How to put a ringtone on iPhone

Apple has created a product in the form of IPhone and won the consumer excellent quality, high-performance, high-tech innovation.Caring for users presented also a special kind of functionality.User management android is just to represent the country.Previously used programs appear in the IPhone is not too clear.Even the question of how to put the iPhone ringtone, beginner able to put in a blind alley.How to install ringtone on iPhone 5 or its fellow prompt several solutions.

How to set the standard ringtone on call

what actions to take and how to put a melody to call for novice users IPhone - a topical issue.Installation of an ordinary phone call happens in a couple of touch and is not too difficult task.The algorithm, explaining how to put on a standard iPhone ringtone:

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Select the "Sound" section.
  3. Push "Ringtone".
  4. A list of audio signals.Select the appropriate, set, save.

initial mobile phone use IPhone brand is limited only by a basic set of sounds.If

you want to set to music, based on your personal musical preferences, it must be preload.Downloads or you can implement through your computer and useful programs.How to change iPhone ringtone for the one that you really like?There are several ways.

To add a ringtone to iPhone via Aytyuns

  1. Install a file manager to rename the created audio track (Total Commander).
  2. If the ability to install the file manager is not available, refer to the basic operating system tools.Follow "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Folder" - "Type", "Hide extensions for known file types" section deactivate by removing the tick in the box.You can view file extensions.
  3. Open iTunes, add your favorite music track: "File" - "Add File to Library".The next step - cutting the selected song.The maximum duration of the sound track - 38 seconds.
  4. select a track click the right mouse button, the "Information" - "Options".Note the start and finish point of the track, we click OK.
  5. short version track click the right mouse button to create a copy of it.Click "Create AAC version of the format."
  6. copy of the file will appear.We click the right button, define for yourself "Show in Windows Explorer ...."Change the name of the track and its extension (choose m4r).
  7. drag and drop files in iTunes.Its new location in the "Sounds" folder.
  8. Sync device and setting out how to add ringtones to iPhone, agreed.This algorithm is suitable for any model of the device, so that in the future you will know how to put a ringtone on your iPhone 6, 5, 4.

How to put your iPhone ringtone for freecomputer and iTunes

solution described here is the question of how to put music on a call to the iPhone.For this is free software.These programs include:

  1. ITools:
    • iTools Download the program, install and open.
    • We press "Tools".
    • click on the icon labeled "Create (Make) the sound sig ... '.
    • Further through the "Select" select the desired song.
    • Then you need to cut the desired fragment and click "Save".The ultimate preservation folder is "Desktop".
    • IPhone Connecting to a PC.
    • In ITools the left side open "Media" on the right "Ringtones" and drag it to the area indicated by the arrow, a fragment of your favorite song.
    • finish point will act to decide how to put the call ringtone.
    • work through Option program does not always work.If a warning pops up "Can not set compatibility with ITunesĀ», then use another way to throw off the tracks.
  2. IFunBox.A very simple way to transfer the desired pieces of songs.It is necessary to download from the Internet and run the program IFunBox.In the column on the left side, select "Ringtones" section.To the right you will see a list of telephone basic sounds, which drag the trimmed song.Saving will be automatically updated.

Watch Video: How to change a melody ayfon 4, 5, 5s and 6

How to put any iPhone ringtone?Normal call pretty tired, put your favorite song for a beginner - an unknown issue.The video below will give a detailed response with steps to install a new piece on the IPhone any model.actions for each model algorithm is no different, but the methods are different.Remove all unnecessary doubts and use the best solution!