How to find out the debt on the loan

Modern life of almost every man is not without credit.Take them to people for different purposes: education, travel, shopping.However, the time to pay the bills can not please everyone.There are several ways to find out the debt on the loan.Timely payments help to avoid unpleasant consequences, such as heavy fines or restrictions on travel abroad of our country.Choose a convenient system of reference to the number and availability of debt you can yourself, knowing some of the patterns of each method.

way to check the debt on the loan

Sometimes a delinquency on the loan the borrower is not even aware.To avoid such unpleasant surprises, it is necessary after the repayment of all amounts specified in the contract, find out if you have outstanding.You can do this by visiting a bank, the bailiff service (FSSP), or by ordering an excerpt in the credit bureau.All paths are achievable and will require you to time-consuming.

Contact the

Bank first solution to the problem, how do you know whether there

are outstanding loans - visit the bank where the loan is taken.Make it can in many ways to arrive at a prompt and relevant information about the account balance, a debt and all recorded on you credit.These actions will help to avoid a further increase in the debt, to clamp down on fraud.

For information on the Bank can use the following options:

  • Apply organizing personal visit.To receive the services you need it was possible, it is necessary to have a passport and a credit agreement that is concluded with the receipt of funds.These documents refer to a bank specialist who deals with loans.An employee will receive information about the availability of debt.If you have it, please consult about the methods and terms of repayment.Of all the complaints - the most reliable.However, this option would require some time-consuming.
  • Call the bank's support.Because each financial institution has a hotline, you will receive a bank of experts answers to the questions that you are interested in, without having to leave home.All that is needed - to dial the number, wait for the response of the operator.Remotely, you will receive important information and advice on the issues that need to be addressed.However, be prepared for the fact that the employee's response will have to wait a while.

request an extract from the Bureau of Credit Histories

To find out whether you owe the financial institution, contact the credit bureau.All of these companies are included in a single register.All financial institutions and banks issuing loans only work with those agencies that are included in this list.The Bank of Russia has a single central catalog of credit histories.The document outlines all loans for Russian borrowers.To become the owner of the information related to your credit, first set, in which she appears Office.

it can find out in two ways:

  1. Send a request to the Central Catalogue of Credit Histories.It select personal characteristics, including, e-mail address.After a certain amount of time will receive an email containing a list of organizations that have information about your credit.
  2. Refer to third-party organization engaged in lending.Employees of the company will help you in finding the Bureau containing information on your accounts.However, this service has a price of soybeans - 500 p.

When you know the address of the organization, which can help, go back and apply the appropriate application form.For information about your credit history, you will receive after 10 days from the date when the submitted query.Once a year you are entitled to contact the Office for free.If the requests will be left of you often have to pay a company from 500 to 1,000 rubles.

take advantage of remote services online

In today's world, many banking services available via the Internet, these include:

  • official website of the bank;
  • personal account in the Internet bank;
  • ATMs and terminals;
  • mobile banking.

If the official website of the organization is rather exploratory in nature, with the help of mobile and internet banking, you get real information on the accounts.To do this, you need to log in to a personal account, using login and password, make an inquiry about the state of the credit account.This method is designed for customers to monitor their operations, staying at home.Issues arising from the bank decide consultant phoned to him on the phone or via Skype.

How to find debt to bailiffs

Learn debts on loans by the name can use the Federal Bailiff Service.To perform the operation, you do not need to attend the organization use the Internet.On the official website there is a functional link "bank executive productions Information", where you will learn about the credits, which were considered by the delay in the court.Clicking on the link will take you to the search parameters.Specify:

  • territorial bodies (choose from a list);
  • name;
  • name;
  • patronymic;
  • date of birth.

After clicking "Search" you have checked your unpaid debts, you need to pay the judgment.It is worth mentioning that verification of the debt at the bailiff is possible only for those loans, which came in the court proceedings.If you have debts, but they do not appear in the search engine of the organization, you still have a chance to pay it without judicial intervention.

How do you know your debts before banks

methods, how to know the debt on your loan before the different banks:

  • To find debt "Sberbank" Use online services, phone 8800555 55 50 or personally contact the person of one of the branches of the bank.Employees can consult you how to find out the credit card debt with the help of Sberbank terminal.
  • information about credit in the "Alfa Bank" may learn by phone: 8 800 200 0000. In addition, use can terminals and bank online service.
  • If you are looking for a way to learn about their debt to "OPT Bank" can personally visit the offices, call the phone number 8 800 200 70 05 (for consumer loans) and 8 800 200 70 01 (for credit cards).In addition, there is a possibility to turn to online services.
  • Visiting a bank branch, using the official website, terminals, and a call to a telephone hotline to phone number 8800700 80 06 - techniques, how to know the debt on your loan "Home loan bank."
  • For customers of the bank "Renaissance Credit", among other possibilities, a function "Call online", presented at the organization's website.It will help you if the phone can not afford.

Video: how to get information about credit debt

Loans have become an integral part of our lives.However, this method of obtaining cash conceals many pitfalls.Therefore, each borrower must be aware of their responsibilities and the risks to which it goes.If the delay is caused, it is necessary to eliminate the most.Information on the amount of debt, penalties for late payment and repayment options debt to the Bank's customers can obtain a number of ways.Detailed information on the options you can pick up some of the videos below.