How to open without a key intercom Metakom

each code system can be unlocked by simply entering the desired set of numbers.Pets castles - is no exception.How to open the intercom "Metakom" without a key?Just like the other - to collect a special password.Codes listed in this article work, if the installer (or any of the residents) did not change system settings or code lock universal password.

way to open intercom without

key Any combination lock implies the possibility to open the door without a key.Each of the methods presented here is suitable for the individual common "Metacom" models, so if you could not open the door after the first attempt, proceed to the next method.Try all of these methods - one of them is exactly suitable.Note: in all combinations "B" means the call button, regardless of whether it is a letter or a bar on a handset icon marked.Here are effective ways that tell us how to open the model without the key Metakom:

  1. With apartment code.These models assign password combination locks for each room apartments
    in this house.If you know the code of the apartment code, enter it, and press the call button.
  2. Use the universal code.If the installer or the other residents did not change it at home, then there should be a standard combination of "1234-B".
  3. Press the call button and dial the number of the first apartments in the stairwell.(To determine it, just look for the sign with the floors.) If you did everything right, the display COD label should appear.Dial the combination of 5702, and within seconds, the door will open.
  4. 65535 Type-B.Enter the universal code and press the V-8.
  5. Enter the universal code and a combination of B-6, B-4568.

methods are suitable for the screen lock code listed above.If you want to figure out how to open the intercom Metakom without display, use one of these methods:

  • enter a code number: B-27-B-5702, wait a couple of seconds, and the door opens;
  • click and type in a combination of 1-in-4526.

How to hack intercom Metakom

There are special codes that allow you to not only get into the building without a key, open the door, but also to edit the configuration of the device.For example, you can change the passwords used by the system, remove or bind to a specific apartment keys, change the main entrance of the code, enter the programming mode, learn how to open the intercom in the user menu.For any action you need to know the so-called "master code".By default, the "Metakom" assigned password 1234.

  1. Opening the door.How to open Metakom without a key?Find and enter the universal code, press the call button.
  2. work with keys.You can delete or attach a "tablet" to a certain apartment.To do this, type 65535-B-Master Code-B-B.Then enter the number.To write code, key in B-7.If you want to get rid of all the apartments attached chips, click In-7-0-111.
  3. Change system passwords.With the tuner menu can change the universal code intercom.To assign a new master password, enter 65535 in the master code-B-9-3-a new password-B.In the same menu you can change the code, and apartments.To do this, you need to know is already established code.It is assumed that you have to be the owner of the apartment, to replace passwords.Dial combination 65535B-Master Code-B-B-room apartment-B-0, a new password-B.
  4. entry codes on the menu."Metakom" is equipped with three different directories.To enter the standard user menu, enter the combination 65535-B-1234-B-B.The password for the service intercom: 65535-B-Master Code-B.To change system settings, enter 65535-B- master code -B-9.

How do I know the universal code

Ā«Metakom" appoint their own password for each apartment in the house - it is a set of four digits.Landlords are obliged to know in order to get into the house even without a key or other emergency.Password is specified in the agreement with the installation company.There are universal codes of the intercoms are not attached to the apartment.By default, the master password from the security device - 1234. If someone had already changed before you learn something new password, you can have a service company.

Not knowing the universal code of access, you can not:

  • change it and set a new master password;
  • attach or detach from the apartment chips-keys;
  • change system settings for the device;
  • assign a new code to the apartment;
  • to program the code lock.

Without the master code you can:

  • open intercom "Metakom" without a key;
  • enter the user menu.

Videotutorial: How to open a combination lock

In this short video instructions given simple and clear explanation of how to open the door without a key.In the video the author unlocks model "Metakom" display.To use this method, you need to know the number of the first apartments in the stairwell.To find out it is very simple - on each porch is a sign with the numbers of apartments belonging to this part of the building.On fotoprevyu seen which model is used the intercom.If you have a combination lock, the password of the video must be suitable for opening the doors without a key.