How to charge the phone without charging

There is no need to talk about the importance of mobile phones in the world today.They have long and firmly established in our lives.Important business meetings, talk on the souls and the method of access to the Internet - it has become a mundane things.But all the cell, regardless of model and price "hibernate", if the battery is discharged.If the hand is the charger, this problem is easily solved.And if not?How to charge the phone without charging?Even in an emergency situation there is a way to do it.

Can I charge the phone if there is no charger

Left discharged with phone in nature or at a party, do not think that is irreparable.If you are at work, you can always ask for help from colleagues.Do any of them may be necessary to you charge.In an extreme case, you can ask them to lend your phone or insert a SIM card in it.It will be difficult in nature or in a foreign city.Although in such a situation there is a reasonable solution to this problem.The methods described below will help

you stay connected wherever you are.It sounds like a commercial, but it's true.

way to charge the phone without charging

home logical answer to the question: "how do you charge the phone without charging at home," the answer would be - to connect it via usb-port to the computer.This method is not something exotic and unknown.Backup battery for your phone - one more way to do without the charger.But what it really revive with the help of AA batteries, not all known.To help you can come in and charge from another phone, not even suitable for its nest.What needs to be done with this exercise, to make it work?Read the instructions below.

Through Laptop USB-port or

How fast the computer to charge the phone, if you have a working computer?It's simple - use it as a source of energy.For this method you need discharged phone, laptop (PC or tablet will also work) cable.Last manufacturers care include a set of most cell.Connect one end of the cable to the usb-connector and the other to the telephone.If your computer is faulty, or none at all, think about it, maybe this is a reason to go to visit the neighbors.You will spend time for a pleasant conversation, and telefonchik replenish their strength.

Using AA batteries

If you take care in advance about how to charge without charging a cell phone, then the solution will always be at your fingertips.The fact that the market there are special devices operating on penlight batteries.They pumped the energy from the battery in your phone.This portable charger for your phone device will come in handy when driving a long way.

With charger from another phone

Many manufacturers now produce phones with identical connectors micro-usb.This greatly facilitates the search for the appropriate battery charger, even if you have an iPhone, and in your family or Samsung Nokia.If you have the charger from the old mobile, follow the instructions for you:

  • find the charger.Suitable absolutely anyone.
  • to connect it to your phone, he cut the end that connects to a cell.Bare wires.For this knife make a circular incision is made near the end on the insulating material and remove it.
  • Remember high-school physics.Remove the phone battery, and determine where he "+", and where "-".
  • Connect the appropriate wires to the poles of the battery charger.Blue wire - is "-", are putting it to "-" on the battery.Red - a "+" connected to "+".If the connection is made properly, charging starts.
  • to secure the secure them with tape.
  • Observe safety precautions and do not leave the charging for longer than an hour.

How to charge the battery on the nature

In the recent past, penlight batteries charged a very simple way - hitting them on the stone with great force.Once on the nature of a shrunken phone, this method may also be applied, but only if the call that you need to do, is very important.The price of such an experiment - buy a new battery.One-time such a mockery battery can still survive, but no more.

Portable charger or spare battery will be the most civilized way to resolve problems.Manufacturers are coming up with new gadgets every day to solve this problem.Thinking about what a person needs in the campaign or in the countryside, they are trying to integrate into the ordinary things Charger:

  • burner from the company BioLite Stove.It is built for charging the phone.To use, the cable will be needed (it is indispensable and the use of other gadgets, presented below).
  • device is powered by a burning candle Candle Powered USB Charger, converts the heat into electrical energy candles, handed the phone to the cable.
  • Boots Orange Power Wellies.Use your body heat to transfer it to your tablet or mobile, transforming it into electricity.
  • handle pots TES NewEnergy Charger.To remove the pan from the fire, so you need to handle.Attach it to the hot pan and connect the cable to the phone.

methods described above, assume that you advance bothered about additional methods of charging.And what to do if it happened suddenly, and no specialized devices.In such a situation is possible to use the following tricks:

  • Remove the battery, attach the adhesive tape on the contacts.Put him in his place.The charge will last for the duration of the commission call 3-7 minutes.
  • over the fire, heat the metal plate or a knife.Put it on the battery.As long as the blade is hot, put in the phone.Be careful, because if overheated battery break.How long the battery will not last, though in one call, you do have time.
  • If you were with me lemons, take them (the more, the better) in each slide the nail.Copper wire to connect them in series.The ends are directly connected to the battery and wait.

Devices for phone emergency charging

above described device for charging, running on batteries.Batteries of this type have a substantial drawback - the time is limited.Manufacturers have created a device that can hold a charge, the Bole.These gadgets do not require connection to electricity.These include charging:

  • One such device is PowerMonkey Charger.Suitable for every cell, because the bundle includes various nozzles.PowerMonkey battery works by solar battery.
  • external battery for your phone is the same tselee - mobile emergency charging.Included Attached cable connecting the cell phone and the battery itself.
  • All owners of cars it is recommended to buy car charger.Able to make life easier and save your phone from being fully discharged.


its name this device is obliged to their appearance.This amphibian will help you to charge any mobile device, if the battery is exhausted.It is a small box, equipped with a plug for connection to the socket and contacts.Recent connected to the battery.Plus, this device is a lot:

  • affordable price.Such a device will not hit on your budget.Prices start from 200 rubles.
  • versatility.Suitable for absolutely all phones.The issue with special chargers may be more than you do not care.One frog's enough to charge mobile phones family.It does not matter which phone you have: Samsung, Nokia or any other.
  • convenience.It has a compact size and, if necessary, can easily fit in suitcases and handbags.
  • alternative ways of charging.There are several species of frogs: standard (works from the wall);connectable via the usb-port of the PC;car charger (connected to the cigarette lighter).

Solar charging

There charging operating without electricity.Converting solar energy into electrical energy, transfers it to the battery.Such devices are versatile and easy to use.Where ever you are (unless it is a dark room), you can use the energy of our star to his benefit.Another advantage is the ability to pre-charge the solar device.Energy is stored in special batteries that are equipped with the device.

Wireless charging for

mobile phone with his hands for fans to do something with their hands, versed in physics, to produce a portable wireless charging for mobile is not difficult.The catch in this case will only find the necessary materials.The device consists of two components - coils and diodes:

  • winded series of 30 turns of a copper wire with a diameter of 0.3 - 0.5 mm.As a result, should get a flat spiral.
  • Attach it directly on the phone's battery.Primatyvaem tape or hot melt.
  • With diode, attach the coil to the battery.The exact layout shown in the figure below.

Video: how to charge the phone battery without charging

If you still do not believe that the phone may be charged without a power outlet, we recommend you pay attention to the video given below.Step by step instructions and detailed comments will help replenish the knowledge base necessary information.The video shows several methods available for everybody and suitable for different situations.Even if you now do not need non-traditional ways to charge the battery, there is a possibility that in the future, this knowledge will be useful to you in full.

addition to the ways in which you can recharge the energy of your mobile phone, in a video presented useful tips for the optimal use of battery power.Some features and mobile phone settings rob it of a large number of forces.It is worth just a little to correct them, and your charge will remain full for much longer.