How to write a song

Music has always been and will be an important part of life.The words of each composition reflects experiences, tell stories and describe events that concern this or that side of the human soul.Poets and composers can give lots of advice on how to write a song, but none of them will not find for you the main components - peace mission, enthusiasm and inspiration.With this, each author must cope on their own.If you feel that you are ready to create, read on.Ahead you will find plenty of tips to help convert a stream of thoughts in music.

structure songwriting

There is a limited number of structural variations of the songs used in the vast majority of the compositions.If you decide to engage in the creation of texts, note them as "Our Father."The process of development of the structure is not the most thrilling and exciting part of the training, but it is necessary.Think of this as a basis, without which success is impossible.So, for most song compositions following the structure of the variation us


  • verse - chorus - verse - chorus - a chorus;
  • verse - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - bridge - chorus - a chorus;
  • verse - verse - bridge - verse;
  • verse - chorus - verse - chorus - bridge - chorus - a chorus;
  • verse - chorus - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - a chorus.


The main objective of the verse is the transfer of information, which leads the listener to a sense of composition.Verse tells a story and sets the mood.It should contain the plot, and even the details of the action and emotional pattern.The words of each verse in a composition will differ, but the motive should be maintained consistently.The number of syllables in the lines should be calculated so that the singer could sing all the verses in the same rhythm.


additional element inside verse can be pre-chorus, which is one or two pairs of rows, standing directly before the chorus.The objective of this component is to prepare the listener for the chorus.It is not essential, however, if in the first verse you used it, will have to continue throughout the text.Melody for all pre-choruses will be the same.Words can be repeated or differ - at the discretion of the author.


This part of the song is designed to be very sensual.Chorus touches the listener for the soul.If you have decided to write lyrics, consider the chorus to 100%.It should be short and emotional.Chorus bring the composition's popularity, if it will be expressed by the basic idea.Use words that will be combined with the text of the chorus, and do not try to make the new information.To poetry normally correlated with the music, do not make significant differences between the choruses at the beginning and the end.


this element, you can dilute the song, add variety and for a moment distract the listener from the basic idea to the next verse / chorus again capture the attention and dip into the old emotional atmosphere.Correctly composed bridge would be relevant in the song of any subject and direction.It can be a song about love or about friendship, outspoken lyrics with guitar or tekstovka for turnips.Construction of the bridge is a complex task.To understand how to cope with it, take a few examples of popular bands of various genres.

technique of writing the words of the song

If you decide to make music based on the fact that the heart dictates, but do not forget that the work, which will in the end result should be pleasing to the listener's ear.To do this, follow these guidelines:

  • Be sure that the structure of the text.Consider work number and order of the constituent elements of the work.
  • Make sure to match the size of the text of the work.Word should be such that they can be sung.
  • strictly maintain the style.Do not try to write a humorous text under the sad melody.
  • Try to do concise text with simple rhymes, especially if you write a song in English.
  • not take away the listener's attention on the meaning enclosed in the title composition.
  • Build verses so that they fully disclose the meaning of the name.
  • Avoid morals and teachings.

Ideas for themes and song titles

to your creative works were appreciated, learn how to choose the relevant topic and to turn their work into small stories.Total plot can be drawn from actual events or personal experiences.Do not forget that the modern listener finds the music through an online search.Try to do so, make your product stand out from the great mass of little-known performers of compositions.If you have to write a song on demand, difficulties with the choice of subject matter does not arise: the problem limited to the disclosure of the meaning inherent in the title.

Creating a legend for the song

To clearly understand how to write lyrics, you need to clearly understand the plot.Draw in the imagination of the story with the specific events that will describe the composition.Here you need to be creative, to find an original idea that will want to connect with the music, perform and record.The words of each of the following elements must keep the main idea.

Composing text

If you decide to write a song about their feelings and experiences, be prepared for the fact that the universal acceptance of such a product does not acquire.You understand favorites, but there is nothing common.To create a popular hit, which will appreciate in your city and beyond, using words and phrases available to a wider audience.Such a composition, you can profitably sell.The main role is played by the manner of interpreting thought.

How to compose a song: step by step instructions

present You can not be born by chance: you must create it.This will require a number of important components assembled in the correct order.Step by step plan for self-writing the lyrics as follows:

  • Generate ideas.You should clearly feel the message, which will be disclosed in the product.
  • Compose name.Name the composition forms in a listener's mind the first impression.If it is repulsive or attractive enough, no one will be interested in the song.
  • Outline history.Write down on paper the chain of events that will be presented to the listener.
  • Home.Write introductory verse, trying to put into it the most valuable information that will interest and intrigue the listener.
  • midst.Bright, emotional verse that will blow up the emotions caused by the first part of the song.Perhaps useful bridge.
  • ending.The last lines of the text should allude to it that the story comes to an end.Make it so that it puts an end to history started.The thread of events go to the finals, or will be a sense of incompleteness.

How to learn how to write rap

rap songs text author should know exactly what are the rhymes, and possess in perfection.This style of music is incredibly complex, so many new rappers fail despite their efforts.To learn how to start writing a rap, we can talk for a long time, but you should understand the main thing: there are no strict rules and canons.Each author creates their own style, so you need to think through all the elements of the song to the last detail.Rhymes for rap can be very diverse.We need only remember that they must be filled with meaning.

Video tips: how to come up with songs and music to her

person who asks for help in the creation of their own songs to a computer, is unlikely to pose, how to begin and how to finish.To solve this problem will help video below.Successful musicians, composers and producers tell you where to find a source for inspiration.Use this video as a guide - and you will understand how to write a beautiful song, using your imagination and poetic talent.