 2.5 hours, the deposit - 1000 rubles.

Rink on Petrovka

street.Petrovka, 26/9

150 per ride, and pledge - 1000 rubles.

Video of the most popular ice rinks Moscow

Metropolitan lovers of winter fun is to know about the best and most popular skating rinks Moscow.In the years 2015-2016 the city added a large number of ice arenas with natural and artificial ice, outdoor, shopping centers and palaces of sports offer excellent conditions for skiing.The total number of rinks in Moscow nearing a half thousand.Find out where you can go skating in Moscow.